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  1. Hi Guys, What would you guys consider as Stage race essentials? Bar a decent bike and bib and good team mate who can handle his drink in the evening.
  2. UCI rule is that gravel bikes are only allowed to do half the race
  3. Hi Guys i have accommodation in a school hostel Basic bed and shower setup. Please contact me for details 0814710036 on wattsapp.
  4. Check out Haval and Mahindra. really great spec for your buck and will pick up basically new models for your price bracket.
  5. Ramp test like you said makes you dig deeper and since its a max effort test then this is the preferred way. 20min some people ease into it or try to max out at the end. do a ramp rest the time you took to do then do a 3min max rest then a 30s. those numbers will give a good indication of your FTP scores.
  6. you ever jumped a robot? text and drive? drink and drive? ever missed a deadline? forgot to pray before you eat......
  7. Just wonder if that chuncky tires will scrape your bottle. Go skinny tires to go fast. saw the Pro's do it at the race to the sun.
  8. This is the only sensible reason. Drop bars on a full sus is just not cricket. go full gravel bike or full duely. #castersemenya would like this
  9. explain the dropper post!!!????
  10. Really impressed with the optic!! Great on the trails and will give some xc bike a run on the flats and climbs. no bobing under pedaling. and fast!!!!
  11. New in the country.... bikes look really awesome and with a lot of history and background. what do you guys think of them?
  12. If the technology is there to use lets use it. I know i am wrong but listen me out here: To me anything that is Performance enhancing must be banded then. 12 speed bikes should go then. Your supplements on and off the bike that enhances your performance should go then. . If epo and the lot is performance enhancers why not use it? if you can build a safe bike as light as you want allow it. If we want to use stuff in our bottles to make us race harder faster or recover better why not use the best stuff!
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