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  1. OK, there are some options that may allow for that, problem is its not allowed. The hiking trails don't really lend themselves to riding unless you happy to do lots of walking. I have some ideas though, DM me if you interested.
  2. Sandrif trails are great. Do the black, its tough but worth it! Kromriver trails are also well worth it, the single track from the top of the pass down is lekker fast! The route around Sugarloaf is a treat, good climb up and amazing views. Fun single track down. If I had one day of riding I'd do the kromriver trails.
  3. If you still have it, it's exactly what I'm looking for!
  4. I cycled over a pair of sunglasses this morning on Table Mountain. Fortunately, my bunny hop skills are adequate and the sunglasses remain unscathed. Had it been my less skilled mate Darren the sunglasses would have been crushed by his heavy ebike. If you lost a pair DM me.
  5. Woodstock cycles are really good when it comes to wheels (and everything else)!
  6. Saw this post by TM bikers today. Can't believe something like this can happen. We’re not thrilled with the Deer Park to Rhodes Memorial area being closed.We want to keep riding around the mountain as we usually do.But,it is closed for rehabilitation work and San Parks have asked us to please request that everyone respect the closure and respect the SP staff & contractors that are doing the work they’ve been tasked with.There have been some heated exchanges between trail users and SP rangers,but when a female ranger is accosted and pushed to the ground and another female ranger has stones thrown at her,that’s when a line has been crossed.This type of behaviour is not warranted under any circumstances and certainly not representative of the mountain bike community. Air your frustrations verbally,but keep it civil please. Sections of the trail will reopen,from an email received from the area manager, over a 2-3 month period.Speaking to a section ranger a few hours later,it seems areas can open up in a few weeks time.This refers to hiking routes and cycling routes.We can’t be more specific than this,because we don’t have more concrete information at hand. We’re putting this request out there without prejudice. Please just be respectful of the person you’re dealing with.
  7. In my experience, bigger is better! I went to 203mm up front and brakes went from good to great! My wife's bike was originally 180f and 160r. Putting a 180mm rotor on the rear of her trail bike made a noticeable difference. She weighs like 56kg and noticed the difference.
  8. As far as I know, Newlands Forest is open. But closed to the left (fire side) at access points e.g. At a point on the contour path. Open to access the mtb route to Kirstenbosch.
  9. Getting very busy at the arch lately! I ran past the arch recently three parties had overnighted there the previous night. I was so P'd off to find that one party had lit a lit a fire overnight and had left a pile of warm coals. Fortunately for them, they had already left when I got there! One of the other parties had actually questioned whether it was legal to light a fire, with no luck. Some people just don't get it.
  10. Thanks, I'll definitely give you shout. I'm always happy to support a small local business!
  11. Sure. I deal with bikesure, they specialise in motorcycles and bicycles. They've placed me with cyclesure as a stand alone policy, as well as with discovery as part of a household policy. Always happy to shop around for the best price. I've had a couple of mtb claims all dealt with quickly and professionally. Try Stuart on 0834616856 or Bevan on 0834614200.
  12. DM, I am happy to share my experience and broker's details. Specialist bike brokerage.
  13. How do I buy this? I'd love to try your coffee! Are you in Cape Town?
  14. No, not bad at all. Tires, it seems, are a bit of a fashion statement. I remember when the ibex first arrived everyone thought they were amazing. It's been a while since I last used a Ibex but I remember them being pretty good.
  15. Wolfgang in Woodstock is pretty good. He and his partner, Robert (who is based in Durbanville) run a business called xtractIT. DM me for contact details. Reasonable, quick, close and no issues with work.
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