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  1. Gravil certainly has a place and because the makers are making them the UCI will find a place to showcase them and if you live in or near that place then go for it and get one but as mentioned 'not as comfortable as the MTB nor as fast as the roadbike ' so if your place is tar or real mountains maybe not . but nobody says we all have to like the same stuff
  2. there are a bunch of routes back to highlands road from the gate most dont have any other gates ,some of the roads are really bad or partially blocked doubt even a 4x4 could handle them so nobody goes that way signs probably burned in the fires
  3. there is a gate from the back of the reserve which gives access to fire roads which connect with the highlands road . the gate has been locked for as long as i remember problem is the fence only goes 5 meters on either side of the gate and ends so it may block vehicles but not animals/people and bikes there is plenty of signage from the river crossing all the way up to gate telling MTB riders to turn back and no access etc but lots of riders dont so you dont have to 'jump' any gates you just walk around them (you still shouldnt do it though )
  4. got mine at olympic but a while ago my go to summer shoes -comfy if they fit your feet -dont have to muck about having to adjust them on the fly if they fit and you lace them correctly when you put them on 'in the wet the laces flop about ' no they dont if you know how to use the attached lace garage 🤣
  5. this dude ^^^^^ i buy from them plenty -great quality -great service - if you dont like the marked prices next time order your gear from europe direct yourself then you will have plenty to whine about
  6. Welcome to road cycling
  7. woodstock cycles had 27 1/4 tires for my Raleigh Armstrong as well as a few other period bits http://www.woodstockcycleworks.com/
  8. R320 - shaws pass from caledon to hemel and aarde/hermanus safe road -great tar till the top of the H&A valley when its a bit tight and rough down to R43 /hermanus H&A trails for MTB or if you want a gravel loop take the Tesselaarsdal / Bovenplaats turns off the R320
  9. that pantherwerke has the famous (in its day) panther p&h acetylene cycle lamp on it (or whats left of one) they stopped production of those in 1939 and went to dynamo style lights from about 1950 and the headbadge changed about that time but the war made lots of strange hybrid stuff so maybe its a postwar with some prewar bits (panther didnt get over bombed) or its pre war africa was a big market for panther either ways its bloody old sweet ride OP
  10. i have a 90mm/ 6mm riser (too long?) - its in a box somewhere its ugly to put on pina and its also a spez but i suppose you could improve its looks with a black felt tip pen if you dont come right anywhere else message me we can make a plan to get it to you
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