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  1. SHOTGUN the one on the left ? You can have Frederica' date=' if you can get past all of the bumbling Italians who are already lined up...[/quote'] Ever saw that ad on TV? "You dont need an Italian to cook Italian".......
  2. I think the one on the left in the first picture is called "Colnago"
  3. That bike looks as if spent one day too many in the Miami Ink shop.
  4. J&J is the Agents. All spares are available and the service is great, but at a price. But as they say, good things don't always come cheap.
  5. Lokos like he is on a stage to Me!
  6. I have a motto: Your complaints regarding the quality and service you paid for more, will be much less than the complaints you will have for buying the discounted bargain. The case mentioned here is one of hundreds from shops forcing their old stock to non suspecting buyers that is all wrong for them. Rather do some research before you buy and have your size determined before you buy. This way you can not be conned into buying the wrong size bike. This is the most importand issue when buying a bike. Is the size.
  7. And the raleigh in the dustbin in the background, is that going to become a Colnago or is it just going to the rubbish dump?
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