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  1. Check out trainerday.com There is a monthly fee of ~R70 p/m but the plans are great
  2. I think e-bikes are great but for those that use Strava as a yardstick on their training or progress against other normal bikes, it does skew the results. I don't know why everyone is giving the OP so much flak, maybe he likes the results to be on a level playing field. This might be important to him and a whole bunch of people so just because it isn't important to YOU, it doesn't mean he feels the same. Stop being d00$es and be lekker. Its not difficult for those with e-bikes to change the setting on Strava to omit the results from the segments.
  3. How did you feel on the ride? Was it very slow?
  4. Max ride was 70km MTB - I do not ride road Not training for anything specific, just seeing what is achievable with the MAF method and I still do an improvised version to this day. I am however trying a new approach with a sort of progressive overload in 3 week blocks but still maintaining the MAF ideology. Nothing at all....
  5. No not really. I enjoy some of the good things like chocolates and beer. The MAF training that I mentioned is not 100% in line with his plan because of my additional high intensity workouts. I personally don't feel like training at your MAF limit ONLY, will have the highest benefits. Mixing it up like I mentioned above seems to condition your body for both the endurance and high intensity that would be experienced come race day. I also managed to lose ~4kg by using this method
  6. I started MAF training last year in both running and cycling. Running is a new sport to me and I am not conditioned to run whatsoever so trying to run at a max of 144bpm ended up being quite frustrating. I was walking more than running and I felt like I wasn't doing enough. After about a 3 months of it with incorporating MAF into my cycling, I started to see results. They weren't groundbreaking but my endurance in both sports improved dramatically. I went from running 5kms to 21kms, I was riding with my heart rate below the 144bpm limit without event trying to keep it down. I would recover way faster after sprints and I generally felt better after exercise. I didn't however follow the MAF training religiously.... I would incorporate 1 HIIT session per week on the bike and try my best to achieve a polarized plan. It does work but you have to be disciplined and willing to go really slow. A great way to quantify your results/progress is as follows: Run - Take note of when your heart rate reaches the MAF max at the start of each and every run when running at a medium pace Ride - Choose a flat route on Zwift or outdoors and ride for the full duration with your heart rate at the MAF max and record your distance over 30 minutes. Do this once a month You will see the small victories everytime you do it. Just to add, I didnt do any rides longer that 2 hours when training below 144bpm.
  7. The Ryder tape will work as long as there are no holes or perforations in it. If it was sold as rim tap, then you should have no issues. To be honest most tapes will work and I have done a few rims with plain old insulation tape. The key is to make sure the rims are clean and free of anything that will cause the tape not to stick properly.
  8. Why don't you try out trainerday? Its cheap as chips and has thousands of workouts and customized plans
  9. I am in KZN so I have replied to Sepia as he is closer. Thanks for the effort!!
  10. I am also in KZN on the north coast - Salt Rock. The skewer I have Is 185mm from the outer end of the nut to the tip of the threaded side.
  11. Does anyone have a front QR skewer lying around? I have converted 1 of my kids bike to QR and the skewer I have is for the rear and too long.
  12. I would also say that 5-6 HIT sessions in the 3 easy weeks is way too much. These weeks should be mainly zone 2 rides with slight progressive overload and 1 HIT training session per week. I have been following an 80/20 training regime over the last 8 weeks and I have seen great gains even though I had a week off due to being sick.
  13. I'm still looking for a Rockshox Reba compression knob I anyone has 1 lying around
  14. Anyone looking for a Cannondale F29, Flash or FSi derailleur hanger? Its a Wheels Manufacturing 159 Here are the specs Free to a good home Will Pudo country wide at your cost
  15. Looking for a Rock Shox lockout knob if anyone has one lying around?
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