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  1. I do that with my wheels, but I can remove the core of the valve. On this kids bicycle the valve core can not be removed. So I assumed it would not work. Do you manage get it filled with the valve core in place? Thanks.
  2. Thanks. Yip. I have checked on YouTube how to get slime in presta tubes with non-removable valve cores. Was just hoping to be able to buy the right tube. I just like it to have right. Not always a fan of my back-yard hacks like drilling the valve hole, making a hole in the tube to add slime or other similar things. I like hacks if they get me home, but mostly my hacks fail and strand me far from home.
  3. The "duwweltjis" is ensuring I'm patching tubes after every ride.
  4. Hi. I need some help please. Bought the eldest a new bicycle. The 20 inch tires (20x1.75) that came with the bike is really crappy. AND For some reason I seem to have bought the only 20 inch MTB bike in existence with rims that take presta valves , but the core can not screw out. ALL my local bike shops (including the one who sold be bike) is of no help. SO Any shop in Cape-Town area or online shop that stock. 1.) Some decent fold-able (possibly tubeless ready) MTB tires 20x2.2 or something. 2.) And 20 inch presta valve tubes with removable valve core. Any other suggestions would also be appreciated.
  5. One of aspects I like the most about my "gravel bike" is the simplicity. When I ride it, it reminds me when I had one bike for everything. If I want linkages and shocks, I'll just take my MTB standing next to my "gravel bike."
  6. Don't go to hard or far. Take it real easy. Easy heart rate. Stop many times. Finish the ride while it is still fun.
  7. Coming from Canada, especially BC, perhaps only the Down Hill track in PMB will qualify as gnarly. Nothing in JHB will qualify.
  8. Are you going to tell Mike Hall (founder of TCR) , Josh Kato, Leal Wilcox and even Mr. Munga, Alex Harris, that Tour Divide they did was not a race? The Munga is ultra distance for sure. But compared to TD and TCR and TransAM it is definitely not unsupported. "Race village" and "Water point" and "unsupported" does not go together. As soon as something is created for the race, that is not there for everybody on all the other 365 days of the year, then it is no longer unsupported. Nothing against the Munga, I love it and watch the dots every year and dream of maybe one day . . . . My 1000th post . . . . finally I can get to those classifieds . . . .
  9. Tracking page show finish distance at 1075 km. If he can manage an average of 26km/h till the end ( now after 920 km) then he might just do sub 48 hours. It will be super human. I'm so hoping for that that.
  10. Ramses have about 150 km to go with about 50 km lead on Heinrich. Barring some sort of incident (or going for a nice sleep) Ramses has a good buffer.
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