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  1. Just another thing that popped into my head whilst out riding... why is it only the 12 speed chains that require changing at 0.5 wear. A 10 speed can be replaced at .075,they are the same length between the links, sure it a little thinner but is that really going to make a difference? Or is it just about shifting accuracy.
  2. I agree the terrain and style of riding is going to influence your chains life span. I clean once a week, ride a 50/50 dirt and tar. Spinning on the steep climbs but ride the lower cogs on the flats- 36 ring up front with 11-50 cassette. Have currently ridden x2 chains, now on the 3rd fitted Saturday, GX and KMC 12speed got roughly the same kms on both 2200km Thus is when the gauge dropped through at 0.5. Suppose the test would be to get a XX1 chain and see what it does and not changing my current routine.
  3. I got mine from Hatfield cycles Pta.
  4. Will take a look, although it looks like, the how to fit a chain. I have seen Park tools video on how to use their chain gauge CC 3.2 to see if the chain is worn they also suggested the replace 12 speed chains at the 0.5 wear indicator.
  5. Silly question time... compatibility of using Xx1 chain on Sunrace cassette 11-50. Theoretically it shouldn't make a difference since I currently use their Gx chain on a Sunrace cassette with no problems.
  6. Thanks... just took the time to write down the actual mileage on this chain. It turns out I got this far 2253km. I will check out the option to go for a XX1 chain.. Cheers
  7. Hi all. I see a few related topics on this. Who else is replacing 12 speed chain when chain wear gauge is at 0.5, this is on a Park tool CC 3.2 gauge. -If I leave it to the 0.75 will it be too much wear to still run a new chain on the cassette? Only get like 1700km on the chain, 3months of usage which isn't much. Or is it better just to replace once it comes to the 0.5 and then possible 3 or possibly more chains runs on the same cassette?
  8. Unfortunately not, it's 2017 model.
  9. No worries Grease Monkey... ???? thanks for the info.
  10. Well thanks for the straight answer without taking the piss.., I obviously know "fork all" about the subject and a little slow on the up take.
  11. At the moment it's a Rockshox Tk30 gold 100mm going to Rockshox Revelation with 120mm travel. The frame is a Bergamont Revox7
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