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  1. Its not a forum as such and more of a chat format that is just getting going but I find the coronavirus thread useful. Not a replacement of BH nor was it intended to be but just a place to chat on NCR. I will still use BH for cycling stuff/races etc. but not chit chat and wish BH all the best from a business perspective.
  2. Sorry to hear and hope that it was a false positive.
  3. I have to agree with you, BH is a business at the end of the day and they need to do what is best for business and I understand the rationale about other threads, politics and religion etc. etc. However the Covid thread was very informative and most useful.
  4. 😆😆 Crunch time tomorrow night.
  5. I think I would get through Peaky Blinders a hell of a lot quicker if I didn't pause it so much to add the songs I like to my Spotify. Damn but I do really enjoy the soundtrack.
  6. Nice. I'd only heard the female cover on SOA by Audra Mae. I hadn't heard the song before I watched it.
  7. I am lucky that I use my Spotify in my office as low volume background music except one morning I didn't realise the cleaners had turned up the volume on the sound system so I inadvertently treated the offices next door to me as well to a blast of Metallica when I turned it on.
  8. Come on England! Keep it at 1 -0. Not long to go.
  9. One day it might.....😆
  10. Hope he will be ok.
  11. Dusted off my England shirt ready to wear tomorrow. Memories are flying in my head as I watched the world cup 2018 in England. The atmosphere in the park for England vs Sweden was brilliant. It was gorgeous weather, I was with my English family and it was still coming home at that point.
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