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  1. Have a look at this, I would want to get one if I had the spare cash I quote from the site: "Don your running shoes or hop on your bike and the Band uses GPS to record the route you've run, biked, or hiked. There's a stopwatch and lap timer when you're on the track. You can set a target for the number of steps or calories you want to burn through in a day, or follow guided workouts set by experts the likes of Gold's Gym or Men's Health." http://www.cnet.com/news/microsoft-band-is-a-windows-phone-fitness-tracker-that-works-with-android-and-iphone-too/
  2. I was there this morning watching them come past and they were all flying. They also had such different setups on their TT bikes as well as their cadence! But the fastest man on the day WON!
  3. Joobs

    Amashova 2013

    There was wind the entire way. I do agree that the wind got stronger during the day. But the guys were attacking a lot off the front, which kept the speeds nice and high!
  4. Joobs

    Amashova 2013

    Thanks, I got 103km for the race with an average of 44.5km/h
  5. Joobs

    Amashova 2013

    The race was hard and super fast. It was non stop racing in the Elites and it felt fast the entire way. Going up Fox hill and over the top was crazy hard. It was quite dangerous from about Hillcrest with the slower cyclists from the 65km and 40km races. There were a few times when the bunch had to brake and avoid people in the road. And coming into the end was a drag race along NMR Avenue, the guys have so much power!!!
  6. Oh yes get an Aero helmet, which gives you if I remember a 10% aero saving, and they are relatively cheap when compared to aero wheels, which give you between 2 - 5% max aero saving (again if I remember correctly). But they cost an arm and a leg, but they do make the bike look cool!
  7. I have got both, and for a while I was also very seriously into triathlon. If you are doing the longer races, as well as not racing with the Pro's then that means that you can have a full Time Trial bike for all the races. And to me personally having the aero TT bike was a massive difference over the road bike. You do go faster, and because of the different position it does save your legs a bit for the run. You just have to ensure 2 things when setting up your TT bike. 1 - is that you are comfortable on the bike, particularly on your TT Bars, if you are always off them, then you are not aero, and not getting the advantage. 2 - Being in an aero position on your TT bike, when on the bars. This does contradict a bit in part 1, but if you are not aero and nice and low on your bike, you are not getting the advantage of the TT bike. That is my 2 cents worth, and I had some amazing times on my TT bike.
  8. Report them to your credit card company. As far as I am aware no company is allowed to change the pricing based on cash or credit card. When a company signs up for a credit card, part of the terms and conditions are that they cannot add an additional fee to cover them in terms of what the credit card companies take. A quick google for the VISA Credit cards and this is what I found: https://usa.visa.com/checkoutfees/contact.jsp
  9. Joobs

    TriRock Durban

    And if you want to enter as a relay for the triathlon it is an extra R1300 compared to the early bird, or R900 for the late entry. Seems a bit excessive when there is no difference between a relay entry and an individual entry as far as I can tell.
  10. If someone has a few minutes go to this link http://www.resell.biz/whois/ and then put in arlingtoncycles.com Once there you can see at the bottom that there is a link to report if you suspect anything http://privacyprotect.org/contact I would do it but I have to get to work.... It would be great to just close the website down so that these guys cannot scam anyone as I am sure that they are doing a great job at it!!!
  11. I caught the TGV from Paris to Grenoble (If that is how you spell it) Once again buy your tickets for the TVG before you get there, a lot cheaper than on the day. There was enough space for my wife and my bike boxes and it was relaxing and super quick. The trick is once you are there you can either hire a taxi or catch the local bus to Borg D Osains (Once again remembering this off the top of my head) The bus has space again for the boxes. The thing that we did wrong was thinking lets wait for the bus that goes all the way up to the top of Alpe De Huez, which sometimes only goes once a day. So we waited for a few hours before just taking the bus to Borg D Osains and then hiring a taxi to take us to the top. That was 35 Euro's to get to the top. And I think the bus was something like 5 Euros. Another option which I might consider is looking at hiring a car with unlimited mileage. As the TGV is good but it is not super cheap. Then at least with the car you can drive where ever you want, and dont have to spend time waiting for buses and trains Just shop around apparently there are some cheap ones I budgeted for 40k and if you book and pay for stuff before hand, by the time you get there you pretty much just need your spending money!!!
  12. My wife was supposed to do the Sprint race, which is pretty much a swim, then warm up ride to the bottom of Alpe De Huez, get to the top and then about a 12km trail run!! One word of advise. We stayed at the top of Alpe De Huez which is really beautiful and there is a lot of things to do up there. Even in summer. The ice rink still operates and they have a heated swimming pool. As well as loads of mountain bike and walk/running trails. So the only thing was on the day of the sprint race, you can ride to the start. Which means you go down Alpe De Huez which is no fun when it is raining and slippery. I rode down to the start and my arms were poked from just having to break for what felt like forever. So if you can get a car to the start that would be ideal. Oh and they also group everyone by country, so if there are any other Saffa's you will see them at the start!!
  13. There was one bugger of a hill on the way back, but that was pretty much it... It felt like doing Alpe De Huez all over again!! ha ha Thanks was a great race..
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