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  1. Anyone know if Nic is still active, or if not, where the best place to buy the 920xt is? Retail stores are all relatively similar in price....
  2. Thanks gents. Very comprehensive replies. Guess I know what I need to do.
  3. Hey pain junkies. Thought I'd expand my multisport wings as it were and do the "off-road" Xterra for the first time in Buffelspoort next year. I notice the Xterra full is just slightly longer than the usual olympic distance road triathlon. For those who've done both, I'm curious as to how different and how much more difficult the Xterra is...I need to decide if I'm doing the full or lite, and don't want to bite off more than I can chew. Would appreciate any comments or suggestions... Much thanks!
  4. Apologies, I don't wish to hijack the thread - I'm not going to make the event next year so the accommodation I've booked in Hotel Osner is available. If you know of anyone, please let me know.
  5. Legends, hi. Apologies for posting this here, the classifieds section wouldn't accept my login. It is with a heavy heart that I'm not going to be able to make the 70.3 in January, and as such, my Hotel Osner room is available (luxury, aircon etc etc). It's for one adult, but you can certainly add additional persons. I've paid the R2080 deposit (50%), so that is all I ask for the 'swop', and will provide you with booking reference etc. You, obviously, would need to liaise with Kat Leasure to settle the outstanding amount. Pvt message me if interested, or know of anyone who may be. Much appreciated, B.
  6. Had this same revelation a few months ago, so did my first aid levels 1-3. At my size if I hit I'll hit hard so need to be prepared.
  7. Holy sh*t, that was awesome! My legs hate me...but they can STFU.
  8. Never too late to sit oneself. Very envious, enjoy mate.
  9. I forgot to mention my broad midsection as well. Broad shoulders alone don't weight 105kg's.
  10. Ah, a fellow well rounded man! I can empathise. When I got my tri suit - weighing 105kg's, with very broad shoulders from gym - I was like 'not a chance am I looking like a badly packed sausage in front of everyone, scare small animals and children etc'... Then I thought 'f*ck it', and wore it anyway. Let me tell you, there were lasses and lads wearing suits that made me look thin. Screw everyone else. You're doing an awesome thing for you, and truth be told, no one actually cares how you look. *climbs off soapbox* Right : 1) I don't know where you can get larger suits. 2) It's been scientifically proven that you expend less energy sitting on hills, than standing. At our weight, you will destroy your quads much quicker standing. But whatever you're more comfortable with, do that. Good luck at Bela Bela - you and I can sit at the back and help each other.
  11. Are you trying to make us jealous?
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