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  1. Been through 3 Tickr's already. Think I need a charge in brand.
  2. What bars do you have ? Custom printed 3d mount might be an option
  3. I ordered from the local agent in the past. However during the last 2 years their service has deteriorated. Not quite sure what the underlying reason is.
  4. You could try app on your phone, seems to be more stable at the moment
  5. I received most of my things, I just follow up everyday. They will send you a separate link to make the payments.
  6. Their website has been problematic for the last week or so, not sure when it will get sorted. I keep messaging them daily. I managed to pay for 2 out of the 4 items I have in my bin but they had to send me a link.
  7. What is the current stem length and what do you require. Another stem will work but depends on brand and your current headset.
  8. I see there is also FSA option : NS VAS Stem, wonder how the it compares to the Redshift ?
  9. Yes. Only used it freshly ground with drip coffee machine. It's okay !
  10. The sleeve adapter should work fine, alternatively depending on what make of hubs you have one could try and see if there are replacement end hub caps to convert from 15mm to 12mm.
  11. There was a video doing the rounds a few months ago of a similar incident in Umtata. Unfortunately I can't see it improving.
  12. What is consensus on spoke count for gravel rims ? I see off the shelf options starting with 24.
  13. Yes it took over 7 months as there was no stock of their 9000 frameset's globally. Basically had to wait for factory to produce. I used my existing frame as it was still ride-able. The crack on the frame was not catastrophic so fortunately it could still be used, there was an option to have it repaired but I did not go down this road.
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