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  1. You opened a can of worms now my friend. I don't think it is CLEARLY the way forward (julien absalon and nino schurter), maybe the marketing in south africa is CLEARLY pushing us to think so. There's years of research and technology behind 26ers, why throw it away? rather have the option between the two. There are guys that prefer them, and then there are guys like you that prefer the 29er. All's good....just remember to love cycling man, stop with the "mine is better than yours" crap that so many people have these days.
  2. jees that sucks. you only do road?
  3. why there no secunda cyclists? man, i'm moving there in jan. hope there's some cycling action
  4. Hope!!!! A guy pulled my front lever without the rotor being in the caliper. I did freak out (as you can imagine), but the next day, the pistons retracted to their normal position. I put the wheel back in and bobs your uncle. And bleeding these are freakin' easy
  5. I don't want to be rude, but don't you think R500 per team for 10km each and 1 lap together is a bit much?
  6. actionphoto.net. But don't know if its uploaded. Was really a great route.
  7. I've had my look quarts pedals for a year now. They're really light and if you don't like a too tight feel on your pedal it definitely is a good choice. The only problem that I have with them is that you can't adjust the tension at all. This becomes a problem when the mechanism starts wearing out a tad. I just bought a pair of Time ATAC pedals. Will let you know how they are. My 2c worth
  8. hi guys I'm urgently looking for a derailure hanger for my Orbea Alma Gold (see pic). I snapped it and my derailure at the groot marico race this weekend at 35km to go. Please can anyone with any info on where I can get one please let me know!!!pleasE!!!! thanks My link
  9. will we be able to see this sometime on suspersport?
  10. anyone use this on a android phone before? i downloaded it to my phone a while back but haven't used it yet
  11. order went through the 19th of April. Still waiting for my xtr chain...
  12. order went through the 19th of April. Still waiting for my xtr chain...
  13. hi, ja. what type of riding do you want to do?
  14. this does not make sense... "The president urged people not to “waste” their votes on opposition parties and criticised those who planned not to vote as having fallen victim to “effective propaganda”. “If you love yourself and you love your vote, why do you vote for a party that you know is going to lose anyway? What is the logic – to vote to lose?” he asked."
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