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  1. Hi everyone. Im too going to be in wilderness 1-4 April. Was hoping to please get info on any trails around. Dont mind driving 40kms out. I have read previous threads but I know there have been a couple of fires in recent years. So I'm Looking for a route which still has pine forest(Its the reason i got into mtb). Unfortunately the cape has almost nothing. Any help and advice is appreciated. Dankie
  2. Hi. Has anyone ridden paul cluver recently? Was looking for a red route profile and anything to watch out for?
  3. I don't understand your question 100%. But when I called bike addict cos I wanted to know if the Diablo could fit the snap, they told me the part to convert it cos 300 rand. Best give them a call Monday. They very helpful.
  4. Cool. Will start googling
  5. Hi guys. Am going to be staying in durban end of march and was looking to mountainbike one day. Any advice on best trail to ride (which would i make my first choice) Also any suggestions on where i can hire a dual susp bike. Giba gorge hires only hard tails. Not sure on spec. Any advice would be appreciated
  6. Blue photochromic. Should be in car park or amsomewhere near fairy garden If anyone has picked them up please please contact me 0724549675
  7. Cool pic. How did you find the trail? Enough Markings? singletrack? Are the any ???? sections?
  8. Any update on this? Can't seem to find anything on the face book.
  9. Hi. How did you find your way around the trail? Is it marked? Easy to find? I've ridden black twice but a while ago, so scared I might remember.
  10. Question. Do you guys have a front board with your race packs? (the thing to stick the number on? Got cable ties. Nevermind. Found the see through thingy
  11. Hi all. Taking a fat chance here. I think i lost the magnet to my tube clamp thingymajig after my moersie otb just after the first table top by the the tree stump on dh3 on saturday. If someone spots it please let it know that its partner misses it and Pm me please. If anyone rides there pls have a stop at that point and just check. Id go ride again and check myself but the fall injured me.
  12. Ah thanks. Sounds like a lot of riding. Will check it out.
  13. Cool photos. Which trail is this? I was afraid that all the pine plantation burnt down.
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