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  1. Delarey


    Not yet, but will definitely get it now. I am a huge fan of his comedy. Had no idea he was battling cancer so this this feels very sudden. Edit: I see it's on Audible and he is doing the narration, so will definitely get that.
  2. Delarey


    RIP Norm Macdonald. A true genius and one of a kind!
  3. That comment of RR was on the other forum as a reaction to your comment on this thread. Like you I enjoy hearing different points of views from opposing sides, but on social media that is apparently “trolling”
  4. To the contrary actually. There are very little disagreement or quarrelling on the other platform. I do like it, but for different reasons than than the old Drumpf forum. I think that ship has sailed.
  5. Don’t worry, not much has changed. Any form of debate is still classified as either trolling or defending Trump. Outside of that Biden and Harris are not worth discussing. It is what it is I suppose. RR sends his regards:
  6. Discord: https://discord.gg/ZnZ94Yb7
  7. I have come to a similar, but slightly different conclusion. I.e. one cannot gauge someone’s interest in US politics by how vocal they are about Trump.
  8. Delarey


    R.I.P Sean Lock
  9. Healthy debate has been dwindling on a number of threads for a while now. For me it seemed like many of the threads were weighed down by all the baggage that's been developing over the years. No comment, statement or argument are debated on face value. The sequence is rather: who is making the statement, why is he/she making the stament, what is his/her hidden agenda, etc... What could be a very interesting debate very quickly digress into personal attacks and accusations. Still sad to see threads being locked outright though.
  10. Delarey


    Very good article. I would not even put it in the same sentence as the crap Morgan wrote. Piers seemingly just needed another reason to circle back to Meghan Markle. This article on the other hand argues for this topic to be debated from both sides. Yes, the tennis player has an obligation to the fans and the tournament organisers to do the post game press conference, but maybe the structure and purpose of these conferences should also be debated. Good on Osaka for pulling out of the tournament. It shifts some responsibility to the ATP as well. It shows that this is not just a spoilt brat who “wants her cake and eat it too”, it is someone willing to sacrifice her career over this. Surely there must be some middle ground which can be reached if both sides compromise.
  11. Delarey


    I think she did the right thing to withdraw from the tournament. Get herself sorted out first instead of locking horns with the tournament organisers. Piers Morgan wrote a pretty crappy piece about this. Totally disagree with him on this one.
  12. Love the new site so far. While I am used to Tapatalk on my phone, the new site is so nice I am not even missing it. Also love the stats you are providing with the top contributors. A suggestion if I may: would be nice to see the total number of viewers on the thread as well if thats possible. The silent majority is an often neglected demographic in social media all together. While its nice to know that the top 4 contributors on a thread constitutes a third of all posts, it does not give a perspective on the audience reached. If at all possible, i think this could be a valuable (even ground breaking) statistic to add.
  13. Correction, sorry for the confusion. Yes, I got that 46x73x30 numbers off the wrong package. That is a PF30 BB I bought incorrectly. These numbers are all damn confusing. The Evil takes a BB92 with 30mm spindle.
  14. Thanks Droo. My Race face BB lasted only 2000km and I had it serviced every +/- 600km. Is that about par for the course? That is way worse compared to the Shimano GXP BB on my other bike.
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