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  1. Sorry to hear and hope you both feel better soon.
  2. I am lucky that I use my Spotify in my office as low volume background music except one morning I didn't realise the cleaners had turned up the volume on the sound system so I inadvertently treated the offices next door to me as well to a blast of Metallica when I turned it on.
  3. Busy renewing my Mum's expired British passport, so when it arrives it will be the blue one. Will seem weird after having the maroon one for so long. Not sure of turnaround time at the moment?
  4. When I saw how my children's school has handled this from last year to date with a very swift response and move to great online schooling when all schools were closed last year to very strict protocols coupled with constant information and reminders currently. I feel blessed that they are in a pvt school. However to be fair some state schools have really tried hard but their hands are tied with government resources. I think it just boils down to resources which is sad.
  5. Just purely basing it on my personal experience but this wave I seem to know way more people who have been infected than in previous waves. Close friends and work colleagues included.
  6. Come on England! Keep it at 1 -0. Not long to go.
  7. One day it might.....😆
  8. Hope he will be ok.
  9. Dusted off my England shirt ready to wear tomorrow. Memories are flying in my head as I watched the world cup 2018 in England. The atmosphere in the park for England vs Sweden was brilliant. It was gorgeous weather, I was with my English family and it was still coming home at that point.
  10. Always enjoyed your contributions whether it was on the current affairs topics, music thread or TV shows.
  11. Makes total sense what you are saying. Treasure your wonderful memories and talk about him and his love. Wishing you strength.
  12. Edit - confusing myself, thought the rules had changed
  13. Sorry to hear and hope it's not too bad for you. Wishing you strength and a speedy recovery.
  14. So doing a bit of binge watching Peaky Blinders to catch up again. Rediscovered Arctic Monkeys again, really enjoying them. Can hear the Sheffield accent pretty clearly in the odd word pronunciation in some songs.
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