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  1. .... another solution might be to borrow the wedge from a fellow hubber, and have it 3D printed/machined?
  2. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge I feel much better about the project now! πŸ™‚
  3. Thank you for the advise I saw the Corrocote 1 Metal Etch Primer when I ordered these 2 etch primers: Glaker and Supreme, but at the time they only had the 5L units for the Corrocote. I do have some etch primer thinners as well. Have you any experience with these manufacturers above? I will order the Corrocote 1 in any case. It's early enough in the job to strip the frame again, the etch primer on there is pretty soft and came off easily when I tried to smooth out the flaws. I'd rather start from scratch. I aim to use this frame as my future road-bike, thus want to do it properly. And everything rusts to sh!t in Cape town if not done properly. How many layers of initial etch primer should I use, or should it be very thin - just enough to make sure I cover the steel, before applying the 2K primer filler?
  4. I have done a few projects in 2K including some classic cars, but it's been a while - more than a decade ago. I did purchase a quality lvlp gun, and touch-up gun for this project. Had to do a bit of testing before I got the right gun setup, but my last coat seemed pretty uniform. Did the can thing on a few frames in the last couple of years but wanted a durable 2K finish and a proper setup for future projects. Happy to clean equipment, and like the idea of mixing my own colours. What is the difference in primers? I can't seem to find a 2K etch primer in SA? Will the non 2K etch primer not compromise the project by having a soft binding layer?
  5. I've got a few components including a modified frame that I'm busy painting after stripping to bare metal. I've used Rust-oleum etch primer on the bare metal/steel, and started with a thin coat of 2K base coat just to detect the flaws in order to fill and sand. Should I have used a 2K epoxy/other primer on top of the etch primer as filler before the base coat. This frame was in good nick and luckily did not have many dents. What is the difference in 2K primers - what type do I use in whichever situation? Also, and maybe a question for my next spray attempt and other components - is there a 2K "etch" primer available in SA, or is that overkill? Current process is: 1. Rus-oleum etch primer (1.b Should I rather use a epoxy 2K epoxy primer after/instead of the etch primer here?) 2. 2K base coat (red) on specific areas - then some minor masking (light sanding) 3. 2k base coat (black) - major masking (light sanding) 4. 2k base coat (grey) - remove masking (light sanding) 5. 2k Clear coat All criticism is welcome ....
  6. mmm …. Think the investigative journalism is a bit β€œoff” here. The numbers don’t make sense. While I’m sure they got away with a lot, I think somewhere between the copy-paste journalism we see these days – someone made a typo or misunderstood the source article. It's sad none-the-less. It was probably a "ponzi" from the start, and had nothing to do with bitcoin or cryptocurrency.
  7. EddieV

    Polar V800

    My V800 just died completely ... over the last 6 months it started glitching ... side buttons didn't function completely anymore, and this weekend it seemed to have taken in some water. Worked really well with the Polar OH1. I see there is a V800 available in the classifieds for R1950? .... Should I negotiate ..... or do start looking at whatever's out there (new-tech) for saltwater and swim-bike-run?
  8. (I'm using AGS now when purchasing from Bike24 and BikeComponents.de) The last time I used DHL from Germany was in 2018. And as mentioned above DHL is not DHL Express. DHL is contracted by the German Government for their local postal system. I used to try and intercept the SAPO parcels as they land in SA, and collect from the Epping Sorting Facility, taking cash to settle taxes. These are the email addresses I used: Phillipine.Ramashetsa@postoffice.co.za Ndivhuho.Sikhala@postoffice.co.za Rhulani.Mthembu@postoffice.co.za Quote your International tracking number and request an update of the parcel status, request cost, and then if you are lucky collect from the Epping Sorting Facility(next to Grand West Casino).
  9. I love the Cederberg, ...from Algeria to the Cracks, to Biedouw Valley. Up to now I've not ventured too far away from the camping sites' with the bikes. We again spent some time there a few weeks ago, and did an unplanned reconnaissance ..... ended up doing +- 240km (in the LC) for the day .... but have now mapped out our next gravel ride.😎 Looking forward to doing this route with a gravel and/or mountain bike the next time I get to the Cederberg ...... I've not seen the Doringrivier in the rainy season though, wonder if I'll be able to cross it walking through ..... (it's the crossing at "Uitspankraal") ?
  10. I can't even imagine the head-work needed for something like that (200 miler) .... I at last qualified for the Comrades last year doing the Peninsula Marathon, but then the Comrades never happened. In December I suffered a serious stress fracture of the 4th metatarsal doing a trail run, and it's taken me a while to recover. I've been cycling the last few months to get/keep my fitness up whilst allowing the foot to just heal a bit more. Last week I did a first 5K. It's difficult not to push to hard knowing where I want to be, and what I did before.....
  11. Looks like it's now 6 -10 March 2022 .... πŸ˜‘
  12. That's always a risk for me ... luckily my work is uploaded/backed-up to the cloud daily, and I have a second laptop at home setup with all the software I need, thus I do not need to ride with my laptop. On the odd occasion when I do need my office laptop, I am also fortunate to have a colleague that stays close-by, thus I just hand it to him, and collect when I get home πŸ™ƒ (I haven't commuted for a while, we are encouraged to work from home still .... I now just ride the Peninsula coastal road to Simon' s Town and back in the mornings before office hours start) .... FOMO runs deep when I read posts about commuting πŸ˜‘...
  13. Don't know if it is workable in your case, but consider running it as a freezer only and have a separate coolbox for the stuff that only needs to be cool, but not necessarily cold. Transfer from the freezer to the cooler to Defrost. +1 I have a 50L SnoMaster and do exactly that ... works a treat. Just spent 9 days in Cederberg & Tra-Tra Mountains no issue. Transfer ice-packs between the cooler-box and freezer as needed.
  14. Same ... I was surprised when I got to the Arch ... I could see the remnants of a large bonfire, with the side of one of the large boulders blacked completely? You would think the memory of having the Arch closed to the public for so long would have had some influence .... eish?
  15. Did the Wolfberg Arch this weekend again, up through the 'Narrow crack', and down via the 'Wide crack', and slept over at the Arch. Was an excellent weekend, the hike was pretty busy, not seen as many sleeping over at the Arch before. We had a moonless clear evening sky - with a breathtaking view of the Milky Way. Did the customary dip at Maalgat afterwards .... the water was little chilly though. Awesome to have the Cederberg so close to Cpt. .
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