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  1. I would go with the Norco, Just based on older vs new components. The Norco is already 1x12 vs the (What I can only assume from the pics) is a 2x10 groupset. High mileage carbon frame vs newer alloy frame just my 2C
  2. oh I did, That was painful to watch
  3. was amazing to watch him put the hurt on a younger Nino at Cascades missed him at the Olympics that year
  4. a team member usually stands at a certain point(s) on the route and shouts time gaps
  5. cant watch the livestream, any idea if there is a site posting written updates?
  6. Not genuine at all 1) suspension is what brand exactly? 2) head tube is very different. The new Scott bikes don't have any tapers or edges on the head tube 3) top tube to the frame is not correct 4) brake hose for the rear isn't internal 5) it's miles too cheep
  7. Think its time for you to whip out that M99 and prep the killroom.....
  8. For speed....ill take those chances
  9. Shouldnt be an issue, Find yourself an Eagle blade with 0mm offset
  10. The internal SWAT box and dropper on the Carbon come in handy. Carbon is definitely worth the extra bit of tom.
  11. Oakley all the way, New EVZero Pitch is super light and comfy
  12. Had the same issue. I rode with a charity in 2015 with some slower riders. Did a 5hr. Entered this year to do a sub 3, got hit with a 8:30 start. Tried to protest it and was told no because my finish time was slow. Even though my results from 2011 and 2012 were 2:40!! No second lap for me this year
  13. Excuse the crude cut and paste. This is from the SPC Website: "FSR" or "Future Shock Rear" was the original name that Specialized assigned to our patented 4-bar linkage design. In the early and mid-90's, Specialized manufactured a front shock named "Future Shock". "Future Shock Rear" seemed to be a logical extension of that name for rear suspension. Every FSR rear suspension utilizes a Specialized Patented design, which some refer to as the "Horst Link", and differs from other "4-bar link" rear suspension because of their efficient suspension action and pedaling, and independent braking forces that do not affect the suspension motion.
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