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  1. Tucked in short sleeve shirt.... That makes all the difference
  2. Clearly someone isn't an engineer..... 😂 But I do agree. Being an expert in one thing in no way suggests you're competent at anything else. I'll never forget at a engineering conference a few years ago where Pat Morewood spoke about how he designs bike frames. It was quite a techy conference, so all the other talks had been on complex ways to use software in design, and then Mr Morewood got up and his answer to "how do you design bikes" was basically "I draw it on a piece of paper, and then we make a prototype, and then I sit on the bike and decide if I like how it feels". There was audible confusion amongst the group of engineers that are used to analyzing everything to death. Such a good example of how being a "analysis expert" in no way means you're good at sitting on a bike and deciding if the geometry is good.
  3. This is why I have an indoor training playlist that I only listen to when on the IDT, and maybe sometimes on a hard ride outdoors if I dare to have 1 earphone in, but none of those songs ever ever EVER get listened to at any other time. It's amazing how our brains make associations with things and can get triggered into a specific state by stuff. For me, the IDT playlist now auto-triggers "dig deep, here's comes a sufferfest" zone.
  4. His airways look quite closed though? 🤷‍♂️
  5. After reading through this thread, I've concluded that bikehub should be rebranded to "Engineers on Bicycles".... Not even being sarcastic. It seems 80% of the guys on here have some kind of engineering background.
  6. You Sir, are the real deal. I'll gladly buy stuff from you any day of the week. Unfortunately, loads of stuff is sold by guys who are just looking to get rid of their bike/trainer/wheels or whatever, so they create an account just to post an ad, and disappear as soon as it's sold, which isn't evil or wrong. But those are very often the "problem cases". I don't think it's always intentional though. There are definitely some guys that are intentionally deceitful, but I like to think that in the majority of cases, people aren't being deliberately deceptive, they're just uninformed or don't know any better. For example, I look at a drive train where everything is coated in black sludge from years of lubing without cleaning it, and think it must be toast and that there's a good chance I'll have replace half of it if I buy the bike, but to an unknowing owner, he just thinks to himself that he rode the bike yesterday and it all worked fine, so he writes "great condition" on his ad. A simple comment of "Hey bud, when last did you service the bike or replace the chain?" can help everyone that sees the ad know what they're buying, and can actually help the seller if he actually replaced the chain last week but uploaded old or bad photos.
  7. Oh so that's what the pro's have in their nose when they warm up.... Leftovers from their sniffing sesh....
  8. Did anyone else listen to this interview with Jay Vine during the Vuelta? (Starts at 30:20) Found it really interesting how he said he could basically race with bad tactics in Aussie races and still win, but things are just on another level on the Euro scene. I'd assume the Aussie race scene is more competitive than here, so our local riders must have an impossible job trying to compete in WT races.
  9. Reminds me of Froome impersonating some Kenyan cycling official to get into the U23 world champs.... https://www.businessinsider.com/chris-froome-impersonated-official-2016-7?IR=T Didn't turn out too badly for him.....
  10. What do you have against Springs Boys High?????? 😡
  11. Which basket are you using? Any guesses on the pre-infusion and extraction times?
  12. Allegedly, the beans I'm using are 2 weeks old. (As in roasted 2 weeks ago). The day I bought them, the lady said they were roasted that morning, so I should wait a day or 2 before using them. But thinking of the taste, they do seem slightly old. They've been sealed in an airtight bag since I got them though. But I'm not sure if I trust the roastery. Anyone have any experience with Roast Masters in Pretoria East? For that matter, anyone have any suggestions on coffee roasters in Pretoria?
  13. Here's another idea..... What about giving the seller the option to allow comments on their ad? If I post something, I'd always allow comments. It would save me getting 20 DMs because I forgot to list a seat post diameter, or having to reply to 10 messages asking if something is available with "kind of, you're 3rd in line" or whatever. And if I'm selling something, it would actually benefit me as a seller to have guys commenting stuff like "awesome bike, I wish it was a large". I would also always sell something to whoever commented "dibs" first 😉. @ACE Cycles, apart from what Hairy mentioned, it's also an opportunity for sellers to create some "good vibes" without having to post on the forums. For example, if you post a few ads, and I can see that you respond to comments, and are courteous and helpful etc and that there aren't any "this guy screwed me over" comments, I'd feel more comfortable in trusting you without just relying on your ratings, or your forum post count. For the buyer that isn't engaged on the forums, it can really help to build some confidence in sellers if you see some engagement under the ad. I bought my first bike off the classifieds way back when, and was clueless about bicycle and the forums, but I saw in the comments under an ad that the guy seemed to be a decent human being, and saw from the comments that the bike seemed to be a good deal, and pulled the trigger. You might say the rating system should serve this purpose, and I guess it does in part. But technically there should only be reviews for concluded deals, so non-responsive sellers don't get rated, guys that respond to "the year model on your ad is wrong" with abuse don't get rated, guys that beg and harass you for lower prices don't get rated, guys that consistently low ball you don't get rated, etc etc etc.... And also, if I were to open an ad, see that 5 guys have asked questions and the seller hasn't responded in weeks, I'd know to just ignore that ad without becoming the 6th guy to just get ignored. If you look at half of the "I'm upset about the classifieds" threads that people start, lots of those threads wouldn't exist if there were ads on the classifieds (like the "why don't sellers respond to my messages thread", or the "is it still available" thread)
  14. Could you explain how? (genuine question) The only incident I remember was Slowbee asking here what a bike is worth, and then getting lowball offers based on the responses? But you can't be upset about that in my opinion. If you publicly ask what something is worth, and people give their opinion (which you knew before hand might very well be wrong), then the consequence of that can't be blamed on the guys giving their wrong opinion (or correct opinion that was just less than hoped for). In all honesty, if that's the situation you're referring to, comments on the classifieds wouldn't have changed anything. Even with comments on the classifieds, you would either have created a thread asking for a ballpark value, and then been in the same boat, or posted the ad without asking, which is an option you have with or without classifieds comments. So the comments wouldn't have changed anything. If there's another incident, please share so that we can be more careful in future about screwing up sales for our "petition community" members.
  15. This is the best argument for why we can be trusted with comments on the ads... And also why we don't need a nanny closing down every second thread...
  16. Sounds like you should be an expert barista in that case....
  17. While we're on the topic of machine settings.... Can anyone give me some advice on dialing in my machine? I got a Barista Express last week, and since then I've been trying to find a suite spot for everything. It's not bad at the moment, but it's not as amazing as it could be (and should be). At the moment, I have my grind setting on "10", my dose is 18g (which I measure), I pre-infuse for 3-4 seconds, and then pull the shot. Oh and I'm using the double shot, single wall basket. But the pressure currently goes pretty high (past vertical on the dial), and the shot extracts far quicker then a want. It's usually around 18s for a 45g yield, and then I stop the shot because I can see the extraction is finished by the white, watery consistency coming out of the portafilter. Anyone have any suggestions on how to slow the extraction down so that I can get a 2:1 yield, so 36g, in around 27s? (For the record, I don't see any signs of channeling on the puck, but my eyes are maybe missing something....)
  18. Yup. Apparently from what I've read / watched, 90 to 93 deg is optimal. The temp of what you have in your cup is probably more dependent on if your machine is warmed up, if the portafilter is warm, and if the cup is warm. (And then obviously how hot your milk is, if you defile your coffee with such things (which I do, but only a little)) But from what I understand, there's no real optimal setting for each parameter though (water temp for example). It's all a combination of beans, grind setting, dose, tamping, water temp, pre infusion time, and extraction time. So the goal is to find a goldilocks combination of all of those things. But as a "rule", apparently light roast beans require more work to extract, so higher water temp, finer grind etc will make better coffee. Whereas darker roasts extract more easily, so a lower temp might work better. But we're talking 90 or 92 deg, or a 17g or 18g dose, or a 25s or 28s extraction time.... The differences in settings are tiny, but the difference in result can be substantial.
  19. I also had a look at one when I was looking for a bike. In terms of value for money, I don't think you can beat it. But I didn't like that you needed propriety cages - I'm not a fan of needing propriety stuff on bikes. And also, I got the feeling that it's bike you're gonna loose big money on when you resell it. Like it might be an amazing bike, but because of the different frame, I just got the feeling that the second hand value will be lower than other similarly specced bikes, and so the eventual "cost of ownership" is higher than on other bikes that are more popular. I see it like a Volvo - incredible car to drive, but you've gotta be willing to take a big knock when you want to trade it in. Probably not a bad buy second hand though once someone else has taken that knock
  20. I can translate... (Sorry, my MTB is a bit rusty... Hope I got my tenses right)
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