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  1. It might have been true in the distant past but the cables you buy today are pre-"stretched". All your sleeve ends/ferrules, etc might not be seated perfectly and these will settle with use. If properly installed you MIGHT have to adjust it a little after installation with one of the barrel adjusters. I have in the last few months installed new cables and housings for a few derailleurs, cable disc brakes and a dropper post and none have required any adjustment a few rides in.
  2. I cannot see why not. It is quick, easy and cheap to do.
  3. It has an XT crank and old XT rear derailleur but the shifter are like @Chip says the Deore LX shifters that use one lever for braking and shifting. These are quite old. I'd say around R3 500.
  4. On my Silverback it had a sticker when I bought it. I removed it once I got home. After the first free service they put one on again. I just removed it again. No big deal.
  5. I can attest to that. My sons' and my wife's bikes have slime in the tubes and this works incredibly well. I have Enduro Seal in my wife's bike even though is is not specifically specified for tubes it has been running like that without punctures for several months. My sons' bikes have the Sportsmans Warehouse slime specifically for tubes. Also been going for months. We ride trails every weekend.
  6. That will do the job. Not all that much that can go wrong there. Depending on the size and strength of your daughters hands she might struggle with the Shimano RevoShift but that you can sort out for a few hundred Rand if it is an issue.
  7. This is what you do when you are taking a fat chance with the price...
  8. I currently run a straight steerer RockShox Reba Team with a Woodman headset and not a Lefty so I assume the top bearing assembly would essentially remain the same? This looks like the one - https://omnico.co.za/cannondale-pt-headset-int-h-shok-to-tape Looks to be the same thing as specified here - https://www.bicyclebuys.com/cannondale-reducer-headset-si-headshok-to-1.5-1-1-8-tapered-kp205/0905485
  9. New cables and sleeves for my derailleur and dropper post. Small but significant.
  10. It is clear from that table that the two Titan bikes are in a totally different league as the rest. The Rogue Sport yes. Seems like damn good value. The Silverback Stride, nope. That VAXA fork is made by Zoom. I have one...on a Silverback Stride...not great is an understatement. The other Stride is Suntour XCE28 - just a hair better than the VAXA. Crappy rear derailleur options as well. The only Scott on there that is almost worth looking at is the Aspect 950. Coil fork, Altus derailleur, 2x9. The Titan Rogue Sport blows it out of the water in all respects for the same price.
  11. It is a moot point. I have since upgraded my son's brakes to hydraulic brakes so you might be onto something. I did only have to buy a set of used hydraulic brakes to do this though and it only put me R500 out of pocket. Not an easy task if the bike started out with rim brakes.
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