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  1. Boycotted this event when they did away with age specific racing categories. So have a age group vets license and they then want you to ride in open seeded bunches. Logistics always made it an issue, and that change put the final nail in the coffin. And did they care ????? No. So they probably don't care now either. Speak with your wallet.
  2. She didnt get through 😞
  3. It wasnt that a test didnt exist. They just manipulated the system. The haematocrit level was 50, so they tested themselves to make sure they stayed just under the limit. And if necessary, squeezed a saline drip into their system just before a test to dilute the numbers.
  4. She took it on FRI for race on SAT so by then had forgotten about TUE
  5. TUE = legalised doping
  6. Not sure what that has to do with anything, or what your point is ?? Yes I have never been tested. Not a good thing in my opinion. Especially as I have won national titles, and won some major races, as well as competed in tours etc back in the day for the national team. Been to world champs. So sad state of affairs for doping that I have never been tested. But at the same time, I am still cautious as to any meds I ever take. Because i know my luck. The 1 day I take something without checking, will be the day I have my 1st dope test. But I have also been witness to doping taking place and being swept under the carpet for well known athletes. Probably not to damage the image of the sport. So I have also been on the receiving end of competing against people that have doped. So my point is, if I can be cautious, then no excuse for any elite athlete, or any athlete, especially as the tools to check are simple and available.
  7. There is no excuse for any elite athlete to take any drug unknowingly or unintentionally. Or any athlete. There is a anti doping app and it takes a few seconds to check any medication and whether allowed or not. I do it before taking any meds, and I am no longer an elite athlete. I ride masters and have never been tested.......over 40 years, and having competed at a national elite level years ago. But I still check the app. And if you are competing you have a moral obligation to do that. So unless the substance was in some other food(like steaks) that there is usually no chance of a doping product being in it.......no excuse.
  8. Pretoria Road past Bapsfontein. Left towards Moreleta Park. Then a few choices to turn left and loop back towards Benoni. Via Grootfontein/Rietvlei/Irene. Further towards Woodlands and left through Moraleta Park.
  9. Avoid Bapsfontein road between Bapsfontein and Esselen Park. Busy, and cars overtake head -on. And gets really busy with trucks.
  10. And Kevin Evans got a 1 hour penalty at Epic for doing just that on a hairpin.
  11. The thing with an ftp test is : 1. Its only an estimate 2. Depending on how you manage to structure the 20 min ride can have a huge influence on the final number. 3. It only gives you 1 number - ftp. 4. Other forms of testing can give better insights into your physiology, max power hr etc. Which can be more important 5. And I haven't heard of anyone who can ride at their ftp for 1 hour, which is the theory. And I hate ftp tests, so anything that gives me numbers that are meaningful in a different way, I'm all for :-)
  12. There are a lot of other factors that come into play other than ftp. Especially when racing and profiling the type of rider and type of race. Think of ftp, Cavendish doesnt have a high (relative) ftp, but will win races with a high max power effort. A triathlete can ride steady all day but not sprint. FTP doesnt tell you any of this. Lactate testing and understanding VLAmax, AT, Carb combustion, VO2max, all just as important. And there are compromises. You may increase 1 and another decreases. Works for some of the top pro world tour teams.
  13. Totally agree on the schools of thought. As AT may be more important than ftp (although there is a correlation) but VLAmax is even more important to understand. FTP on its own is almost meaningless. Haven't done an ftp test for a few years.
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