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  1. not sure when it changed, but the photos in classified ads appear as thumbnail pics only & unable to enlarge (browsing on iPad (iOS 10.3.4) & safari)
  2. as mentioned previously by others, this test pattern is almost certainly the inspiration for the EF Pro Cycling Nitto's special jersey for this Giro...
  3. Please add 'Discipline' (Road/Gravel/MTB) to the list of 'Narrow your Search' filters in the Wheels & Tyres classifieds. Not sure if it's a new feature or if I've just not noticed before, but it is helpful to now be able to to tick more than one option in the filters eg search Road and Gravel, or Gravel and MTB. Thanks
  4. amr63

    Give it a TRI

    well done on finishing what sounds like a really tough Sun City Ultra; so sorry to hear your Achilles injury is a tear. You didn't say what rehab you've been given, but I'd recommend seeing a physiotherapist regularly to help guide your recovery and help to keep you focused on doing all the little things that will help you to come back stronger. take care.
  5. well done all, and thank you to Buff & Andrew for progressing this. It may be worth looking at 26" bikes in size S since the wheel size is more in keeping with the overall geometry, unless spares & tyres could become an issue going forward (I don't know enough about this aspect to offer anything more than a suggestion).
  6. done. perhaps surplus funds (if any) could be used to help pay off the balance still owing on his stolen bike...
  7. figjam_sa, I can't advise which is better, but be aware that Castelli (& Sportful) sizing is much smaller than SA brands. e.g. I'm a 34" waist in normal pants & XL in Castelli & Sportful. Had Anatomic Racer bibshorts in M which were looser than the Castelli.
  8. The cleat bolts are normal 5mm metric thread by 8mm long so if you don't succeed at your LBS then go to any industrial bolt store (Action Bolt, Norbolt, etc) and ask for M5x8mm Button-Head Hex Socket Bolts (you can probably buy six stainless steel bolts for less than the cost of one 'cleat bolt' from your bike shop). edit: Shimano road cleat bolts are M5x8mm. Look cleats use M5x10mm. and Shimano mtb cleats use M5x12mm Countersunk Hex Socket Bolts
  9. amr63

    Give it a TRI

    TYR 25% sale is still on if you're interested.
  10. This looks like a good place to start: http://www.sanispoors.co.za/
  11. Thank you all for this insightful Running Power discussion, I’ve learned a lot about something I’ve not seriously considered up to now. Some further thoughts: What RP seems to provide is firstly a metric for accurately (& more importantly, consistently) measuring expended effort. By mapping this metric during training, it can be used to predict how much total effort is available at your current fitness level, and to optimally expend all that available effort during the course of a race. The second metric it provides is running efficiency and by mapping this during training it is possible to predict its relationship with terrain & fatigue and use that info to inform an appropriate race effort level. A third factor in efficiency (in addition to terrain & fatigue) is fuelling which is partly accounted for in running fatigue but needs to be managed carefully in long events to make sure you have available energy resources to meet the effort demands. It is generally accepted that to complete a course in the least amount of time, even effort or a slight negative split is optimal (all other things like terrain & weather & fuelling being equal); well trained & elite athletes are able to control their training environment so that they can accurately know what that effort is & feels like, and are able to monitor & adjust their effort when racing. For those of us who do not have that controlled preparation environment and have a less developed ‘feel’, RP provides us with that info on our wrists. With regards to flat vs hilly courses, efficiency losses will usually have a greater impact on hilly courses (uphill as well as downhill). Also, as others have said, it is sometimes not physically possible to run fast enough on the downhill to maintain the required effort level (RP). My understanding regarding wind resistance is that aero effects are negligible at slower than around 20km/hr (3:00min/km). But remember that this refers to velocity relative to the air, so at a running speed of 10km/hr (6:00min/km) a headwind of only 10km/hr (2.8m/s) will to start to have an impact, and this impact will be greater on the downhill when you are running faster to maintain uniform effort. So it can also impact overall performance (time) more on hilly vs flat courses, albeit to a lesser degree.
  12. It is. Seriously fast, but not without precedent: Alistair Brownlee's 28:32 at the Stanford 10 000 in 2013 is equivalent to a 13:41 5k. Alex Yee of GB ran 13:29 at the 2019 London Anniversary Games in 2019. And Hayden Wilde of NZ ran a 13:47 track 5k in Feb this year. I suspect that quite a few of the top ITU triathletes can run close to sub 14 in an even paced track race. Great to see him up there too, as Richard Murray relies on a good run so he needs to be that fast to stay competitive. Keen to see what time he ran...
  13. I have heard that some gyms hired out their wattbikes just before lockdown; may be worth contacting the gyms near you to see if they're interested in you hiring a treadmill from them.
  14. Step 1: Rules of the Game in the New Paradigm some suggestions for consideration greater attention to hygiene, physical distancing and stricter controls on human movement will be the new normal; tolerances may be relaxed going forwards, but not to pre-covid-19 levels; this will impact how we live, work & play humans are social creatures who by & large like to be together, and will be looking for ways to do so, safely all existing value-chains have been disrupted; some will adapt, some will die, new value-chains will emerge there will be a greater awareness that our individual well-being (health, welfare) depends on the well-being of the people we encounter i.e. our community.that's a start...
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