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  1. Thank you, if I don't find anything this week I'll get the correct specs and contact you. Much appreciated.🙂
  2. Need to fit a Straight Steerer fork to a Tapered frame. I can't seem to find a Tapered to Straight headset reducer stocked in SA. Happy to buy off anyone that has one laying around as well. I saw a few overseas places selling the Hope HS136 headset reducer. The headtube bottom is 56mm ID Want to fit a Surly Karate Monkey Steel Fork on a Momsen STR Steel frame. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Thank you for assisting with the model - I had no idea, 😉. I will sign up for the Eroica too ....
  4. Thanks DJR, I think I have maxed the rubber already with the 25mm on there at the moment. It doesn't look like a 28mm will fit - the fork arch is very low. 🙃
  5. I am toying with the idea of doing the Eroica 2024 and have tried to get this bike onto the road again. Have been trying to build it up for a while now. I think it is a Colnago Superissimo Thron 1990s. I don't have all the original parts ... it is still Campagnolo Mirage 8 speed. 🙃 The shifter action is also still extremely smooth. Wheels have Ritchey hubs. Seat, seatpost, quill etc also non original. There is no series-name on the bike, just the signature, the tubing info and recessed Colnago emblems on the fork and lugs, also an Ernesto Colnago signature on the headset?
  6. Johan, just scanned this thread quickly and couldn't see where you mentioned the frame. What frame are you using, and does it lend itself to a front derailleur? ie. Not all gravel frames are designed for 2 x or have cable stoppers for a front derailleur? 🙃
  7. Other hacks I applied to the Scout was to use a bottle cage hinge with a cable stopper to get the front derailleur to work ... and shove both the rear and front derailleur cables through the same internal cable routing holes 😉
  8. 😁 Was just asking Incase ... But edited response above. So should really have tried a bit harder to get 10so to work. Not switching sti's, derailleur and cassete again now, too much work ... 😂
  9. I tried the Ultegra 10sp STI with the 9sp XT derailleur at first, but couldn't get the shifting quite right, were you using a 9 speed or 10 speed cassette? Edit: Just saw this post on another forum. I should have given the 10sti 9der more time ... Just assumed it wouldn't work 😔
  10. Finished the build at last, tried to use a 10 speed groupset, but snapped the derailleur extender trying to adjust the hanger 🙃 So used a 9 speed STI with a 9speed XT derailleur instead, they are 100% compatible (10sp and up you can't mix components) Tyres are 700c x 44 WTB Byway. Will still change Crankset, but for now she can at least get road time.
  11. Brutal ... ending with a 50km run through Prince Albert's Pass ...... hectic. As if an ultra isn't enough suffering already? I take my hat off to them. 💪
  12. Hi guys, I need to clean and lubricate some old Shimano shifters .... any tips and tricks on how to .... and how to not? Wasn't too sure whether I should spray solvents into the mechanism, don't want anything to react and damage the internal plastic parts? Found this video on YT ... Is this video pretty much it? Please specify which degreaser (brands) or solvents you use .... Thx
  13. I've done the same .... just pop in any old motorcycle shop. Also, and you probably know this already, make sure you use a quality 24mm socket, not a shifting spanner or worn-down socket. That top screw is soft, and not very deep, you can damage, or worse strip the corners in an instant. enjoy .
  14. I like the look of this fork ... Brother Steel Gravel Fork.... trying to work out what the landed cost would be, see they post via DHL/UPS, which means to lands here with SAPO. Most probably would need to use Aramex Global to get it here. At £140 it's probably around 4K landed then. https://www.brothercycles.com/shop/forks/brother-steel-gravel-fork/
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