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  1. A quick Google search says helium particles are a fair amount smaller than oxygen particles and this will lead to it seeping through the tyre walls
  2. These look great in my opinion. I never had issues clipping the bottle back in but I have had multiple instances of reaching down to find the bottle was MIA. Not cool when you have to climb out of a gorge to get to the closest water supply
  3. Good on you, love seeing stuff like this! I hope your bike lands with a deserving rider
  4. Think it might be broken as it was posted in 2013
  5. I see this post is from 2019, but daaaamn that looks good! Those purple hope brakes really set it off !
  6. This the one you looking for ? https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/152006-the-salvage-thread/?fromsearch=1
  7. I think having the collect / return option available is good for certain clients but I tend to agree with the above. I want to see the workshop before I drop my bike. Been to a couple of stores where after seeing the state of workshop I would never send my bike there. I also want to see if it looks secure as I am leaving something very expensive (at least expensive to me) and I need to know it will be safe.
  8. I would also suggest Stoke, last time I was there (it was a little while back) they had a Shockwiz in store you can hire to help get a good setup
  9. Looks like you need this https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/bike-hub-pay
  10. Thanks Jewbacca, appreciate your response but I am unfortunately bankrupt at the moment due to vet bills....
  11. Not only does it take a week but they get to keep your old parts as well!
  12. Where can I find this setting on a mobile device? I am also in the wrong time zone
  13. Just watch out with this, it is my understanding an oval 34t will be the same size as a round 36t in places. So if the frames max is 34t then an oval 32t would work but an oval 34t would be too big
  14. What happened to the days when the parts spec would actually be listed on the ad? You would think for 30k for a 26” 2010 bike he/she could go to the effort of typing out a few lines...
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