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  1. Event Name: THE CEDERWhen: 09/09/2023Where: Cederberg Oasis, Category: GravelStarting and finishing at the iconic Cederberg Oasis (the home of the smiley face), The Ceder offers a thrilling weekend of unique experiences, fierce racing, and demanding challenges. Picturesque snow greeted riders in 2021. 2022 brought about crisp and clear conditions. 2023 sees predictions stirring in circles with the weather not only a factor but brand new races to the event requiring fresh strategies.  Three hours from Cape Town, The Ceder takes place deep in the Cederberg, a mountainous region that boasts some of the most diverse fauna, flora, and wildlife one might find. Entering the range, it’s impossible not to be drawn in by the wild, raw, beauty of the towering mountains and twisted rock formations. The races across the weekend cover gravel, tar, technical terrain, and pure mountain trail with a combination of steep climbs, slow-burner ascents, sharp descents, and flowy fast downhills across all courses.  The Ceder offers a course to cater to all - CEDER245, CEDER140, CEDERmtb30, CEDERRUN, and CEDERFunRUN. ABOUT THE CEDERBERG The Cederberg was named after the endangered Clanwilliam Cedar, a tree endemic to the mountain range.  What makes the Cederberg particularly special is its isolation and how undeveloped it remains, allowing pure, untouched nature to contrast against a backdrop of daily distractions.  In 1973, this was threatened by a spell of severe exploitation that saw significant amounts of cedar wood, rooibos tea, buchu and rockwood bark harvested unsustainably. The cedar tree faced the risk of extinction, leading to the launch of a conservancy project that actively supports the Clanwilliam Cedar Tree and individual reserves in the area. The history of the Cederberg is deeply entrenched within the rock too, with famous mountain sites including Wolfberg Arch, Wolfberg Cracks, Tafelberg, Rocklands, and Sneeuberg. The sites attract hikers, climbers, and mountaineers from across the world. Stadsaal Caves (10km from Cederberg Oasis) is just one example of several that contain San Rock art telling stories of old.  ABOUT THE REASON FOR THE RACE The Why Behind The Ceder, by Race Director and The Ceder Founder Raoul Goetze If I had to think about it, the Ceder was created out of a deep sense of nostalgia and interest in self-discovery through endurance challenges. My background and history as a founder of Endless Daze Music Festival, combined with the discovery of trail running and then cycling, made this event inevitable. As a child, I spent weekends exploring the landscapes of the Cederberg, usually camping with the family. Those moments left an indelible mark on my soul, creating a connection that would persist throughout my life. The Cederberg has become a sanctuary for me. My interest and love for endurance sports and the allure of challenging oneself in harsh conditions played a significant role in shaping The Ceder. I believe that it is in moments of adversity that we truly discover our inner strength and resilience. The Cederberg, with its rugged terrain and untamed beauty, provides the perfect backdrop for participants to push their limits and embrace the thrill of testing their mettle. Over the years, The Ceder has grown beyond just a weekend challenge amongst friends. It has become a gathering of riders and runners from all corners and walks of life, with one goal; to conquer a challenge.  I am humbled by the enthusiasm and determination displayed by everyone, to conquer the challenges that have set for themselves. To all those who have been a part of The Ceder, I extend my heartfelt gratitude. Your presence and unwavering support have transformed this event into a cherished tradition. Let us continue to celebrate the spirit of adventure, paying homage to the nostalgia that inspired it all, and inspiring others to embark on their own unforgettable journeys in the remarkable Cederberg. Go to Event Page.
  2. Hi all I would like to find out if anyone who participated in the 947 Ride Joburg knows of, witnessed or did crash on the De Villiers Graaff Motorway by the Carr Street M1 South onramp (after the Nelson Mandela Bridge), about 10kms from the finish. Please can you contact Andrew to let him know, as the matter is URGENT. Please contact Andrew on 071 176 2129 or email Andrew at andrewberry017@gmail.com, with your Name Surname, cellphone number and what you witnessed or experienced. Thank you so much! Your help is truly appreciated. *If you are able to circulate this with your cycling groups please do*
  3. "Bike Odyssey 2021", the toughest and biggest race in Greece and one of the hardest worldwide, will be held from June 20 to 27 June. Get ready for the most exciting cycling Odyssey in the mountains of Pindos. Stay tuned for many more! More info: https://www.bikeodyssey.gr/en/
  4. Hi all. I’m looking for some advice on buying a 29 dual suspension XC/marathon bike. I currently have a Scott scale 960 (2017) and want to upgrade. I plan on doing some stage races like sani2c. Mostly want to compete for the enjoyment and experience but tend to get quite competitive. Looking to spend around 40k and happy to go second hand. Any advice would be helpful and please can you be specific in terms of year and components etc. thanks so much!
  5. Hi Everyone, My partner has run into circumstances precluding him from doing the race. I am now solo and looking for a new partner to do the Adventure or Race with. Since the organisers explicitly mandate team entries, I think this could be a good platform for other solo riders to connect and find partners to do the race with. If you are interested, please inbox me and we can have a phone call to see if we could train and race well together. My skill level is intermediate to advanced (especially in technical descents). Fitness is good to great, with a lot of work planned for the lead up to the race. Strava profile: https://www.strava.com/athletes/946755
  6. This is my experience on Race to the Sun. It was an amazing experience and personal challenge. My gopro 360 ran out half way and I took pictures with my cell phone which is not the best, but I made it work. If you are thinking of doing it, go for it and I hope this video gives you some insight of what to expect and if you've done it may this video bring back fond memories of the journey.
  7. Hi guys, I would love to know what your thoughts are on a 5km gravel section in a road race. You rate only for the pro's with support vehicles? Also, if you fall out of the bunch and get stuck behind a queue of Team Vehicles, it will get mega dusty. I do not have experience with this, but seriously considering adding it to one of the events. Will people bring different bikes for the specific Let a brother know.
  8. http://www.cycleevents.co.za/road-events/dis-chem-ride-sight-2018/ It's that time of the year again. Who's doing this one? Who's starting in which batch? What are you going to do differently? I, for one, will more likely than not start in AL. 2 huge crashes in last year nearly took me out, especially that cones section just after Carnival. Going to go have some fun in BL, perhaps CL. Trying to restore some club presence . Not feeling as on form as I was this time last year, and knowing there are 2 spikes that'll split the bunch, I don't particularly feel up to the challenge. Doing a club recce ride of the route on Saturday, will give feedback on the road conditions. But expect them to be poor to ***. Entries have been extended to the 11th.
  9. I remain surprised at the low frequency of events listed on Bikehub and believe more shouldbe done to attract event organizers to get involved. Looking at some other event pages the listings here seems too low. For such a popular website amongst us bikers this surely should receive more focus?
  10. Can anyone give me an idea of typical (if such a thing exists) SA enduro race stats? Total distance? Total climbing / descending? Average stage distance and drop? Longest and shortest stage distance and drop? Total combined stage distance? Number of stages? Average time spent on stages and total in the saddle? What about some of the easier or harder ones? Would it be normal to have some portage / hike-a-bike in there, or does that only happen with hard ones like Ezel? I realise there’s probably a lot of variation, and the numbers can mean different things depending on the terrain. I’ve never raced an enduro, but I’m keen to try and organise a few here in Zim. I’d like to know what we need to do for it to be comparable to events elsewhere. I’ll probably try to have an easy and a hard option at each venue, but I really don’t know if there will be any takers. It’ll still be fun out on the bike for me, even if I’m the only one, so no harm in trying! Any advice from event organisers or participants would be appreciated.
  11. Hi all I am hoping someone can shed some light on a fall a friend of mine took in the 25km Mountain bike ride on Sunday he was in Batch B5 and fell about 15 to 18km into the race just after the turn off Cactus road, we are trying to determine what happened and any information would be appreciated thank you Dayne
  12. Event Name: Overkruin XCR When: 21 October 2017 Where: XCOSA Bike Park Voortrekker Monument, Gauteng Category: MTB Hoërskool Overkruin bied op 21 October 2017 ‘n bergfietswedren aan as fondsinsameling vir ons bergfietsspan. Die wedren sal die formaat van XCR aanneem (aflosspanne wat in die Olimpiese dissipliene kompeteer). Spanne van 2-4 lede neem deel en elke span moet 8 rondtes voltooi. Spanne neem in ouderdomskategorieë deel maar kan ook uit lede van verskillende ouderdomme bestaan – in diè geval neem die span deel in die sterkste ouderdomsgroep van die onderskeie lede. Die 2017 Overkruin XCR vind plaas by die XCOSA Bergfietspark, Voortrekkermonument en vorm deel van die 4-wedren 2017 Portable Shade XCR Reeks. Elke rondte van die wedrenroete is +-5km lank en bied ongeveer 150 m vertikale klim per rondte. Daar is geen ekstreme hindernisse op die “deelnemersvriendelike” roete nie. Die wedren word in oorleg met Gauteng-Noord Fietsry en SA Fietsry, dienooreenkomstig internasionale standaarde, aangebied. Hoërskool Overkruin daag alle skole uit om spanne in te skryf wat teen ons bestes kan kompeteer! Hoërskool Overkruin is presenting a mountain bike race as fundraiser event for our mountain bike team on 21 October 2017. The race will take on the XCR format (relay teams competing in the Olympic discipline)where teams of 2-4 members compete over 8 laps in their respective age categories. Teams can, however, consist of different aged members, in which case that team will compete in the age group of the strongest rider. The 2017 Overkruin XCR takes place at the XCOSA Bike Park, Voortrekker Monument and forms part of the 4-race 2017 Portable Shade XCR Series. Each race lap is +-5km in length and offers approximately 150m of vertical ascend per lap. There are no extreme obstacles on the “rider-friendly” race track. The race will take place in accordance with Gauteng North Cycling and Cycling SA. Hoërskool Overkruin challenges all schools to enter their mountain bike teams to compete with with our best. Go to Event Page
  13. 26 days to Bela Bela. Accommodation and entry booked and paid. Who else will be there? Any tips or suggestions for us newbies? Anything worth seeing in the area?
  14. I’m based in Harare, Zimbabwe. I’m thinking of trying to organise a couple of enduro races. I don’t think it’s been done here before, and I don’t think anyone really knows about the discipline, which is one reason I’m keen to get it started. Unfortunately we don’t have any trail centres or suitable trails on private land, though there is lots of great natural stuff around, and I’ve scouted out lots of good stage options. Being limited to public land and without much of a budget or manpower, I’m wondering about how we could do the timing. We might not really be able to mark the route reliably (some course tape was moved on a recent XC race I organised), and I don’t want to leave any valuable timing equipment unattended. It’ll have to be very low-key to start with, so I’m thinking about just using Strava for timing. Lots of the rides here require riders to have a GPS, and even those who don’t should have a smart phone capable of running Strava. Does anyone with experience in this kind of thing have any ideas? Are there any platforms that could analyse riders’ GPS tracks in a similar way to Strava, making sure they stayed on course, but without users having to create a Strava account? Or any reasonably-priced timing devices that we could use? I suppose with enough manpower we could just position marshals with stop-watches at the beginning and end of each stage, but I’m doubtful that I’d be able to recruit enough volunteers willing to trek that far out into the bush… Any suggestions from others who have run events like this would be appreciated!
  15. Does anyone know of any gravel events/races? Can't find any!
  16. Hello Hubbers, I have been trying to figure out what the general consensus is on riding a mountain bike in a road race. So I am still new to cycling, I recently bought a Titan 29er. I have been hitting the trails and I'm really enjoying it. However, I would really like to train up to ride the 94.7 this year, it's just one of those things that I want to do. I would also look at doing a shorter road race for some experience before I attempt the 94. So would it be alright for me to enter my bike as is? And would a whole lot of training on trails be alright to build up my endurance? I couldn't find any posts on the hub with any advice on this. Any advice will be appreciated. Also, is it true that it is better to ride with a charity group as a newbie as you would start at an earlier time?
  17. I'm looking for Sani2C Race participants driving down from Joburg with space for one or two more persons and bikes. Received a late entry but car shuttle is fully booked. Happy to use our vehicles if you're willing to transfer the shuttle booking. Will contribute to shuttle costs and fuel etc. Alternatively, just to take a bike or two down?
  18. Hi, I have an entry spot available for the joberg2c - http://joberg2c.co.za/ - 21st - 29th April Entries for the race are full, so do get in touch if you're interested. Cheers
  19. Ding ding, and in the left corner, weighing in at 10.9kgs... 1) KTM Race (2012) RockShox RebaXT SLX componentsTwo owners In the right corner, weighing in at around 11.4 kgs... 2) Merida Matts LITE 1000 (2011) RockShox Recon GoldXT SLX componentsOne owner Apologies for the pdf for option 2. Both in good condition. I find the KTM aesthetically pleasing. But more interested in rating each on actual quality etc. All thoughts and mockery welcome!
  20. Welcome to Lydenburg's second MTB Race proudly sponsored by Glencore. 25 March 2017. 40 km (technical & elevated tracks, over 1000 m) , 17 km, 10 km & kiddies 2,5 km As well as a 12 km Trail Run Markets, Food & Craft Stalls Live music - Gerald Clark!! Gustav Klingbiel Nature Reserve Contact Charlene mtblydenburg@gmail.com 078 384 0330
  21. This is awesome! Extraction from their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Mahala-Magic-MTB-Race-1246697595363649 Entries for the Mahala Magic MTB Race will open today at 11:00am. There are 1500 entries available on a first-come-first-serve basis. http://wildonline.wixsite.com/mahala
  22. This is how a DH race looks like in Slovakia [media] [/media]
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