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  1. So... this or this? Details: Included in this deal is: - Mr Shades PID and guide - Low profile drip tray (so that bigger cups can be used), and the original tray - Precision IMS filter basket - Original filter baskets - Blind filter basket (for cleaning) Older model and he wants R8200
  2. Looks like it. Wanna go? I found this on the interwebs
  3. I have a friend who has a brand new Philips Saeco Xelsis Long story short, he works for Philips, won the unit and he can't use it as he suffers from migraines. He's looking for R20k, new is apparently R35k. Drop me a PM if anyone here is interested.
  4. Woolworths is running a 20% off 2 packs of coffee beans if anybody is interested.
  5. 21 days is little to sacrifice in light of what's happening. Resist the urge.
  6. Guys, just use common sense. We really don't want the 21 day lockdown to become a 2 if not 3 month lockdown.
  7. If I recall correctly, the Garmin ANT+ dongle is unique and only works with their device(s). I remember when I was looking and the Garmin dongle is a lot cheaper but can't be used with the Kickr.
  8. Unless recreational cycling gets banned like in Italy and Spain. I heard from my friend that the VA Melrose got shut as a member got tested postiive for COVID-19 so they will be doing a specialised deep clean during the night.
  9. So Gauteng will be closing all nature reserves from Wednesday. I assume that would impact Modders too?
  10. Try the Ghetto cmopressor. My coke bottle has never failed me to seat a tyre.
  11. Very very nice. You doing some gravel riding with that road frame? I'm not sure how the R range compares to the GR range for gravel.
  12. Saw an aeropress for sale on Facebook marketplace for R300. For those interested. It was listed 5 days ago.
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