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  1. Hi I am building a Fuji gran fondo 2,5 I have bought a frame from a fellow hubber but the thru axels where not with the frame and I can’t seem to figure out what I need to buy ? All the info I can find says 12x 142 however nothing about thread pitch, and if the front and rear are the same size (I assume not ) Any advice would be hugely appreciated.
  2. So it looks like the Crankworx Summer Series is going to be the closest thing we will get to racing this year. Breakdown of what to expect https://www.pinkbike.com/news/pinkbike-primer-crankworx-summer-series-week-1.html First Enduro Race https://www.pinkbike.com/news/results-enduro-crankworx-summer-series.html DH Riders with Enduro bike setups
  3. Yo Yo Yo ... so we are nearly there again Mr Gwin seen here Reigning World Cup Champion Aaron Gwin (YT Mob/Red Bull) turned heads during Saturday's downhill practice, taking numerous runs on a cloaked test bike. He did not race on Sunday. April 21-22: Lošinj, Croatia June 2-3: Fort William, Scotland June 9-10: Leogang, Austria July 7-8: Val di Sole, Italy July 14-15: Vallnord, Andorra August 11-12: Mont-Sainte-Anne, Canada August 25-26: La Bresse, France September 4-9: WChamps Lenzerheide, Switzerland
  4. Hey fellow Gravity Freaks, Have you guys seen the 2018 Downhill Fantasy League on PB? https://www.pinkbike.com/contest/fantasy Would be awesome to get a BikeHub league going. Let me know in the comments below and if there's enough interest I'll set it up. Build your team first and then you can request to join a league. Cheers, Dale
  5. This picture could be worth a 1000 words...
  6. The one to watch: Greg Minnaar will be hoping to put the disappointment of losing the the overall podium at the World Cup in Val di Sole, Italy behind him. Photographer Credit: Bartek Wolinski/Red Bull Content Pool Live Streaming on redbull.tv The Elite men and Women's DH and XCO races will be live streamed on redbull.tvhttps://www.redbull.tv/live/AP-1RA8HCC8N2111/uci-mtb-world-championship as per the schedule below. You can also watch a replay at any time.XCO Women Saturday, SEP 9th – 3:50AM SAST Mariske Strauss, Rozalia Kubyana XCO Men Saturday, SEP 9th – 6:20AM SAST William Mokgopo, Sithembiso Masango DH Women Sunday, SEP 10th – 4:55AM SAST DH Men Sunday, SEP 10th – 5:55AM SAST Greg Minnaar, Johann Potgieter, Stefan Garlicki SuperSport The Elite men and Women's DH and XCO races will be broadcast live on Supersport as per the schedule below. Replays are scheduled as indicated here.XCO Women SS2 Saturday, SEP 9th – 3:50AM SAST Mariske Strauss, Rozalia Kubyana XCO Men SS2 Saturday, SEP 9th – 6:20AM SAST William Mokgopo, Sithembiso Masango DH Women SS2 Sunday, SEP 10th – 4:55AM SAST DH Men SS2 Sunday, SEP 10th – 5:55AM SAST Greg Minnaar, Johann Potgieter, Stefan Garlicki Alan Hatherly will be hoping for a strong result in the U23 race. Photo: BOOGS Photography Live TimingYou can get live timing updates for all the events on www.tissottiming.com. The Junior and U23 races are scheduled as follows: XCO Junior Women Thursday, SEP 7th – 05:00AM SAST Tiffany Keep XCO Junior Men Thursday, SEP 7th – 07:00AM SAST Pieter du Toit, Johann Trotzky XCO U23 Men Friday, SEP 8th – 07:00AM SAST Alan Hatherly, Julian Jessop XCO U23 Women Saturday, SEP 9th – 1:50AM SAST Frances du Toit, Bianca Haw DH Junior Men Sunday, SEP 10th – 2:55AM SAST Cullen McMaster, Niko Velasco Keep an eye out for South African National Champion Mariske Strauss in the Elite Women's race. Photo: DoubleST More information Find out more about the event on the UCI website here.You can view the full schedule of events here: Schedule 2017 UCI Mountain bike World Championships.pdf
  7. Following the fun of downhill races at the Crankworx events in Les Gets and Innsbruck these past few weeks we're back to the serious business of World Cup racing here in La Massana in the Pyrenean mountains.
  8. TokaiMTB Volunteer Build Day 3rd June 2017, 9am - 3pm Join us for the next Volunteer Build Day of 2017! This build day takes place on Saturday the 3rd June at 9am. We'll be working on DH3 again! Thanks to the last build day, as well as the efforts of the Trail Tarts, the 2nd Bergvliet & 1st Steenberg Scout groups and a couple other intrepid volunteers, we should be able to open the lower extension of DH3 after this build day! After this, there will need to be a bit more material put into the trail in order to secure long-term sustainability (clay, clay, clay) and to get final shaping done, but with the basic trail being open, this could be done bit by bit and we can get back to enjoying DH3 in all its (NEW! IMPROVED!) glory. Vasbyt is now open again, and seems to be getting rave reviews from those who have ridden it. There are still a few areas which need additional material (clay and stone to replace sand) but that can be dealt with in good time. If anyone has a spare wheelbarrow, please bring it along to the build day, we'll be moving some material! Bring your hats, a spade or metal rake, sunscreen and plenty of water. A snack/lunch may also be useful! So - as normal, there are limited slots available. Please RSVP as soon as possible by filling in the form at the link below. See you on Saturday! As usual, please try to be there a little before 9am so that we leave nobody behind. Register here: http://eepurl.com/cQyhy5 Regards The TokaiMTB team.
  9. Two weeks ago, one of our own did the unconscionable. After much teasing of bits and pieces on social media, the greatest mountain biker South Africa has – and likely ever will – produce did what many considered impossible. He introduced 29-inch wheels to the discipline most resistant to it. That category of our cycle sport where you need a full-face helmet. Downhill racing remains the truest test of material quality and design survivability in all of cycling. If it works on the impossibly steep, near-apocalyptically technical courses of UCI Downhill World Cup racing, there can be no argument of a trend being mere ‘fashion’. Downhill has remained the last vestige of smaller diameter wheels and an environment forbidden to the 29er. Until now. Of all downhill racing teams who could, it was always most obvious who would. Santa Cruz’s Syndicate has captured the imagination of mountain biking over the last decade and if fans were going to gift anyone the generosity of judgement to debut a 29er downhill rig, it was them. The Bus that Greg built Campaigning the winningest bike in downhill racing history (the ever-evolving V10), the 2017 World Cup opening round in Lourdes, France, saw Greg Minnaar and his teammates on a 29ers. Neutral observers noted it as an inevitability of evolution. A triumph of scientific method and mechanical engineering principles: bigger wheels roll faster, calming trail chaos – and in the category of mountain biking where winning requires wheels to calm outrageously technical trails, 29 downhill bikes were predictable.Component scarcity and frame packaging were the historical issues preventing 29ers on the chairlift. Fox’s appropriately sized dual-crown 29er fork and committed component reengineering from suppliers enabled Greg’s titanic V10. A massive downhill sled with no less than 1300mm between the axles. For Minnaar, the V10 29er is a unicorn of his youth turned to reality. Greg’s career is a staggering palmarès of achievement, but for the first time, after nearly two decades of downhill racing, 2017 is the year he’s riding a bike which finally fits him properly. An unusually tall rider (1.9m), Minnaar has quested after longer, larger bikes for years, forcing Santa Cruz to engineer custom frames to his requirements. Finally, he can now bolt-through wheels which are proportional to his skill and size. Tall downhill riders have yearned for 29er frames, but none had the power of persuasion to influence an industry into supplying the required components and framesets. Minnaar’s power of persuasion is simple: he wins. When he requires something, it’s not for fashion, it’s for function. There is a tremendous clarity of purpose about his limousine wheelbase V10. After the first downhill World Cup of 2017, we do know that these 29er downhill bikes from Santa Cruz are plenty fast. And they’re not only fast when being piloted by someone of Minnaar’s size and leverage strength. His two young teammates, Loris Vergier and Luca Shaw, resemble the physiology of Tour de France climbing specialists, yet they were even quicker than Greg during qualifying. Vergier first, Shaw third and the great man timed through in sixth. Of course, we all know the inclement weather in Lourdes ruined any closure concerning the actual race pace of these 29er downhill bikes, but there were no rim failures in qualifying. Or the race. The worst fail being a flat for Greg during qualifying. What 29 downhill bikes mean for the rest of us? The market for 29er downhill bikes will remain very small. A true example of that marketing phrase we often use without consideration: niche.What these 29-inch downhill bikes will mean for the greater mountain bike community, is quite a bit more significant. Nothing validates product strength and design integrity quite like downhill. If Greg can’t break it, you surely won’t even trouble the warranty department - ever. And whilst Fox 40 forks are hardly going on your next 29er trail bike, the real benefit for tall (and heavy) stage racers and Enduro riders alike, will be immensely improved wheels and tyres. Larger diameter wheels flex more. They have greater susceptibility to buckling. In World Cup downhill racing those characteristics are intolerable. Rim suppliers, and the tyre brands who collaborate with them, are now poised to produce products capable of withstanding a calibre of rider abuse you could never replicate – in the diameter you ride. For those larger riders who compete at South African stage races, courageously training with great intensity but destined to remain 100kg+ riders no matter how diligently they Bant, the promise of 29er rims capable of withstanding Greg at full gas will be tremendously heartening. What Minnaar subjects a wheel to during a weekend of downhill racing, is certainly equal to years of regular use. If you are a former competitive rugby player, with the knee problems to prove it, and have discovered the allure of mountain biking, 29er DH bikes are going to make your trail riding and stage racing experience greatly more enjoyable. How? By providing wheels and tyres which won’t prejudice their performance or longevity due to your size or weight. It’s all courtesy of that great man we never quite sufficiently credit for being so effortlessly calculated, technically astute and ridiculously fast. The greatest of all time. Greg. The boy who was born to race 29ers. And has had to wait a very long time to.
  10. Hey Guys I stopped riding DH, probably around 4 years ago after I crashed and broke my wrist and my bike. My wrist healed but I never got around to fixing my my bike. I am now keen to get back into doing a bit of DH riding and am busy putting my DH bike back together. One issue I am having is finding 26 in DH tyres. It seems DH bikes have also now changed wheel size. Is there somewhere I can still buy 26 in tyres? I popped into Freewheel cycology, Olympic cycles and Bridge cycles and they don't seem to stock any 26 in tyres but not sure if they ever stocked DH equipment. I currently have maxxis minions and high rollers installed and would probably replace with the same tyres if available but am also open to try something else if needed. Thanks in advance for any advice. On a separate note I will probably need new tires for my 26 in XC bike at some time but that is less urgent as I have two sets with very little wear on them. Any recommendations for this will also be welcome.
  11. The first event is to be held on 12 February 2017, at St Ives. The venue has been used in the series for the last two years and located close to Lion's River in the KZN Midlands. A new format is being adopted for the KZN DH & Enduro series, where by both races will be held on Sunday, giving participants the whole of Saturday to familiarize themselves with the stages and the DH track. We'll have to wait and see how the new format pans out... Hope to see you all there! St Ives offers some great trails in a really compact area, with great facilities on offer Entries are up on ROAG Key info from the ROAG site: RACE DETAILS:Race Start Time Pre Entry Fee Late Entry FeeDHI- All Categories (SUN) 12:00 R 200,00 R 250,00Enduro - All Categories (SUN) 07:00 R 200,00 R 250,00Enduro & Downhill - All Categories 07:00 R 350,00 R 450,00 REGISTRATION: DATE 11/02/2017 14:00-16:00 12/02/2017 Enduro Chip Collection & DH Number collection only. No DH LATE ENTRIES
  12. New park to keep the kids off the streets , everyone builds together n rides together, senekal park , theuns van niekerk street centurion. Come check whats cutting n join in.
  13. This past weekend saw SA Downhill Champs taking place in Pietermaritzburg. In between the practice and race runs we caught a few of the riders and their rigs up on the mountain. And in case you missed it Stefan Garlicki was fastest down the mountain in the Mens and Sabine Thies claimed the Womens title. Also check out the track preview by 2Bro's Racing. Click here to view the article
  14. Top 3 - Men Overall #1 Stefan Garlicki, Solid Strike #3 Johann Potgieter, YT Industries Tues #7 Jonathan Philogene, Lapierre DH Team Top 3 - Ladies Overall #20 Sabine Thies, Specialized #26 Kathryn Fourie, Giant Glory #36 Gabrielle Lanfear, Giant Glory #70 Hennie Blignaut, Turner DHR #71 Marnus Swanepoel, GT Fury 3.0 #59 Joshua Bryant, Santa Cruz V10 #45 Grant Engels, Morewood Izumu #12 Cole De Riddler, Specialized Demo #14 Matthew Minter, Santa Cruz V10 #68 Justin Burns, GT Fury #54 Francois du Toit, GT Fury #53 Wesley Auths, Santa Cruz Bronson #9 Kelvin Purchase, Knolly Podium #61 Andron Allan, Trek #66 Chris Philogene, Lapierre DH Team #64 Benjamin Smit, Giant Glory #62 Dimitri Vaindirlis, Specialized Enduro (And the only 29er on the mountain!) #63 Jed Sarkis, Specialized Session #8 Struan McMaster, Giant Glory #13 Cullen McMaster, Giant Glory #11 Coenie Slabbert, Giant Glory #Unidentified, Commencal #31 Guy Lanfear, Muddy Fox D2 #10 Sharjah Johnsson, Santa Cruz V10 (2015 World Cup Bike) #57 Dylan Williams, Mongoose Boot'R #98 Craig Paul, Santa Cruz V10 #48 David Hogan, Banshee Legend #4 Timothy Bentley, Specialized #19 Gregg Brown, Morewood Makulu #35 Ben Wolfson, #21 Maximillian Wolfson, #29 Zachariah Wolfson #27 Storm Lanfear, Giant Glory #23 Kyle Brand, Trek Session #67 Peter Fogden, Specialized #22 Kim Westbrook, Scott #28 Andrew Wolfson, GT Fury #33 Mark Minter, GT Fury #24 Robert Jessop, Santa Cruz V10 Syndicate #30 Heagan Brand, Specialized Demo #34 Charlotte Wolfson, Specialized Demo #42 Liam Hall, Lapierre #43 Nate Hall, Lapierre #37 Caleb Archer, Kona Stinky
  15. This is how a DH race looks like in Slovakia [media] [/media]
  16. N1k

    DH trails in SA

    Hi Gents and gals! Just arrived to SA few days ago and was wondering about good locations to ride my DH bike. (apologies if there are more of similar posts, couldnt find any) Im rather new to SA in general but I've noticed that enduro & cross country is pretty big here. Im staying in Gauteng area which doesnt look like it has many locations that would fit my interest. Any info regarding good locations would be greatly appreciated, whether or not around Gauteng. Thanks in advance, /Nik
  17. im looking at getting a slopestyle bike,can you get them ZA and how much do they go for?
  18. i want to get into DH racing what are the procedures of starting aside from the bike and gear? Thanks
  19. Onto round 6 on Saturday. The hunt up top is starting to get very interesting. Bound to be another awesome weekend of racing.
  20. The Spike design incorporates a total of 20 pins (10 per side) of which 16 are hex pins that thread in from the opposite side, along the perimeter of the pedal, and an additional 4 grub screws which thread all the way through the body. The pedals come without the pins installed as spank claims self-installation lets you pick the “right pin configuration to suit your riding style, foot wear, and preferred level of grip.” Maximum grip requires the use of all 20 pins, but if you, like me, prefer improved foot positioning and adjustability I'd suggest you forgo installing the grub screws. I find this configuration offers more than enough grip, especially when used in conjunction with Five Ten shoes. The Details12mm Thin - Massive PlatformCold Forged Alloy Pedal Body Hollow Taper Scandium Enriched Steel Axle Chamfered Leading Edges for Improved Clearance and Reduced Impact Forces Chamfered Side Edges for Improved Cornering Clearance Oversized Sealed Full Compliment Inboard Industrial Bearing Sealed Outboard IGUS Bushing 20 Adjustable Pins per Pedal Full Sized Hex Head Pins Improve Durability and Maintenance Inboard Friction Seal Prevents Contamination and Reduces Unwanted Pedal Spin Weight: 420g Claimed with full pin compliment Available Colors: Orange / Ti-Grey / Black / Blue / Red / Emerald Green RRP: R1450 Thankfully, even in a bid to save weight, Spank did not compromise on size with the Spikes sporting large 90cm2 platforms with metal in all the right places. Having a longer platform helps reduce the chance of "pedal flip" on rough ground or when your feet are not in the ideal position. However at 12mm they are some of the thinnest out there. This, along with chamfered leading and side edges, improves cornering clearance and aids in reducing impacts.The thin profile was achieved by designing the Spike pedals to rotate on an Igus bushing at the end of the pedal axle, while using a much larger than usual full compliment, inboard, sealed bearing. In order to do so the body flares out close to the crank arm in order to accept the larger than standard bearing, but it doesn't affect or interfere with grip as it's right up against the crank arm. The design also reduces Q-factor for increased pedalling efficiency and rider positioning. To increase the strength-to-weight ratio the main body is cold forged rather than extruded like the majority of other pedals. Spank claims this allows them to achieve a smaller and more consistent grain size in the alloy and better grain orientation and in doing so achieve a better strength to weight ratio. The tapered, hollow, scandium enriched, alloy steel axle itself goes through a complex heat treatment process that is said to increases strength and stiffness. On the trailAt a claimed 420g there are lighter pedals out there, but not many of those can compete on sheer strength and durability or price. In an effort to save weight some manufacturers have turned to Magnesium which is not as strong and won't last as long as these or similar pedals will do. The Spikes fall solidly in the "does not spin freely" category which I prefer. Depending on the crank arms and whether you are running boots you can tweak this to a degree with pedal spacers. Don't get me wrong, they are not stiff or difficult to pedal, they are just not free-spinning, happy-go-lucky pedals. Much like Point One Racing's Podium pedal.The sheer grip and size of the platform of the Spikes is a big confidence booster. I've never felt ill-at-ease on these even in the roughest of terrain. Granted, I ride with Five Tens which helps a great deal, but this lets me tweak the pin configuration to give me the exact feel I like. The ability to do this is a big advantage as you won't have to sacrifice feel for grip. The 12mm profile and chamfered edges help to keep it out of harms way which in turn will give you the confidence to push harder and lean the bike over a little farther each time. With your feet solidly planted on the pedals you can focus on the trail ahead. In the endAfter months of use the one pedal has picked up a bit of a squeak, but that was easily solved with some home TLC. Other than that they have been faultless. The hex head screws have taken a beating, without a single one bending or breaking and other than a few cosmetic marks, the body is handling the abuse better than others I've tried, undoubtedly aided by the chamfered edges.Compared to Straitline Defacto the Spank's are lighter, thinner and have a wider platform, but sport similar grip levels with the Straitlines and only gaining the upper hand when running all of its pins. This however restricts foot movement too much for me. Compared to Point One Racing Podium the Spike's have a slightly smaller platform (100cm2 vs 90cm2), are heavier (359g vs 420g), of similar height, but are a lot cheaper and have better grip even in my "lower grip configuration". The Spike's biggest trump is that they are available through your local LBS as there's an official importer in South Africa. This will give you peace of mind knowing you will have back-up and should be able to get your hands on spares if needed. In my mind the only real downside would be price, but even though they are not the cheapest flat pedals money can buy they certainly are worth every one of your hard earned cents. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody (with the possible exception of riders looking for a pedal that spins freely) especially when considering they are light, wide, thin and durable. Throw in the option of 6 anodised colours and you have yourself a winning formula.
  21. When Spank set out to create the Spike flat pedals, they aimed to create a thin, lightweight platform pedal that could still withstand the kind of abuse dished out by amateurs and pros alike, week after week in all weather conditions. Click here to view the article
  22. I've just read on the Tokai MTB Facebook page that a number of trails have been consumed by the fire. I am gutted, no pun intended. Cobra, Mamba, Lizard, Boulders, DH 0,1,2. I'm speechless...
  23. For February we will be giving you a set of FUNN Combat II grips free of charge worth R190.00 with any FUNN Bar and stem combination purchased (Black bars and stems excluded in this deal). On check out under special instructions type "Free grips" Go to www.performancebikes.co.za and secure your new cockpit
  24. Anyone ever ridden awesome trails in Chile or Brazil? Or have you heard about anything that ever made you think "I would love to ride that"? Downhill and/or AM/trails kind of riding.......still deciding which bike I will take. If all goes well I will be going in Feb 2015. Rio carnival and some riding in Chile
  25. I’ve just bought myself a specialized big hit and I'm keen on DH. I’m totally new in the DH scene and would like to know about places in PTA area where to get the hang of my new bike. I went to track 139 and realized how much I need to learn before attempting all the jumps! What a cool place though! Can anyone give me tips on where DH beginners have to start or join other DH riders in the area. Charl de Villiers
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