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  1. I think the price has actually gone up on that fork #RedForksAreFaster
  2. It has taken me a while to get into the side head greeting and I still find myself occasionally using the left hand slight raise with a peace sign greeting
  3. That white rabbit lives in a black hole
  4. your comments would not make a difference ... that rider @Sid the Slothis clueless and is prob. just looking for a bar that is 2g lighter .. minimal gains and all that you know
  5. PITCHA's or it never happened
  6. at one point she was "Cycling Celeb" enough that CWC used her voice on their call answering system ... does not say much, but says something.
  7. The same as with the general mindset of cycling or life in general ... minimal gains, gains that take you forwards and help you grow and improve. That is what our comments are. Minimal gains. Get the commentary right and you hold your audience better and longer with more interest. Moaning because it is Friday is just so 1992.
  8. To add, we surely have some local racers not doing the Epic that could fill this spot and formulate relevant questions and commentary
  9. I am sure the local Celebs do not come cheap!
  10. I think she is there as the "celeb status"
  11. If you start delving into their channels it becomes a fabrication rabbit hole that leads you to wonderland ....... and you do not even have to be called Alice, because after all, "Who the F%^$ is Alice"
  12. That to me is really unethical and should be stopped. EDIT: The skipping fees trick is also unethical. The sizing issue has been noted before RE his adds.
  13. Ah ... the URL tells me the story ... could not pick it up from the page so was wondering the issue
  14. Sorry, I do not understand what is wrong with the add?
  15. Paul Brodie does some nice braze work to frames And then another legend, Tom Ritchey
  16. Been using a Mocha pot exclusively since a little bit before lock-down started, and you can make a pretty decent coffee with it with a bit of practice.
  17. I also had a guy come flying past on his RnineT in traffic with a really really really lovely looking lady on the back .... the bike was also nice
  18. I stopped at Metal Heads to sit on a couple of Road Kings and the like .... they feel nice, but when I get back on the Fat Bob it feels "small and nimble" in comparison .... will take my time and look for hard shell lockable panniers for the FB and keep her for some time .
  19. Why America, why......you would swear they are under attack in their houses every day of their lives.
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