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Found 3 results

  1. I've seen a couple tweets to the effect that the new Cape Epic owners are to rescind the rule around not allowing riders with drug infringements from entering the event. Is this true? Does anyone have anymore clarity on the the exact changes?
  2. I was riding on Solomon Mahlango Drive between Lynwood Road and Olympus, heading Westbound. I ride to the left of the yellow line to stay alive. Approaching Olympus Rd I see ahead the left-hand emergency lane converts into a "turn left" lane for normal traffic. I peak back to see whether cars are coming from behind and whether they intend to turn left. As suspected, two cars behind me have their indicators on. My intention is to continue straight, so I move over the line into traffic to indicate as such. Both cars zoom past me and then cuts across me into the turning lane, which is unacceptable if I was a car or a motorcycle but because I am on a bicycle it seems to be the norm. As I pass them I give them both a condescending look to show my disapproval. The front driver yells something as I pass, so I stop and walk bike to hear his commentary: "Cars have right have way, don't drive in-front of them", to which I respond "I have just as much right to be on the road as you" , his response: "Where is your license" Now, please educate me: Q1: Am I confused, or are we as cyclist, by law, allowed equal rights to other road users? Q2: In future, how should I handle a lefthand slipway if I intend to continue straight with cars coming from behind intending to turn left? Q3: Assuming I am not confused about the laws of the road, how do we educate the normal South African car drivers to the fact that cyclist are legal road users? Background: -I am training for triathlon, so I need/want to do my cycling sessions alone on the road. I think group rides are not ideal training for my goals. -I try to do my road cycling sessions during the times of day when traffic is at a minimum, but I can't avoid cars altogether. -I commute to work from time tot time, using the MTB to enable myself to stay on the side of the road and avoid interaction with cars as much as possible.
  3. You were riding UP the trail known as DH2 at about 4h15 / 4h30 this afternoon, on your Bianchi Methanol (kick-ass bike, btw) and myself and Marko35s confronted you and informed you that the trail in question was categorised as a mono-directional trail, and as such it was against the rules of the trail system (and by extension TMNP) to ride up said trails. Despite at various points trying to explain that it was both dangerous and against the rules to be riding up a Downhill Only trail, you continued to raise your voice and accuse us of being "gods of the mountain" and "downhillers" and accuse us of creating an "us and them" environment whereby only downhillers needs are seen to. Unfortunately, your instant reaction upon being confronted was one of righteous indignation, arrogance, entitlement and shock at being told that you cannot ride up a trail designated as Downhill only. Your instant attitude was one of aggression, repeatedly telling us that you were "not afraid of us", "don't care how big we are", "do this all the time" and "just want us to all work together" Despite your protestations and attempts at justification (which were numerous) the fact remains that you were riding up a trail that people descend without the expectation of having someone in their way, coming in the opposite direction. The average speed of the majority of riders that come down there does hit 50 plus KPH (the top rider does that entire trail in just 20 seconds) and if you were to encounter someone coming down said trail, there is no way in hell you would hear and / or see them in time in order to react and pull out the trail (despite how experienced you say you are) Now, I know you took none of what Mark & I said to heart, as your opinion of yourself was entirely too inflated in order to accept that you were doing something wrong and were at fault. Despite that, what you are is a typical case study in why this country is going to the dogs. A blatant disregard for the rules of the trail that you (may not, come to think of it) pay to ride, as well as an increasing level of self entitlement which causes you to think that you can do anything without being confronted, as long as you have the louder voice and can try to justify your actions to a level that you think that your actions are okay. The excuses which we were given were, amongst others: I always do it It's the best trail to test your ascending technical skills You're experienced, and can move out the way in time for those coming down You ride without music, so can hear people coming It's god's country, and we should all be able to enjoy it I (as in me) am a downhiller, so I'm only looking out for Downhillers (I'm not a downhiller, btw - I just ride) Who makes up the rules? I didn't sign up for them (you did, actually, when you paid for your annual pass - which I'm assuming you have, btw) It's quiet I paid to ride here You're 57 and you don't care what the rules are (followed by "I just want us all to get along") You ride where you want to... We're doing more damage by pushing our bikes up the trails (we weren't, btw - we pushed up the jeep track as it's much easier. We push up NEXT to the trail when we go to the top of a downhill section) Etc etc. See, the thing is (whatever your name is) - what we tried to say (repeatedly, and every time we said it your voice just got louder and you interrupted us more often) is that you can NOT ride up a trail designated as Downhill Only. End of story. Directionality is one of the few things that maintains order in trail systems, and is shown on the Tokai MTB website, the entry board to the park (designated as highly technical downhill trails) and in signposts on the mountain itself. In your own words, you've previously come up against folks like us who have told you that what you are doing is wrong. Despite that, you continued to do it. Ignorance is not a justification, as by your own words you have been riding there for more than 4 years. The reason you cannot ride up a downhill only trail is that it is dangerous. Not from a technical perspective, but for one single reason. Riders do not expect you to be coming in the opposite direction. As such, they are not looking out for riders ascending, and when they come down at 30 / 40 / 50 kph they will have to take drastic avoiding action and by all likelihood end up injuring not only themselves, but also you in the process. It's the same reason that driving the wrong way down a 1-way street is in no way justifiable. I do hope this gets to you, and that you calm your horses (and sense of entitlement - the force is strong on that one) However - I do regret my profanity - at the time, that was the only way that I could get you to shut up and let me speak, besides just talking louder than you. Whatever your name is, know this. You are not only endangering other riders, you are endangering the access to the park itself. If we (as mountain bikers) cannot adhere to the rules of the park, our attempts to better our relationship with the park and lobby for additional trail (yes, the committee is lobbying for a dedicated climbing trail with suitable technicality, linking up all the trails, but you didn't let us get to that, did you) and all the work over the past year is for naught. But, at the end. I hope you do not continue to ride up the trails designated as down only. If only to prevent somebody from ploughing into you (on bike or fist) in the very near future...
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