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  1. Thanks for the heads-up. There is both a small and large available in a Cotic Simple. I currently ride a Meidum Sworks epic with a slammed -20 degree stem. So would you say that the small will be closer to my current setup than a large?
  2. Will send him a message in the morning, thank you!
  3. Hi all, I've been considering a new build centered around a steel mtb frame. Cotic has always caught my eye so I really like the idea of building one. Does anybody have a frame that they are looking to sell? I am looking for a size medium hardtail. It can be single speed (Cotic simple) or geared. I'm planning on a rigid build but will consider up to 120mm travel upfront. I'll also consider any other steel frame. I know about the Momsen STF and STR, I contacted Nils at Woodstock cycleworks and also covered nearly every website and store in SA. If you have any recommendations on other brands or know of places where I can find frames I really appreciate that!
  4. Hi all, I'm looking at building either a STR or STF but have some questions. The plan is to build it with a 120mm Fox 34 rythm fork but also considering a 100mm fork. The idea is to build a bike that will be comfortable enough for the odd 4-6 hr ride but also fun enough for a quick trail session at Wolwespruit or so. 1. What are the differences other than the sliding dropouts? 2. I am 1.72m would you recommend anything other than a size medium and why? 3. Is it possible to fit fir a 2.35" tire on a 28mm ID rim in the back? 4. Are QR dropouts available? 5. Anybody looking to sell theirs?👀
  5. I've been trying to find an answer to this question for years. I hate having a clean bike when I load it and when I want to start the ride the bike is COVERED in dust. When I know I have longer distances to travel before a ride I load the bike in my car, but obviously that's bot always possible. So what I do is ensure that the bike can't swing/move in any way to reduce the risk of paint damage. I do this by tieing the crank and wheels down to the rack with an old tube. Not 100% effective but works well enough for me
  6. If you have access to it use sram butter. For me there's nothing better. I've found that the thicker greases make the pawls sticky. So practical any tub of grease other than "suspension" grease won't work as well as you'd want it to. I have also used finishline wet lube as pawl lubrication during a stage-race-bike-park-service. Everything ran smoothly so I guess it worked👀
  7. I have had the same issue but with carbon rails. Tried to force it back in but ended up cracking the shell (also carbon) I'd suggest heating the seat shell with boiling water or something that won't permanently deform the plastic. When the shell is soft enough to bend then try and pop the rail back in. If you try to bend the rail you will most likely sit with a skew saddle and endless back pain. So rather try and manipulate the shell. Goodluck!
  8. I'd recommend getting something that's sweat/water resistant. I spent about 5 months looking for a pair to fit in my budget, really struggled but eventually found a pair. Battery lasts quite long, really small when in the charging case and fits really lekker. I've also been using them for videos relating my studies and can't be happier. Skullcandy Dime - R750
  9. Awesome build! This really came out nicely. Many happy and safe miles!
  10. After having 4 sets (8 rims total) crack around the nipples I doubt that I'll ever ride stans wheels again. I'm sure there are many more who feel the same way... Really a pitty, I loved they Arch EX mk1 set. Hopefully they fixed that problem.
  11. For those looking for new/more shoes. Some older Hoka models on onedayonly.co.za
  12. For those looking for new/more shoes. Some older Hoka models on onedayonly.co.za
  13. Thanks, please let me known if you received it. Not sure if it went through
  14. Has anybody found a store that sells the max lens mod for the Hero 9 locally? I just realized that my current wearable gimbal doesn't work with the bigger hero 9. With that being said, anybody looking for a wearable gimbal?
  15. Do you know of a live way to follow the race?
  16. Also have a pair, these shoes are ridiculously comfortable. I'm considering buying another pair just to walk around in.
  17. You, sir, have my full and undivided attention.
  18. As mentioned carbon paste and torque to manufacture spec. Also check the stem bolts (The bolts that tighten the stem to the steerer tube)
  19. Your bike will be properly covered in paint and a clear coat over that. So you'll have to find something that eats through a few layers of paint before it touches the carbon/resin. Don't worry about that, honestly if you feel comfortable with it getting on your hands you definitely shouldn't worry about it getting on your frame. I use a household product called "Pine gel" it works like a charm! Degreases properly if needed and also washes nicely if you dilute it.It's also water soluble and safe for the environment. Smells nice too.
  20. Lucky...I've been riding there weekly for the last 6+ years and I've never seen a snake there. I've Always wanted to
  21. Hi there and welcome to the sport! There's alot of things that can influence the price. The main things are the condition of the drivetrain (how worn out the gears are) and especially the condition of the suspension. If the suspension wasn't serviced enough or if you are buying a bike with damaged suspension then you will have to spend ALOT to get that fixed. Do you have a link to the add of the bike or maybe some pictures? That way it will be easiest to try and put a price on it.
  22. Shoutout to Thesavage.biz So the time came to replace my trail shoes. I opted for a pair of Altra lone peak 4.5s and the only place that still had stock in my size was Thesavage.biz. So I ordered my pair and ended up getting a message from Morgan. He explained that there was a stock error and that they didn't have my size in any colors. To me this wasn't a big deal and I wasn't expecting much from it, maybe a refund or store credit. BUT Morgan then offered me the BRAND NEW Lone peak 5s at no extra cost. He also made sure that they reached me asap (had them within 24hrs). Just thought to share my experience with you guys/girls. For a smaller company to still go above and beyond especially in these pressing times needs to be praised. If you need anything for your next adventure I can definitely recommend Thesavage.biz Big KUDUS to them, thanks again Morgan!
  23. Maybe see if you can get more pictures? Ask for specific angles or components. If he can't provide the pictures he most likely doesn't have the bike and is trying to scam you.
  24. Howzit guys/gals. I need some advice please. I recently discovered my trail shoes (Salomon Ultra Pro) have started to tear inside the heal cup. I know this isn't an unseen thing with running shoes BUT they only have 351km on them.(My road shoes are sitting at 1500km with no signs of wear) So I was wondering is it worth it to ask about the warranty? The shoes are less than a year old so still in the Salomon warranty period.Surely shoes marketed as "Ultra shoes" shouldn't start to tear this early? Any input would be appreciated!
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