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  1. Hi guys, long time no *** praat. I need some help with our useless postal service. Ordered some parts from UK and was sent via Parcelforce with priority, 7 days, but what they neglected to tell me was that once the package reaches SA, it goes over into EMS hands. Now my parcel has been stuck on "Delivery Agent - Johannesburg - PTT" for 2 weeks. I've tried sending multiple mails to their customer service address(es) and the invoice request address. The customer contact number on their website says it's not available and the SAPO number puts you on hold for hours. I have no idea where to go from here, any advice? As an aside, the package still needs to be routed to Namibia, so it can't be out for delivery yet. URGH!
  2. Cheap bits from China. Unfortunately the sensor seems to be broken (or a flat battery) Not surprised for 80 bucks
  3. Erm, so so Specialized want to inspect the bike as it may be a warranty claim, however, I have to get it shipped to them at my own expense (R1500) Only if it is deemed a warranty claim will I get refunded the shipping costs. Same with the fork
  4. Small victories. Cleaned, polished and got the rear derailleur working again (finally). Waiting on new ceramic bush jockey wheels. Frame still not done at panel beaters, but I'm not allowed to complain as it's my sister-in-laws shop
  5. Was down 2.3kg on Firday, then a wedding happened. I think I may have eaten around 15kg on Saturday and 2kg worth of cake yesterday
  6. Get Actiface. Everything you need on 1 screen https://apps.garmin.com/en-RO/apps/7ef071c3-4a14-4eb3-aca9-e3a531262711
  7. Joined F45 (functional training gym type of deal) late January. I dropped 2ish kg in the first week, but we're not allowed to weigh ourselves outside of schedule checkups. I have a feeling I've dropped around another 1-2kg as my pants are falling down. Hope it goes well at the next check in!
  8. My (very) uneducated guess is that the alu used is much thinner than previous bikes. When getting a ping, the alu slightly bends and causes the paint to chip and dent. I could be very wrong though
  9. A few paint chips does not a bad bike make. If I ever need to submit a more serious warranty claim, I'll base my decision on that
  10. Specialized didn't even bother responding to my emails
  11. Hi guys. Looking for a 27.2 seatpost for a project roadbike. Please let me know if you have any lying around
  12. Actually not. I PM'd Bogus about 2 years ago about a respray on my Scott and it was very affordable.
  13. Correct. After a bit of back and forth, the LBS said they will try swap out with a beige and orange version, but Specialized HQ denied the claim. If I wanted to pursue the matter further, I had to ship the bike (at my own cost) to them I took some black nail polish and touched up the dings and made a downtube protector. I'm also a little more careful of how I transport the bike
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