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  1. Yes I have since heard from a friend he also did not declare his alarm and his premium is R19/month more expensive.
  2. Yes it was locked. Lock was cut and taken.
  3. Yes I will add motion zones and take all the necessary measures now - beams etc outside. I have had no one employed recently and only have a domestic worker that has worked for me for 8 years and she does not go into my garage. Also that same car has been spotted doing these robberies all over Heidelberg. I have also heard the car was seen on footage leaving Heidelberg - hence my suspicion on the Strava thing.
  4. There is a passive in the garage but with the load shedding our alarm kept going off. So we did not activate our alarm. That was very stupid I know..
  5. Yes I have now activated that as well.
  6. I had 5 bikes stolen from my house on 20/05/2021. By the sounds of it its the same car that has stolen numerous other bikes in our area (Heidelberg) the past few months. What struck me about this was as seen on the video there were 4/5 robbers coming into my property at once. That must probably show that they had a good idea I have a lot of bikes. I do not suspect anyone close to me to be involved. Another thing I noticed is that they were specifically looking for bicycles as there were other valuables in my garage which they have not taken. What I was wondering if they could've used Strava to get the info as I post a lot of pics of my bikes and my Strava was not marked as private. The other thing I wondered is what actually happens to the bikes. My Cube AMS mountain bike is as far as I'm aware only 1 of 4 in SA. So how would they sell these unique bikes? Or strip for second hand bicycle parts? I have placed my bikes on the Stolen Bikes section. They have stolen the below bikes. Please be on the lookout. Cube AMS C68 Mountain Bike Titan Team Carbon Hardtail Cervelo P2 TT Rocky Mountain Vertex Carbon 950RSL Titan Hardtail Alu bike. 20210520065034510_ef08110115f3442ebdb3438ef266db42_653871499_.mp4 20210520065124411_ef08110115f3442ebdb3438ef266db42_653871499_.mp4
  7. So is dit defnitief? Ek moet nou vinnig n call maak of ek n nou n bier gaan oopmaak of gaan vir n lang ride..
  8. Is there a way you can add only certain riders on one screen that you want to track?
  9. Hi, how do I enter? When I click on the red link that says 'online entries are now open - click to enter' it takes me to a page that says 'online entries are now closed.
  10. I am in the market for a new dual suss frame and came across this. Seems like a very radical design but I cannot find a lot of reviews about the frame. Anybody that has one or experience with one? https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/186009-trigon-dual-sus-frame-ts827/#
  11. Jip to me too. Since yesterday. Only bikehub site and not any other sites.
  12. Yes they are perfectly compatible. No problems. Any 10 speed shimano/sram with the same BCD will work.
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