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  1. I’ve just completed my bike. Today was its second outing. The frame is a Cannondale Flash carbon medium. The bike weight with pedals tipped the scale at 8,5kg’s. See below for parts list Frame: Cannondale Flash Fork: Chinese carbon (will change in the near future) Shifters: Sensah 1 x 12 Rear derailleur: Sensah 12 speed Cranks: Race Face Chainring: Easton 40T BB: Token press fit with adapters for the 24mm Race Face spindle Cassette: e*thirteen 9-46 Brakes: TRP cable pull Rims: STANS Crest MK3 Hubs: Tune Kong Tyres: Maxxis Rambler 45mm Bars: Fizik Cyrano Stem: Token Saddle: Fizik Summary The bike is finally comfortable. No back pain. The two main items which I had to change after it’s maiden ride was the saddle and tyre pressure’s. I changed the saddle from a Farr saddle to a Fizik. I felt discomfort and a saddle sore after the first ride. Zero discomfort after a 3 hour ride, after the saddle swop. The gearing is perfect. Goes like a road bike on the flats thanks to the e*thirteen cassette (9-46) and I feel I have enough gears to climb as well. I’m not a fan of the forks. The legs stand way too high. The frame allows me to carry two 750mm bottles and in Lyne bottle cages. The Sensah shifting takes a little getting use too. My road bike has Shimano gearing. Otherwise it’s good to go. Hopefully I can ride the bike this coming weekend at the Underberg Gran Fondo.
  2. The event organizer should allocate the Adventure Event to e-bike riders. No e-bikes should be allowed in the Race Event.
  3. I support whoever feels that they no longer have the ability to pedal a conventional bicycle and purchase a e-bike. Good on you. You still trying to get out and ride. What I have an issue with is guys deliberately taking along an extra battery, so they can ride on max boost during an event. There were guys who swopped out batteries at a water point. The batteries were transported to the water table. I no problem with carrying your extra battery on your bike, but don't come with this nonsense of racing your e-bike on max output, only to swop out a battery. Many e-bike riders manage to complete each day of Sani2C on one battery charge. I respect these guys. The others can go ...................
  4. Just checking which Hubber's are in this group. I also don't understand their logic with regards to the combination of the age group splits.
  5. Anyone starting in the & Group 6:25
  6. The Berg100 in the wet is a nightmare. I've entered three and only started one. The other two were wet and I didn't bother riding. My mates came down from Pretoria and they did the route on their gravel bikes. It was dry and they smoked the guys who opted for riding mountain bikes. We rode from Notties to the top of Sani Pass. The Berg100 route is all wide open district roads. The climbs are long but not steep.
  7. Owen

    Ride 4 Sight

    Reading their registration terms and conditions, what about the many riders who can’t make it personally to collect their race numbers. see below Important information before you enter:Strict Covid protocols will be implemented in the presentation of the event. For this reason, we are encouraging entrants to be Covid vaccine compliant in line with regulations now under consideration.Fully vaccinated riders can collect their race packs at any of the three registration venues. CycleLab Lynwood on Thursday, 17th February CycleLab Fourways on Friday, 18th February; and CycleLab Boksburg on Saturday, 19th Covid screening will be in place and riders will need to present their vaccine certificate (not SMS) and ID. Non-vaccinated & partially vaccinated riders can only register at CycleLab Boksburg on Saturday, 19th February – the day before the event. They will have to present an official negative PCR test which is not older than 48 hours. Alternatively, they may do an on-site Rapid Antigen Test at the Saturday registration venue at their own cost.
  8. Not sure about these bikes. Good looking frame as per a few of the comments but heavy parts kits to lower the overall price. The launch item will differ from the leaked design pictures which has mismatched Shimano / SRAM parts. I hope they will much lighter than previous models
  9. Sani2C is very well organized. The farming community are extremely helpful. We rode the first part Day 2 on Saturday morning. From McKenzie Club to the uMkomaas River Bridge. We started at 7am. A late because of the drive out from Pmb. The route is as spectacular as usual. The drop down the uMkomaas is still rad. Fast flowing sections. I have some footage if anyone wants an idea of the decent. Heat was something else. The average temperature was 37. The max hit 48 on my Wahoo Bolt. Hydration is going to be key this year. The drop down the uMkomaas drains your resources. The few little bumps along the drop gets you reaching for your water bottle often. Most the guys went through two bottles within 30km. It was hot. Zero breeze to cool you down in the valley. The climb out of the valley will be a challenge. So take your time and fill up at the Maritzburg College Water Table. Enjoy the ride.
  10. I've gone for a the Shimano R7000 1 x 11 option on a Merida Silex alloy frame. Simply because local Shimano Agent does not have stock of GRX components. Front crank set is Easton, with a 42 chainring. I've only ridden 130km on the Merida and I was forced to ride with a 11-28 cassette. Not recommended. I made a plan and found a long cage 5800 105 rear derailleur. So now, I can fit a Shimano SLX 11-42 cassette. Side note, I had to add a Wheels Manufacturing derailleur extender in order to get the gears to shift smooth onto the 42. I have a 130km (2500m) ride planned for this Sunday. I will let you guys know how it went. My aim is to ride mainly a mix of tar and gravel roads. There are lots of good surfaces to choose from around Pietermaritzburg / Howick / Albert Falls area. I don't want to ride forestry single track on my gravel bike. I have a mountain bike for that type of ride selection.
  11. Yes you are correct. It’s a 53. The Pinarello has a long top tube. Rather measure the top tube of the frame, to get a better idea if it’s the correct size for you.
  12. December will be change for many people. The dynamics of the event will change completely. Make sure you are prepared. I see mother nature playing a role here as well, The heat in the valley is going to be real challenge. Another issue will be snakes. Next challenge will be the mist as the day two. The region of Highflats and Jolivet can get closed in with mist from as early as 3pm. So at the start of day two it will be extremely hot and then the afternoon wet and uncomfortable.
  13. We were the Bestmed guys and girls
  14. Beautiful day out on bike. We decided to have a casual ride with plenty stops along the way. One of guys celebrated his 50th, so we all had fun. It was good to see the Pure Savage group on their second lap. E-Bikes I'm not sure if it was a good idea to start them off in the last batch. They just come past at such a speed. I saw many "fun riders" becoming annoyed with the way in which the e-bikers were passing the groups. You get use to the speed of your follow cyclists around you, then all of sudden a "motorbike" comes passed. It rattled many people. Another issue was people getting towed up the climbs by e-bikes. #fail Second Lap I don't understand the necessity to race the second lap. Your second lap should used to help struggling riders, or pass on advice. Same issue as the E-Bikers. The speed difference is vast. Again the slower riders pannick and accidents happen. The guys and gilrs from Pure Savage, in my opinion did it the correctly. Bike Setup It's shocking with the many "fun riders" bike setup's. Either the saddles were either sky high or the person was sitting on his crossbar. I saw so many people on newer bikes, but the frame sizes were totally incorrect. The LBS are selling people the wrong size bikes just to clear stock off their floor. Clothing Shame there should be a Cyclists IQ Test. The clothing choices during the day is worring. I saw so many people wearing arm warmers, leg warmers, gilets and shoe covers. Yes I do know that some religions have to cover up their bodies. But these were none of those. The Expo bargin hunters. I saw the same at the 94,7 last year. People don't take time out to see what the race weather conditions will be the next day. They just wear anything or everything. Too much clothing and the body over heats and this leads to higher fluid loses. Then it's the events fault that they can't complete the event.
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