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  1. Fark that...rock one black and one kashima one. Uniqueness has no price 😘
  2. Post a pic. How bad would you say they are? Are they vertical or horizontal? Can you feel it with your fingernail or with the skin on your ... finger? Generall, mild scratches are no issue at all other than cosmetic. If they have a ridge you can take some 800 or 1000 or 1200 or higher wet/dry sandpaper and carefully wet sand the immediate area to remove any burr which may interfere wiht the dust wiper seals. Then firget the are there. If they are deep...there are many ways to skin that cat, ranging from filling the scratch with nailvarnish and repeating above wet sanding, to simply replacing the whole stanchion. You'll not be able to re-anodize them though. Kashima is overrated ITO performance (and looks IMO...even though I have it myself), so don't fear that a replacement stanchion is an "inferior product". Boys at Stoke in CT and RBC in Gqeberha are the two I know who could replace for ya.
  3. Not many ppl get too little fat in their general diet More NB...UNCOOKED blitzed up meat texture souunds amazing...
  4. But why though? Cheaper to suppliment and significantly less fat intake.
  5. Protein may be the exception to the "healthy" diet for particularly active people or people trying to retain and/or build additional muscle mass. It's pretty difficult, physically and financially, to get sufficient protein intake for these purposes without supplimentation.... Almost everythign else is more than easy to get from your more balanced diet
  6. Sure...but the gelatin is at least powdered already and same source as that expensive collagen stuff.
  7. Yep it tastes significantly better than Nutritech for example. Those numbers are all normalised to 100g. So it's actually not significantly higher than the median of others (yes, I should do a statistical test to technically say significant). And the overall protein content doesn't count (for me)...what counts is the cost of the protein per gram...Then adjust your does to get your desired protein intake/serving.
  8. Of the locally available I have tried, the PSN tastes the best...and waddaya know...It's also the cheapest per gram of protein compared to many others... The chocolate varieties are super nom...and 1kg can frequently be found for as little as R140...Link below assumes the "regular" price/kg of about R220...where it is STILL the cheapest. (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aINm_Uo9LH-IPKIdYgFyBRCvQegOJIExBttp5AB90zQ/edit?usp=sharing) - Updated for anyone to access. Bought USN, Nutritech and Extreme 100% Clear before and all are overly sweet and do NOT make for good "pudding" when mixed with yoghurt and let to set. Use it or loose it, it was a fun tiny analysis to do. Not alwys is the cheapest option per gram of powder, the cheapest per gram of protein. Also...if you want collagen, just get animal gelatin from Shoprite and save yourself many hundred randellas.
  9. Just check...those prices include your (well, at least mine do) your discount from your Multiply status (which is applieed outside of BF as well). So the "real" discount is significantly less than is advertised and wont be available to non-Momentum peeps.
  10. Fo sho...but retailers etc should be guiding this... NA dif you can't offer a decent discount...dont say it's for BF... discount it some other time of the year otherwise all you're doing is asking ppl to call you out on the BS. There's a reason many of us still order things from overseas as well...Why would I pay more for say a cassette here when i can get it from Germany WITH shipping and VAT for less? Sometimes even faster... Local pricing in the last few years has been VERY similar, sometimes cheaper...Except when someone overseas puts stuf fon sale...RSA sales are (generally) a joke....kinda like how Tygerberm grades their trails (#itsbeen a while). Nick is totally correct though...discount the product if you need to move it or make space for new things on the shelf, but your time...don't discount that.
  11. only when RSA stores do BS discounts like 10 or 20 or 30%. Th epoint is/was to clear stock for new incoming, not to arbitrarily markdown a load of *** at a *** discount %.
  12. Let's hope. But also...In my experience, good lukc convincing a ranger around LH of this. I've had many similar experiences WRT climbing etc where rangers simply don't know the "rules" management has agreed to.
  13. That day pass is Tokai only AFIK...So you'd have to get a full year Craptivity Permit for the day 😪
  14. 100% yes if there are rangers around, 100% no if you don't see any. Or rather, if they dont see you.
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