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  1. sias

    Desert Dash 2023

    Mostly yes. It does die down somewhat during the night from about 20H00, but picks up again as you get closer to the coast. We once had a tail wind most of the way in 2015 and rain in 2019 on the first 2 stages, but other than that, it was hot, dusty and headwind most of the way.
  2. I should have used the sarcasm font. 90% of us do this 100% voluntarily on our own free time and expenses. The executive and some office staff in Capetown do get paid as in any National organization. My province has suggested I get paid a stipend per month which I refused as we cannot afford it. So yeah, no-one is getting rich by working for CSA.
  3. Wait, what? We get paid? I'll have to go and talk to Ciska and Qondisa about this! I have not seen a single sent of payment!!! I thought everything was voluntary and our own time and expense? After working a full-time job and training and kids etc. etc. etc, just like everyone else? Ozzie - you seem to be clued up with these matters: please give me a breakdown of the salaries paid to every CSA member so I can have a leg to stand on when I confront the team. I've been there for 5 years and I haven't seen a single cent. Zip, nada, zilch, efokoli, niks, aziko...
  4. 99% of those roads are district gravel roads in reasonably good condition (last time we rode there), a gravel should be fine.
  5. This race is known as a bike breaker - my wife did it way back in 2010 I think and she said never again. As previously said - to compare this to the S2C is a bit of a brainfart...
  6. sias

    The Classics

    Yoh, what an attack from VdP on that hill! And three of the strongest riders couldn't catch him...
  7. Hey, leave us Potchefstromers out of this! We were just too happy to be by the sea and riding the "August" again! I'll have a chat with Tim and tell him to stop cross-chipping and leave his Zipp 808's at home next time!
  8. Apparently initiation sites are also no-go areas? Stellenbosch, but still https://www.iol.co.za/capetimes/news/cops-probe-cyclist-for-pointing-firearm-at-initiates-dad-in-stellies-4b87ad14-2af6-4f1e-b9bf-52f0e50294db
  9. sias

    Transbaviaans 2022

    It's not going well at the race - just received this on Whatsapp: Hallo almal. Ek is grooot asb dringend opsoek na mense met double cab bakkies wat kan help om fietsryers uit die Kloof te evacuate. Dit sal net in die eerste 100km v d Kloof wees. Nie in d reservaat nie. Kontak my asb asap as jy kan help. Jane 0834205434 Dringende oproep!!! Daar kom fietsryers in wat hipotermie het. Ons sluit die saal vir hulle oop. Almal wat kan kom help koffiemaak en komberse het, haas julle asb na due kerksaal!! Laaste boodskap kom van ons kerk af. Omtrent 100 ryers moet nou hulp kry
  10. https://us12.campaign-archive.com/?u=81ca5a64b7a954042f1ee5ab2&id=2be6e31be2
  11. So will you have 2 ambulances, a medic on a quad, 3rd party insurance, well stocked water tables and sizeable goodie bag at your event? We are talking about events and why they cost so much, not about what you can do in your free time.
  12. I can't wait for all the events the armchair specialists are going to put up for us! The best manicured tracks, expert medical services, the best food etc. etc... All at the bargain price of R50!!! Some people here need a real reality check - go out there and do it yourself, it's mos really easy? And it is really cheap? Come and report back when you are done and tell us if you would do it again.
  13. Looks like WvA and Aleix Espargaro are on the same whatsapp group.
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