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  1. Log a ticket with Garmin. they will send you confirmation email with repair/incident number that needs to be on the package. The email will include the address and information/details required. I used Aramex, it was R99 and it arrived the following day before 2pm. If you use Aramex drop it off before 2pm, that’s hen they collect from stores/collection points. Check this link to find a store close to you. https://www.aramex.co.za/store-to-door-courier/
  2. Google could have helped.. 😅 But try PPA and CSA Websites below.. http://www.cycleevents.co.za/category/road-events/ https://pedalpower.org.za/upcoming-events/ https://www.cyclingsa.com/event-calendar/
  3. I was supposed to do the race with my wife. But we’re also traveling soon, so due rain and risk of injury or getting sniffles we decided to skip the race.
  4. @Jbr eina, all the best with recovery. Were there many incidents?
  5. Pouring for the last 30min in Wellington.
  6. I'm quickly starting to realise why non cyclist think some cyclists are tools.. Clearly some people are more comfortable with False advertising and being mislead than others. Also, what about the R140 extra paid for shipping but they combining shipments? That must also be me "Misunderstanding" ?
  7. Yes I paid the price displayed. I only realized that it did not apply the initial 50% off after the fact. When I saw the banner about a discount I did not pull out a calculator and validate everything before clicking next? There was no "Up to 50%" or "some items 50%" so according to their marketing and on screen advert everything on that Vuelta tab should be 50% off. In fact the email I received stated ALL items 50% off or more!! (See the snippet) I expect honesty from the the stores/suppliers that provide you a products/service. I provide constructive feedback in order for them to improve and succeed in their endeavor because I like their products. When things go pear shaped, the right thing to do is try to resolve. IF it does not work notify others so they can be forewarned. From what I gather it was place under the Vuelta 50% off Sale "Category" purposefully to attract customers to it. There was no "Sorry is was categorized incorrectly" or "Sorry for any inconvenience caused" it was straight to we cant discount it further. They could have discounted to what they wanted to and left it in their Catalogue under Bottoms. like they did with the tops that were not on sale. They chose to add it in the 50% Sale tab.. From what I gather purposefully to attract customers to it so it could get sold.
  8. Aah, you're a bit delayed.. Ended Sunday/Monday I think. I gave ample time for them to respond, Even if it was not in my favor it would be a response. Yes, the price charged was the price advertised. But it was not the expectation put out by their marketing.
  9. Hi eddy, every other store that I had an issue with has always been happy to discuss and resolve the issue amicably. these guys are blatantly ignoring the question I asked and also refer to T&C’s that don’t exist. sorry to hear that you’ve had worse experiences. would you like to talk about it? My rant both helped me feel better and may forewarn others.
  10. I recently purchased items from the South African Castelli online store. The banner on the website and the email communication mentions Vuelta Sale 50% off MSRP MSRP on that Bib I bought is R2999, so the first discount should be 50% = R1500.00 not R1795.00 At which point R1500 - 25% would equate to R1125.00 not R1346 as per the invoice. There is a difference of R220 from my calculation. I contacted the store and was advised that they cannot do anything other than either cancel the order or remove the 1 item from my order. I literally asked the store if this "Is this legal?" as it was clearly advertised 50% off Vuelta Sale (NOT "UP TO 50%"), the owner responded by saying yes it is according to their terms and conditions. Furthermore they mention that the Bib was reduced and they cannot reduce it to any more than that. (Not to 50% like the other product) 1. Is it really legal? I tried to check but it is not clear. (At best this would be intentional misdirection) 2. I checked their website again, they do not have terms and conditions on their website nor have they sent it to me. Additionally, I purchased from Sportful as well, and to my surprise (Both orders Castelli and Sportful) shipped all together in one bag. This happened once before when I ordered 2 orders from Sportful, both orders shipped in 1 bag. I paid shipping for 2 orders, so if you're saying it's for my convenience then give me a voucher for the R70. I did pay for it. But clearly they're too happy to pocket the extra shipping monies paid. Anyone else experience this? They are no longer responding to my emails.
  11. I’ve ordered quite a few times. just don’t buy clothing. Customs is a biii@@tch. 😬
  12. Find a compromise, there must be a way where you both are happy. If not, walk away! It’s not like the seller owes you anything! Btw you didn’t have it in the first place, so the seller didn’t take anything from you. Only the possibility of you scoring a deal. You didn’t have it in your hands yet.
  13. Happy Birthday thread.. Woohoooo... So LITTLE has Changed...
  14. https://www.takealot.com/siemens-eq-6-plus-s500-fully-automatic-coffee-machine/PLID48293829 Anyone have experience with this model or brand?
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