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  1. Just bumping this to try and get the stuff back to the owner/s.
  2. If you lost any cycling items in the Cradle probably on the morning of Tues 30 June, please get in touch.
  3. Have a look on Facebook 'friends of suiker ...'. Maybe post there too?
  4. Ta muchly. Have you used either of these coaches? Preferences?
  5. A roadie mate of mine has been conned into W2W later this year. Any suggestions for a coach, either clinic or 1-on-1, to upskill him to avoid hospitalisation? JHB west preferred.
  6. Many thanks to those who gave their wisdom and knowledge. To those who suggested the root cause was...headset. Well it was loose but not the cause. Chain-rings? Could have been tighter but also not root cause. Saddle? Bingo! Just enough lack of tension in the seat post bolts to allow the saddle to creak. Many thanks again...long live BikeHub!
  7. Hang on okes...headset felt loose (swore I checked that already...) so have tweaked. Test ride later this arvie...will feedback. PS road bike!
  8. Seated or standing. And any gear or perceived torque, unless I pedal very gently, then the noise goes away.
  9. I have one of those annoying noises which I think is BB related. Diagnosis so far include: 1. I've spun the cranks by hand, with the chain removed to check for dead-spots, grinding etc. Nothing. 2. Pushed and pulled the pedals laterally across the frame to look for play. Nothing. 3. Pulled the cranks and checked the bearings for lateral play with my fingers. Nothing. Before a trip to my LBS, what else could I check? Thanks in advance for the help...
  10. https://www.mtbr.com/threads/done-it-mtb-rapidfire-shifters-on-drop-bar.728258/
  11. I don't have SRAM so can't give a specific answer but when I was looking to fit 9/10 speed shimano to (ironically) my X, Google had lots of articles on compatability of components. Worth a search?
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