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  1. I am in need of a MTB for this weekend and I'm trying to find a place that does rentals. I won't be at a specific trail e.g. Rosemary Hill or so on to rent from them. Are there any shops or services in Pretoria that provides rental bikes?
  2. @dave303e Thank you. Garmin Basecamp worked
  3. Thank you. I will try some of those you mentioned
  4. Hi all, This is something that I have been struggling with for a few days now. We have a race coming up and it's self-navigating. The map was sent to us and it opens up in Google Maps. So far none of us have been able to properly convert it to .gpx so that one can upload it to Garmin Connect and save it as a course. The map is made up of 6 stages, and I get the feeling that you have to save each stage as a course, instead of having all the stages as 1 course. Any ideas on how to get this done? Thanks Kevin
  5. Hi all, I need some information for a training ride this coming Saturday. Unfortunately I'm riding solo, so I need to know if one of these will be safe enough to ride, considering traffic and general safety? All the routes lead from Wonderboom South, Pta. R101 North (Old Jhb road) R513 West (Old Brits road) R515 West (van der Hoff road) R55 South towards Sandton R573 North (Moloto road) R513 East towards Cullinan I plan on riding around 75km, and doing that through the suburbs instead of more open road, and having to stop at every 2nd street will take forever. I would appreciate any info on these routes or other routes as a suggestion.
  6. An older version of this one perhaps?
  7. I see the OLX & Gumtree ads have been removed. They must know someone is onto them.
  8. Not mine, unfortunately. But an insane beauty created by Chainline Bikes.
  9. Not mine, but still a great looking bike.
  10. Is anyone following the trip of Ivan Zimmerman riding on his Rocky Mountain from Beijing to Istanbul? I understand that this is for charity, and even with that in mind, it's still a remarkable feat of endurance. Distance covered after 10 days: 824km Still to go: 11170km Let's give this man some support! www.ivanzimmermann.com
  11. I've been looking for a pair for a while now, haven't found a pair yet.
  12. Not sure if we were neighbours, but there is always a possibility. One can always use the Old JHB road ( R101 )after Centurion, but that road is so busy in the mornings and afternoons. And if you go through the suburbs ( back roads ), you will take forever.
  13. I wish I could commute to work. I'm sure I would have saved R1500+ p/m. Unless someone can advise me of a safe route to travel between Wonderboom South and Sandton.
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