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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Hubbers.... Does anyone know off virtual spinning classes available online or Tablet Apps where you can subscribe and do some indoor spinning sessions? Don't have a smart trainer so only something I can do with normal spinning bike and add some fun and decent workouts ?
  2. Quick question for those who use a Stages PM. I have the new Gen3 Carbon on my mtb. When riding hard off road i get 2 or 3 instant (less than 1 second) power and cadence spikes often while going down hill. They are 2,000w+ and cadence well above 200. It's nothing 'major' but it's just irritating. I use it with a Garmin Edge 820. My issue is that once my ride gets uploaded to GarminConnect and thus Strava automatically, the max power and max cadence values are wrong with no way to remove/correct them. I've tried using stages-link as i can apply the power/cadence rules to remove the spikes, but stages-link still uploads the original data to Strava with power/cadence spikes? Is there a way where the power/cadence spikes are removed before it gets onto Strava?
  3. Would you buy a Stages power crank or a 4iiii power crank for R2500 less? I can get a stages for R14500 or a 4iiii for R11000. Should I buy the 4iiii? Both are Dura ace crank arms.
  4. I'm currently riding a Scott Spark 930 and I've upgraded it to a XT 1x11 and I have a XT stages power meter on it. I really enjoy the ride and I'm considering a new set of wheels (American Classic Wide) or "maybe" carbon South Industries. The issues comes in when you start looking at the numbers to upgrade VS buying new. My core challenge I have with "upgrading" the wheels and perhaps other bits and pieces, brakes (from deore --> XT), is whether or not the "platform" as in the frame is worth it to upgrade on. Considering costs, I'm looking at the following: - Wheels 8-20k - XT brakes 3k - Misc (handlebar, stem etc) - R3k - And we haven't discussed possible DI2 / 2x11 config. - And and we haven't looked at the front fork. So the upgrade costs (ex DI2) puts me in the R15k - R20k range to spend. Considering the bike is 18months old, I feel I could get R25k for it second hand, putting me in the R50k range to purchase new. I'm a touch undecided on the path forward. Any cool ideas or tips would be appreciate. Cheerio
  5. First Look Friday is an introduction to the products that we are currently testing for review. This week we're previewing the Fox Metah helmet, Specialized's Power Pro saddle, and the Stages SC3 indoor trainer. Click here to view the article
  6. Stages Cycling is pleased to announce its continued supply of power meters to the defending Tour de France champions, Team Sky, in 2016. This next year represents the third season in which Team Sky will ride Stages Power, further solidifying the manufacturer’s position at the top of the power measurement category. Click here to view the article
  7. Seems quite an interesting development in the world of power meters. Seems like prices are tumbling everywhere one way or another. "Limits power meter smashes funding target; you can still get one if you act quickly. The Limits power meter that we told you about last month (http://road.cc/content/news/148808-limits-affordable-power-meter-launches-indiegogo-video) has smashed its funding target on Indiegogo with five days of its campaign remaining. The project currently has pledges from 1,007 contributors amounting to 212% of the US$100,000 (about £65,000) goal. You need to stick at least US$249 (about £161) in the pot to be in line to receive a Limits power meter when they become available at the end of the year." http://road.cc/content/news/152648-5-days-remaining-if-you-want-limits-power-meter-161 https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/limits-the-world-s-smartest-cycling-power-meter#/story
  8. I'm sure this has been handled elsewhere, but I got bored while searching... So, the Receiver of Revenue owes me about 10k. I think I deserve a power meter. I'm sure there is a whole thread on PM vs Wheels and all the other debates, but I'm ready to splash the cash on a PM. I've done quite a lot of research and based on my needs and budget, I'm happy to have a left side only device. Does anyone have any real-world input for me. I like the Stages, but am concerned that if I upgrade my bike, I'll need to change PM's if I don't buy Ultegra again. I like the Garmin, but am concerned about some fitment and durability issues. All advice gratefully accepted.
  9. Omnico recently hosted their annual Roadshow exhibition last week to show off the 2015 bikes and gear. We went along to see what you can expect from Cannondale, GT, Crankbrothers, Mongoose, Bell, Stages and Fabric this coming year. Click here to view the article
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