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  1. He took far better pics than some 100K + bikes being advertised
  2. Momsen has noted when I asked, that 130mm is prob the most they would put on the frame as it was tested and designed for a 120mm fork. That bike can't be lekker with that fork fitted to that bikes geometry. LOL .. it is a SS/SS
  3. As noted, with cup and cone you will get far better performance out of your setup. The problem is that people do not (1) maintain their equipment and often if they do (2) they do not know how to do so properly. (1) if you do not maintain a CC hub, grit gets it and then starts wearing away at the hub shell .... then you need to throw away the hub and replace with a new one. Should you have abused a sealed bearing setup, you just pull out the bearing and slap in a new one. (2) CC can be overtightened when set up, it needs a little play in it. (3) CC is still a damned good bearing solution, it is just the user that is the weak point in the equation.
  4. Copy and paste from the CT E-Services site
  5. LEGEND .... could you also drop the men's please?
  6. Was MvDP on the first page of the "I have an Idea" Thread
  7. Soooo....anyone here ride a Goldwing?
  8. More accurately, where is this place in GP where you feel confident enough to leave a bike locked up in your car, and still expect it to be there when you return later in the day
  9. flip .. probably cheaper to buy a new one ... and something that was not designed in 1992
  10. Can't really tell ... but does it at least take a water bottle?
  11. 60% off .... are they still more expensive than competitive brands then?
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