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  1. Quite disappointed in the route change, but I can imagine the bus transfers especially being a tricky one for organisers with Covid regulations. But to change it so late is definitely not nice, specifically for all the people who've booked accommodation in PMB. We booked at the Suncoast Towers just a few weeks ago, so thankfully I don't have to change that. This route is then a bit past Hillcrest and back? I don't know the area that well.
  2. Hmm, well the start times provided so far are definitely not 5min between start groups: https://www.capetowncycletour.com/lifecycle-week/ctct/2020-cape-town-cycle-tour-start-times/ I'm also wondering about the test before travelling down. Our family travelling together have all had our 2nd Pfizer dose a few weeks ago, but if a test is needed before travelling then so be it Edit: also, just checked, the Ciovita sport mask is 4 layers apparently, so should be fine on the mask front as well
  3. 1A, off at 6:29, only three minutes gap. I agree, bunches will be big quite soon. Wonder how big the start groups are
  4. Supposedly the digital vaccine passport thingy should launch 'this month' (EVDS seems to work pretty well, so there is hope that this isn't the usual government 'this month' = next year somewhere). So, would be nice if those who have been vaccinated could choose if they want to do the rapid test or not. If this is not ready in time, I doubt we will be so lucky.
  5. I think they are getting more strict on it, actually, as every time a new update is released there are lots of issues between people who have and have not yet updated. Usually there is just one big update per month, but recently there have been a couple of bug-fix ones inbetween (update was 19th Aug, bug-fix releases 25th Aug and 2nd Sept).
  6. I got myself one of these a few months ago: https://www.takealot.com/transcend-usb3-0-4-port-powered-hub/PLID29401929 ANT+ and BT dongles plugged into it on the table right next to my bike. I've had very few connectivity issues since changing to this setup, especially with programs other than Zwift. Also had to rearrange some power cables, as turning on my fan would cause a momentary USB dropout, at which point Zwift would refuse to reconnect.
  7. That is super handy! Thanks
  8. I don't think you can import routes into Zwift? There are multiple options available on Rouvy, and it was also on FullGaz (in three parts, mind you) earlier in the year.
  9. I realise it does not compare to the real thing, but anyone else doing the virtual event/routes? http://knysnacycle.co.za/virtual-events-rouvy/ I see they've added that, if you had entered for the real event, can get free entry for this.
  10. Your first post specifically mentions "All the money in the bank". If it is not about losing the money at all, why specifically mention that then? Are the rules put in place by government the best it could be? Obviously not. Did they bungle the vaccine rollout? Yes. If the organisers' hands are tied due to the rules, that is not their fault. At least there was some warning, not like the Epic last year that was cancelled one or two days before.
  11. Didn't Jan Ullrich's team use some specific gas in their TT bike tyres at some stage? Around 1999. Can't remember if it was helium or not.
  12. I guess, if he starts at the front, and crosses the finish line 1st, but the rider that finishes just behind him started at the back of the group a few seconds later, then on the results the rider who started at the back would "win" on Racetec?
  13. Does it do the same if you, as a test, put the laptop right next to you, without the extension cable? Also, I understand some USB ports don't provide as much power as others, so maybe combined with the long cable the ANT+ dongle (I assume) isn't getting enough juice? I added a powered USB hub on the counter next to me, and the Bluetooth and ANT+ dongles plugged into it. No dropouts, except when you step on the long USB cable in the wrong place 🤦‍♂️
  14. So I did Stage 1 on Sunday evening, which was fine as it was just the flat 10.8km TT. Stage 2 last night, Nufenenpass, did not go so well. The first 20km is ok. Then the real climbing begins, and that 13km took me a further 1h23m! I'm going to be checking the next stages much more carefully before I decide on doing them...
  15. I should probably dust of my subscription - I see the Knysna Oyster Festival will use Rouvy this year for the virtual ride.
  16. Well, I had a bit of an enforced break, but the new world in Zwift helps. I'll do a 30min workout (like the new Workout of the Week), picking one of the new routes each time. And if the workout is too short to finish the chosen route, like the current Workout of the Week which is only 20min, then I just continue riding easy afterwards, turning the HUD off to enjoy the view. I am keeping an eye on the Adaptive Training from TrainerRoad. Once available I might consider switching, to get back in shape for CTCT and Amashova
  17. It's not quite that hard! 🤣 An average speed of 36.4km/h should get you to the line with a few seconds to spare. You need luck, a good group (or be super strong yourself, I guess), and be able to climb Edinburgh Drive, Smitswinkel, Chapmans and Suikerbossie (all between 1.6 and 1.9km in length) in not much more than 5 minutes without being so smashed that you can't keep up with the group on the rest.
  18. Ah, a wheel-on trainer. One extra tip then: don't make the same mistake I made and use old tubes with sealant in 😉 Unless you like cleaning sticky goo off your new trainer.
  19. Try a few different programs to see what you prefer (and works with your setup), most have a trial period. And have a good fan. What trainer did you get? Using PC, ipad, Apple TV?
  20. All the longer ones are still pending for me. My legs went on strike half-way up the Alpe the one time I tried Four Horsemen. Not sure I care enough about some badges to do that (or worse) to myself again
  21. Seems quite likely. Hopefully it launches this week Otherwise they won't have a lot of time to fix the inevitable new bugs before those events start in June. https://zwiftinsider.com/tokyo-teases/
  22. Didn't the team confirm Ewan withdrew due to knee pain? There are something like two sprint stages left, plus the one yesterday - dragging himself over all those mountains with a sore knee to try and finish the tour, he would just have finished outside of the time-cut at some point, and done more harm than it was worth, surely?
  23. Would it be in a different place than on an Edge? Just checked on my 530, P1 pedals: Menu > Setting > Sensors > <whatever the power meter's name is> > Sensor Details > Crank Length
  24. I think on one of the other Amashova threads, maybe 2019 as 2020 didn't happen , I saw a few people were doing it or have done it. Frosty, bmw1za, Jehosefat, maybe some others too.
  25. I'm quite happy with my H3 - pretty much the same as the H2 that is now my wife's, except a bit more quiet. It works great over BLE or ANT+ on PC, or BLE on Android tablet, with Zwift/Rouvy/RGT (FullGaz didn't like ANT+). I'm not sure how its noise level compares to the Core, but I believe it can give more resistance. But no climb in Zwift currently makes use of that anyway.
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