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  1. unfortunately, the time has come for me to part with my pride and joy. Didn't know if I should add this to the classifieds or not. I am selling my Simonelli Aurelia Competizione and my Mahlkonig K30 grinder. They are a matching set. WBC London edition. I am looking for 45k for machine and 15k for the grinder. Please message me if you guys are interested or know of anyone that is. Thanks very much!
  2. Thanks for the response.. i have just been using the HRV4Training app on my phone but i found that the flashlight on the samsung S10 starts to burn my finger at about 40 seconds so i have to then use my chest HR strap etc etc.. just a mission
  3. i have also had my eye on the Whoop or this ring... Please keep us posted on your experience. Where did you order it from and how long did it take?
  4. Thanks, I have got bike bags etc but im really looking for an option where i dont have to strip my bike.
  5. Hi everyone, Does anyone know of a company that does bike tranport for the W2W events from Durban? I dont like the idea of flying to a race with my bike..
  6. Also dont forget that you can claim the VAT back on the LWB... another added bonus
  7. hahahahahaha LWB transporter is the way to go!.
  8. VW transporter long wheel base.... fits 4 bike without a problem ... http://www.tch.co.za/bike1.jpg http://www.tch.co.za/bike2.jpg
  9. didnt have to drill holes in the frame... Frame has got 3 holes already. Just had to change the position of the holes on the swat box so that they lined up to the holes on the Scott.
  10. Hi there. Yes i used one at Epic this year on my Spark RC900 WC (had to do some slight modification to the SWAT box hole placement inside)
  11. Forgot to mention, My wife also does cadence and I saw my wife go from walking hills and doing 20km rides to doing 40km rides and coming top 5 for her age group and now she is doing 60km rides and stage races and no hills are ever walked anymore
  12. I have been going to Cadence in Hillcrest now for over a year and have noticed a massive improvement in cycling and overall fitness. I travel to JHB quite often and when I am in JHB then I don go to the cadence sessions there and find it just as good as the Hillcrest one. Mark (owner) is very good at what he does and is always willing to give advise on how to improve your cycling both on and off the bike. My suggestion would be to take them up on their 1 week free trial and see how it goes..
  13. yes the rest of us will be there by then and I will have all of his items for the boxes etc... Its just that he needs to get there.
  14. Sorry my mistake.. He needs to get from PE to willowmore on the Friday not to the start on Saturday
  15. Thanks, I will call but it seems to be a 2h25 drive from PE to willowmore so he should make it by 30 mins
  16. Hi Guys, I need some advice or help if possible please. My brother is joining me for the "repeat" race but because of work commitments can only get a flight that lands in PE at 6pm. Anyone know of a shuttle to get him to the start or of anyone that has space to get him to the start? His bike will be driving down with me on the Friday morning. Thanks
  17. Thanks very much. The original saddle was damn hard.. Oh and the new one is 70g lighter [emoji1] Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  18. Hi All, didnt have much time to take the pic but this is what I bought about a week ago... Limited edition Scott Spark 900 RC World Cup RIO edition.. Also changed the saddle for a sworks phenom.
  19. Seals replaced... Now time for some coffee... Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  20. yip ... it is only a "Stupid green bicycle" after all
  21. Ha ha , look what a mate just sent me hopefully its none of you guys.
  22. Yip that's the spot. Have to know the right people Folks are members because they live at "the gates" Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  23. Short ride in the Hilton area. Great view of Albert falls dam
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