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  1. I have had the same issue but with carbon rails. Tried to force it back in but ended up cracking the shell (also carbon) I'd suggest heating the seat shell with boiling water or something that won't permanently deform the plastic. When the shell is soft enough to bend then try and pop the rail back in. If you try to bend the rail you will most likely sit with a skew saddle and endless back pain. So rather try and manipulate the shell. Goodluck!
  2. I'd recommend getting something that's sweat/water resistant. I spent about 5 months looking for a pair to fit in my budget, really struggled but eventually found a pair. Battery lasts quite long, really small when in the charging case and fits really lekker. I've also been using them for videos relating my studies and can't be happier. Skullcandy Dime - R750
  3. Awesome build! This really came out nicely. Many happy and safe miles!
  4. After having 4 sets (8 rims total) crack around the nipples I doubt that I'll ever ride stans wheels again. I'm sure there are many more who feel the same way... Really a pitty, I loved they Arch EX mk1 set. Hopefully they fixed that problem.
  5. For those looking for new/more shoes. Some older Hoka models on onedayonly.co.za
  6. For those looking for new/more shoes. Some older Hoka models on onedayonly.co.za
  7. Thanks, please let me known if you received it. Not sure if it went through
  8. Has anybody found a store that sells the max lens mod for the Hero 9 locally? I just realized that my current wearable gimbal doesn't work with the bigger hero 9. With that being said, anybody looking for a wearable gimbal?
  9. Do you know of a live way to follow the race?
  10. Also have a pair, these shoes are ridiculously comfortable. I'm considering buying another pair just to walk around in.
  11. You, sir, have my full and undivided attention.
  12. As mentioned carbon paste and torque to manufacture spec. Also check the stem bolts (The bolts that tighten the stem to the steerer tube)
  13. Your bike will be properly covered in paint and a clear coat over that. So you'll have to find something that eats through a few layers of paint before it touches the carbon/resin. Don't worry about that, honestly if you feel comfortable with it getting on your hands you definitely shouldn't worry about it getting on your frame. I use a household product called "Pine gel" it works like a charm! Degreases properly if needed and also washes nicely if you dilute it.It's also water soluble and safe for the environment. Smells nice too.
  14. Lucky...I've been riding there weekly for the last 6+ years and I've never seen a snake there. I've Always wanted to
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