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  1. Full comprehensive, no point getting anything less. It’s lower than my previous insurer, but never come close to paying what some peeps are mentioning here. Think my highest was like 200 odd for my last bike which was 80k
  2. Holy shot that’s expensive, I have 1 bike worth more than those 2 combined at 125k fully insure for R166. What on earth is OS smoking.
  3. I have one that I am pretty sure is 25mm. If you near Somerset west you can have it. Came off my silverback
  4. Reme Le Hane

    Imatra App

    Always handy to keep a few spare.
  5. Reme Le Hane

    Imatra App

    Exactly why I signed up with a temp mail account. They can email my disposable address all they want.
  6. Reme Le Hane

    Imatra App

    Well the app itself does not work very well at all, everything under profile is broken. Everything in the store is “coming soon”. For now it’s really just a shifty ride tracker.
  7. That actually makes perfect sense to me, I’d never have expected that to fall into discounted stuffs
  8. It’s all about promoting good, manageable debt, what’s a better and more manageable debt than an exorbitant credit card… /s Personally I have very high limits, have not gone close to them and have only ever spent what I could afford, it was a rewards credit card, not a source of unlimited finances.
  9. For those who go all in, OS 14.6”5 with WatchOS 7.4 will enable watch unlock for when a mask is detected. It should roll out soon, they at public beta 6 for both.
  10. First half of the peg wall, home workshops really coming together now.
  11. They targeting the guys that can afford the 200k spez bikes and want a noddy badge trail ride to go with it.
  12. Those have always been the ridding restricted times, and one could always join. Used to be managed by one of the bike shops up until last year where it was R700/year but no day passes of any kind. Personally I felt even the R700 was a bit much given the restrictions, the inability to ride alone and lack of trail markings. It’s a nice trail but it’s not actually anything special. I’d slap it square in the middle of wannabes and oak valley.
  13. I know someone who has already tested, Garmin chest strap I think it was, started a workout, got his HR up to 80% in like 2 min, took it off and sat down with a beer. Apparently because it had no data, it assumed your HR never changed so you maintained the 80% avg for the 30 minutes that he let the workout run for, and got his 300. I presume by now that’s been fixed.
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