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  1. If you not completely crazy you can come second in the mixed teams, but then you don't get wine only Squirt!
  2. So if I understand the comments above and apply the same logic to the below video the bakkie is completely at fault? Rules of the road are keep left pass right... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHD1twwS_Sk Get well soon Linc!
  3. http://www.burgosproteam.com/willie-smit-fichaje-worldtour-para-el-burgos-bh/ Although I believe he said he would announce it tonight.
  4. You need to see it in person! Come find the Husky Rescue stand after the ride on Sunday.
  5. Seen as that I haven't posted anything on the Hub for a while... I recently got new Decals for my Cosmic's so here she is:
  6. Sorry to bump a dead thread but does anyone have the contact details for Vinylguy that they can pm me. He does not seem to be replying to PM's He made my current decals and I need some more.
  7. You are more then welcome! I am just glad I could help.
  8. Justice Project SA ‏@JPSAorg #Kidnapper of #Pura is said to be driving a beige Mercedes Benz 230E, reg no SPR947GP. Suspect Ray Paulo US passport no 077093016. 10111 pls
  9. I have a set of these wheels lying around and I was wondering if anyone knows what the weight limit of these would be? Would it be possible to run them on a tandem? +-140kg Mine are identical to the ones in the second photo.
  10. The newest member to our house hold, a rescue dog from Huskeyrescue.co.za
  11. How many was that for you? Every time I saw your bike I saw different wheels?
  12. Sonic

    Argus crashes

    Yeah... that was me
  13. In need of a wheelset today. What cycle shops are open in the western cape.
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