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  1. Taking out your frustrations on a TMNP official either by verbally or physically abusing them says more about you as a person (read cyclist, runner, walker etc) than the TMNP official.
  2. Wessie12 you do realise that the objections/ concerns are from people that willingly entered the event and really want to do it? The concerns here are not invalid. You suggest that the event will be 'well organised'. Well organised would imply the organisers are addressing and communicating concerns that we're asking them to address. So far all they've said is that the event will go ahead. Nothing satisfactory about medical considerations and cut-off considerations given that we're doing the event in summer and with stricter curfews than before.
  3. My two cents worth is that the communication has from the event organisers have been pretty average. Having had a quick look at the comms from the event organisers on the FB page it's clear that they are not 100% on how to deal (a) with the restrictions and (b) heat. They talk about changing start times to an even earlier slot - I get that but then how will that work? We are all taking leave just to get there and an earlier slot (say 10pm the Friday night) potentially means yet another day of leave. They also talk about utilising the existing streams and adding extra food and drink to waterpoints in the event of a hot day. That does not inspire confidence. The organisers have never previously had to deal with heat related issues and they are not exactly addressing this in their comms so far. Anyway I'll continue to train and I guess make a call a couple of weeks before if government doesn't make the call for us...
  4. Nope that's not me - not usually fit enough be wheelsucking. And I didn't pass him remember? He told me in no uncertain terms to get lost. I didn't want to spoil his day by passing him.
  5. It was a minute But the facts of the original post almost don't seem do matter anymore Let's say I made an error in not greeting the guy or not announcing my presence. It doesn't justify his over the top response (at least in my humble opinion) I've been fascinated by the responses - both in support of me and also in support of his reaction (not behaviour as far as I could see).
  6. Ah - I think I omitted an important point of clarification. He passed us without greeting (in his defence he did seemed focussed) I felt it was only right that I try to keep up with him... Next time I'll greet him (nicely) - promise
  7. About 1 minute. Just instinctively latched onto him to get a faster ride to The Nest coffee shop. In hindsight I approached it the wrong way (didn't greet) and the aggro wasn't worth it Some valuable insight from the other responses so far...
  8. I really don't know what your problem was. But to throw the F-bomb at me by telling me that I should either 'go ahead of you or F-off' when I 'dared' to keep on your wheel for a brief period of time on Spaanschemat river road is not cool. I'ts not like I was endangering you physically (although it's arguable I may have damaged your ego by keeping up with you...) Perhaps you feel it's not cool for a mountain biker to latch onto your wheel while you're on the road. Perhaps you even feel that mountain bikers don't belong on the road. To be honest I'm a road biker as well as a mountain biker so perhaps it's only you and I shouldn't be judging road bikers based on your ridiculous behaviour. Just relax - we all share the road. And just remember the only words I said to you in response - 'LIGHTEN UP'
  9. BJH

    W2W Photos

    Personally I thought it was inconsistent. I did Pinotage and there was no milk for my coffee nor was there any bread or toast at breakfast time. Rest of breakfast was great but found those 2 omissions especially odd
  10. Yep definitely. Was just below the berms/ switchbacks near the top so if I wasn't concentrating I wouldn't have been able to bunny hop or remove...
  11. Encountered some obstacles placed by presumably a disgruntled hater of all things MTB at the top of the Constantia Greenbelt near top of Southern Cross Drive when I was descending at about 7pm last night. Be careful and watchful out there.
  12. There are a couple of trails above Arbour Road in the Glenbarrie area of town. Not too difficult to find. Done it a couple of times when I visit my parents who still live in George. I usually do a climb to the George mast which is a short(ish) but decent climb. When you turn back from the mast you will go downhill on the jeep track for about 2km. Then take a left where the fynbos meets the pine plantation. After about 500m on the jeep track you've just taken there is some nice single track (much like Tokai singletrack before Pines were cut down). I think you can link to Montagu Pass via Witfontein. Hope my explanation makes sense!
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