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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, My girlfriend, Delene Boonzaaier, passed away on our roads on 14 January 2017. She got killed by a car while out cycling. The accident happened just outside Wellington on the way to Hermon. She was a keen cyclist and very competitive at it as well. It was one of her passions in life. She died while doing what she loved most - CYCLING. We have organised a memorial ride for her in Paarl on Saturday, 18 February 2017. We have been given the go ahead by the traffic department, they will have traffic officials on the route and there will be traffic cars in front and at the back of the group. So we should be safe in traffic. The ride is not a difficult ride, it is about 11km long and mainly flat road going through Paarl traffic. I have attached details of the ride, and some images of the two of us. Please can I ask that you help me get the memorial ride out there so that as many people can be aware of it? Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, or whatever other communication channel you prefer. Please make use of images D1 and D2 and make sure people share. Her death has left a huge hole in me, I am a mess at this moment. My cycling buddy for the past 5 years ripped away from me in an instant. I want to ask (out of the depth of my heart) that as many of you try and make it to her memorial ride. No memorial ride is more important than another memorial ride - so I will try to attend as many of them as possible.The more people at these rides the better because it shows everyone how serious the matter is and that road safety needs urgent attention. It just makes the awareness more bigger - cyclists, cars and other road users need to use the roads together in harmony. Please guys, please spread the word and I would love to see as many of you there on Saturday. I know it is a busy time of the season and everyone is busy training for the Argus, but please, I ask just for one day out of your busy schedule to come and ride with us. My heart goes out to everyone that has lost someone on our roads. I know the pain, it's something that I cannot describe to anyone and it is something that I want no one else to go through. So please the sooner we get the awareness out the better. Please feel free to make contact with me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/brendan.vogt.7 Kind regards, Brendan DELENE BOONZAAIER.pdf
  2. So Stellenbosch has a Bike2Work/Bike2School week from 10-15 October (https://www.facebook.com/stellenboschfietsry/). Is there anything similar being done in Cape Town? PPA? From the Northern suburbs a couple of us will be riding to town together if anyone wants to join. If anyone got connections, why not try to get an hour with Brett Herron sometime in the week? See the council is abiout to release some draft transport plan to get 8% of Capetonians on their bikes by 2032! http://www.iol.co.za/motoring/industry-news/on-your-bike-cape-town-tells-commuters-2076803
  3. To whomever it may concern We are a group of three friends (Anthony Edwards, Holly Spencer and Jonathan Wareing ) looking to do something amazing , over the past year and a half we have experienced some life changing events that have spurred us into action to do something inspirational and meaningful and we need your help to achieve this. Anthony and Jonathan plan to cycle from Johannesburg to Cape Town in a total of 14 days with Holly as our support vehicle. We plan to leave Johannesburg on the 30th of November 2014 covering a planned 150km a day leaving us with a few spare days in case of unforeseen issues .We plan on Staying over in Bnb’s and campsites along the route and visit many interesting places along the way .While we would happily do this just for the experience we have decided to use this as an opportunity to raise awareness for Erdheim Chester disease. Anthony’s father, Duncan Edwards, was diagnosed with Erdheim Chester Disease roughly a year ago. This is an exceptionally rare disease with his case being the second ever recorded case in South Africa and one of 500 ever recorded in the world. The disease is incurable and terminal. There have been many treatments done to people with the disease to stunt the progression of the disease and prolong their life. Unfortunately none of these treatments have worked for my father or they are simply too expensive for us to afford. No one can really explain what the disease is or what it does as it affects all the patients differently. My father is unfortunate in that the disease has affected his Central Nervous System, this only happens to 10% of recorded patients, he is therefore unable to walk and is wheelchair bound. He also has lesions on the part of his brain which controls coordination meaning he struggles to use his hands to feed himself and perform other tasks. This part of the brain is also involved in cognitive thinking, so he quickly becomes confused and struggles with his speech. He is currently on palliative care and the doctors cannot tell us how much longer he will live, but with each week we can see progression of the disease. We have decided that whilst attempting this tremendous task we would like to use it to raise awareness and raise funds for my father’s disease, ECD. Our plan is to approach various organizations, individuals and companies to ask for any funds that they may be able to sponsor us to complete the journey as well as donate to the research of this disease. We need funds for various expenses such as petrol, food, accommodation and repairs to both ourselves and the bicycles. All funds intended for donation will go towards the ECD Global Alliance based in America. This foundation aims to provide support to those suffering from the disease as well as to their families. They can also use the funds in order to fund further progression into the study of this disease so that more can be learned and hopefully future patients can be fully cured. We believe taking on such a task is a great way of raising awareness as cycle touring gains lots of attention from the public eye while on the road , it is also a way of showing people what they are truly capable of both mentally and physically in a similar way a life threatening illness does .The cycle tour will also hopefully encourage people to use their bodies while they still are capable of doing so as from experience we have seen that it gets taken away from you often far earlier than expected . Simply any amount or other form of help that you would be able to give us to help our journey in raising funds and awareness would be greatly appreciated. Any organization donating R 1000 or more will have their logo displayed in the support vehicles windows and possibly on the riders backs depending on the time of print of the cycling jerseys . For any more information regarding Erdheim Chesters disease , our route , us or how to donate please feel free to contact us at anytime Kind regards Anthony , Holly , Jonathan
  4. Join the fight and help create awareness for mental health in South Africa. Help by donating or by becoming an activist. Go to Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge - SA Federation for Mental Health All funds raised will be donated to the South African Federation for Mental Health (SAFMH), more information on this non-profit organization can be found on their website at: http://gigaf.org/1riiBEp. Activists will also have to opportunity to ride the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge for this cause. If however you're worried about your start time, you will be welcome to start the race in your seeded group while sporting the SAFMH apparel. Riders wanting to join the cause can e-mail me at: dihandem@gmail.com and I will assist you. If you have any doubts whether this is a legitimate cause feel free to check out the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge website (http://gigaf.org/1r7XxD5) and verify that the cause is registered. Alternatively you can contact the SAFMH (http://gigaf.org/1riiBEr) or the 94.7 Race Office directly (http://gigaf.org/1r7XxD9)
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