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  1. Male - married 40 years young 184cm height 84kg shaved from the waist down and hairy chest size 45 cycling shoes Size Large epic evo - 175mm crank Size 56 road bike - litespeed 172.5mm crank Strong coffee and carrot cake is my weak point
  2. Speak to Robbie at RBC in PE Bought my seals, bladder etc from him when my charger damper started leaking and didn't fully lock. he has plenty small spares that might help and you don't have to buy a kit.
  3. Howzit Yes, that would work for seating tubeless tyres. Compressor is also handy to blow any excess water away after washing
  4. and R105k for frame and fork with no flight attendant...
  5. Howzit I bought the silca hot melt from privateer https://privateer.co.za/product/silca-secret-chain-blend-hot-melt-wax/ also the drip lube https://privateer.co.za/product/silca-super-secret-chain-lube/ went to cash converters and got a new slow cooker for R200 bucks. i've done about 7 chains, drivetrain stays clean( i use it on my mtb and road bike) and i am OCD about a clean bike! i bought a spare mtb chain so i do both mtb chains at once, rotate and do the waxing on both at the same time, saves time as the heating/initial melting takes some time but after that its quick. I used parrafin in the plastic container to clean(shake method), then degreaser and lastly the acetone as per silca's recommendation. so far I'm happy with the results and the drivetrain stays clean. No more chain scrubber or degreaser when washing the bike so it does save some time. apparently it also extends the live of the drivetrain but still to early to tell...
  6. Some fire destroyed land inspection - Worcester
  7. Thanks madmarc I also reuse quick-links, will give the Sram link a go
  8. Howzit everyone Wondering if someone can help. when splitting a campag 10spd chain for the 1st time, what link can be used to join the chain again? i believe one cannot re-insert the pin again, so was wondering if there is a quick link available that wil work. after the below article i'd rather ask for help and avoid a broken chain on the side of the road https://velo.outsideonline.com/road/road-racing/making-it-work-campagnolos-new-10-speed-chain/
  9. Summer... tan lines and a sweatfest in Worcester
  10. I've been using blixem degreaser on my whole bike for years but it tend to give the gloss paint job a dull finish, so now only using it on the drivetrain. Switched to Shield car wash for the rest of the bike with no issues also use RSP hyper wiper after each wash and no issues. Sometimes i use the foam cannon with some snowfoam if the bike is dirty and busy washing the cars..... no hassles.
  11. Good day You will be able to pull the crank off the spindle, I would therefore replace the spindle as they are not that expensive. you can try and drill it and use a extractor but I would also remove the spindle as the drill might slip and cause damage to the crank arm itself if trying to do it in place. Good luck
  12. I've been running Maxxis Recon race 2.35 for ages, proper tough casings with no issues. Recently switched to Kenda booster Pro 2.4 they come in at the same width as the maxxis 2.35's but at a way better price, Currently all over for R500 a tyre with either blac of tan sidewalls did the MTB Challenge last weekend and they held up, they have more of a drop shoulder compared to the maxxis so i found the corner stability better. also doing W2W and they will be my tyre of choice for the 3 days
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