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  1. 1994 Raleigh Bomber...it ruled for many years. MTB-developing, school commute, newspaper delivery and Gravel-bike with the handlebar pointing up Used to race down Paarl DH track with one of these...broke the steering tube twice...fell my self moertoe twice... Maybe not exactly for the topic but it deserves some credit.
  2. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/hardtail-mountain-bikes/479517/silverback-storm-1-carbon This begs for a comment...I paid 21 in 2014 for the same bike. Yes, stocks are low but Jussie... Unless this is the Rolex edition ...
  3. Rather Bold of them....I assume someone stole their Swiss neighbour's blue prints. Even the decals are on the same place. Still a really nice looking Bold, ag sorry Scott
  4. as mentioned, to do 40km you will need to do a few laps, but because its so much fun, that wont be a problem. https://www.trailforks.com/region/banhoek-conservancy-trails-26521/ I would suggest going up the Bethlehem ascent , drop in to Klipwerf downhill line, then run all the way down with " Cobra" to the fence and then climb back up again....Do the Sky traverse over to Duiwelskloof...turn left at the end of the traverse and follow the Dig Bos connector trail back.....when you reach the Oak trees, follow the jeep track to Elevator Climb and go up to the Start of afterburner. Trail signs are not that great yet, however you will find plenty riders there over the weekend to help show you the way. Explore and have fun! It could be that the trail is closed due to the heavy rains...
  5. Nah, after these idiots started there Scam, I try to keep my buying and selling for when I am home. If I see something lekke, I ask a fellow hubber to buy it on my behalf. Worked well so far. Only once I had to send fotos to a seller and explain I am legit... Plus I shared live whatsapp location with him... Anyway atleast my reviews are good, so that helps.
  6. Yes, friendly guy. Please send my regards, Its really sad that you never got to enjoy the bike that was promised ... Next time
  7. As I sit here, I am onboard a Drillship , drilling offshore Angola.....I can assure you that the position of "Petroleum Engineer" does not exist and in my 20 years at sea, I have never heard of this position/rank. Secondly we have the same internet access as onshore (slower), so no funny excuses for making payments. I use my bank app daily, Snapscan, Zapper the lot. Any stupid excuse when it comes to payments must always be seen as a potential scam.
  8. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/saddles/461401/cardinal-richelieu-large-saddle I have so many questions and comments.
  9. Yes, he works at https://www.hellsend.com/ used to be BMT bikes in Stellenbosch. his one of the floor sales guys. You can 100% trust him.
  10. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/458303/scott-genius-l Is this pricing new normal?? I must say, I have been stunned by some friends that advertised bikes at prices I thought was crazy high...and people still bought it.
  11. Just because one of the Hubbers mentioned it as a good option if required mainly in follow mode. I agree DJI is better with the local support.
  12. I have been searching for the Skydio 2 in SA but don't seem to be any dealers? I see online they are similar priced to the Mavic Air 2. $999...I suppose direct buy the? The Mini 2 seems to be the best option in what it want to do and quality... Still need a good Pilot. I am sure my dog and I will enjoy my videos, but my wife and friends got bored back in my GoPro Hero 2 video days...
  13. I am looking to buy either the new Mini-2 or going for the Mavic Air 2. (never owned a drone, so Mini2 for beginner, But...) I like the Obstruction avoidance and Tracking modes on the Mavic Air 2, but from most youtube videos, I cant really see if it will track me properly if I go really fast DH on my mtb. I assume to get propper follow shots, you need a good Pilot? Have you guys got any experience on this, using the Mavic Air 2 compared to Mini-2?? Both got 4k and cant take nice pictures. I also imagine that the "Mini-3" will come out with more bells next year. At R12000 the Mini-2 combo looks like a good option
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