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  1. I know filter drip coffee inst exactly for the purists. But I like the process as it makes a whole jug in one go. I splashed out on one of these Technivrom MoccaMaster's as the price was really good at I was already shopping around. I can confirm it is worth it. It makes the best repeatable filter coffee that I have ever tasted using freshly ground beans.
  2. Looks like something that can be turned on a lathe in 60min !
  3. Shimano pre load cap part number Y1P417000. Any bike shop should be able to order it.
  4. Hi Looking for a seat post cradle for a PRC carbon seat post. The radius is 22mm and clamp width is 45mm. I am certain any one will work with similar dimensions. Perhaps off an old broken seat post or just one lying around. Its the bottom part of the seat clamp. let me know thanks
  5. Been using GP5000 tubless with Joes Sealant for a good few 1000km's and no issues. Moving over to Orange Seal now on another set of wheel's with Goodyear F1's.
  6. Website definitely down or something
  7. Would think Hope's are cheaper to maintain, but could be wrong !
  8. It depends on the item. General bicycle parts normally vat only. Clothes and shoes heavy import duties and vat
  9. Was the free Skynet option delivered to your door. In the past their free service used SAPO. I would like to order in the future but want to stay clear of anything getting in SAPO hands.
  10. according to another chat its canceled
  11. If you run your finger across the cutting edge I would think they should feel sharp not dull. Best would obviously be if you had a new one to compare against.
  12. Anyone on here have a Technivorm Moccamaster ? looking for some reviews, opinions.
  13. Tim Declercq - EL Tractor Tony Martin - Panzerwagen
  14. I know it's 3 years down the line. But I have designed and printed a light fitting that works with the OEM bar mount. PM me if you interested.
  15. http://www.mobiielite.com/results/RaceID/b0d87a15-9d9c-49f4-8f82-0444ee04af13
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