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  1. Its spectacular, and a bit of a nod to the Rolex "James Cameron" Deepsea SeaDweller "D-Blue/Big Blue" ...have a connection there too..he chartered one of our vessels for the dive to the bottom of the Marianas Trench in 2012...the "D-Blue" was born in 2014 from that event...
  2. New Watch Day..... A commemorative issue to honour Bev Morgan, the pioneer of commercial diving and instrumental in designing and manufacturing the modern, industry-standard diving helmets from Kirby Morgan..... 1000m with Helium escape valve...its a beast! Bev Morgan: 1932 - 2018...legend!!
  3. Off topic: You can switch the Radar off via the built in Garmin Radar tab which is installed when you first hook up the device...I use a Third party Connect IQ app as a data screen in my ride profiles, it talks to the Garmin Varia controller for the device (basically just accesses the device settings and re-arranges it) and you can use this data screen to switch off lights for a coffee stop...but it then goes into "Manual" or Individual Mode and you have to switch it back to the Network Mode you set up initially...pretty easy via the datascreen though...double tap mode buttons
  4. The Garmin UT800 out front and RTL715 in back is a great combo especially if you have an Edge device. Bright, smart and fairly good battery life, the built in app on the Edge allows you to control the settings of both as well as use other profiles. There are some Connect IQ apps available as well (Smart Bike Lights for eg) that can be set up as widgets or Data screens on the Edge and they allow very easy control of the lights. Auto-start at a set speed, and when you finished and save your activity, they both go to sleep with bluetooth polling to wake them up when you set off again. The only hiccups I have had, is sometimes the Edge doesn't pair both to form the Light Network when you wake the Edge up from Sleep mode (sometimes only one gets paired in the Network)...I think this is an Edge issue and a quick Edge re-start before it starts recording sorts it out. I ride in full darkness with the UT800 as it does throw a good beam but always carry a headlight as well for full night riding. The latest Varia versions are the brightest rear lights you will find! 2cents
  5. @captain morgan....his Funduro trail may give you some thrills!
  6. Mid-week break...National Sports Day...I sported....
  7. The way things work, you and your well-intentioned gang will be behind bars quicker than the crims you out to catch.
  8. You think pedestrians on their phones are bad.....Wait for Apple Vision Pro to take hold in SA!
  9. You could double back along suggested routes but just slide off somewhere near the entrance to the finishing chute to avoid the wrath of the organisers?
  10. SS is one thing, fixed gear is another....make sure you have a good ratio for climbing, the downhills are irrelevant, you gonna unclip/let it spin!
  11. Wortelgat Road, Stanford...to the Beach!
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