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Found 5 results

  1. Just a quick question for y'all. I have a Marzo 350R that is due for a service - it's still running like a dream, but it's been a few months since I've got it. What would a general service entail and what would you need? I'd like to do it myself, but if I'm going to botch it, I'll rather have a pro do it.
  2. So about a year ago I had the idea to start building a long travel hard tail general fun bike. I sourced a 2005 Scott Aspen frame, some Mavic 819 rims, a 130mm travel Marzocchi Drop-off a Woodman 20mm hub between Bikehub and Gumtree. Then this happened..I got hold of a cracked 2006 Mongoose Teocali Super Frame of the classified. Always wanting a Teocali, I jumped at the opportunity and bought it. The engineer in me was awoken and I got hold of an engineering firm suggested to me, V'd out the cracks and took her in to be welded: The firm, ended up heat treating the frame again for me to T6, and did this all for mahalla for me at the end. Thank guys! So the build could start..Decided to go with a raw frame, so I started to strip the three sections of the frame. While all this was happening, I sourced some more spares of the classifieds, GS Sports had my rims resprayed and rebuilt and had Tyrone make me some decals for the frame and rims. At This point, I relized that the Avid Elixir 5 brakes I bought of the classifieds were shot, and with the help of Droo/Revolution Cycles/Flaandria I got them sorted again. Next step was to add more white to the bike so I sourced some white ODI lock on grips from Bibi and reupholstered my seat to match sourced a few more parts off gumtree and the classifieds, had some new fork and crank decals made (not a pleasurable experience) and finally got her looking like this All in all very happy with the build, she rides like a dream. Been hitting Coetzenburg, Eden and Gspot with her a few times and happy with the end results. just want to tweak the suspension a bit, as the rear shock is leaking air. Now the next section will most probably get me flamed and burnt by the purist.. with the lack of 190x50 rear shock around, I plan to go 200x50 in the rear, and sourced a 180mm Marzocchi Bomber 66 RCV (still having issues with the fork I am sorting out with the seller) I want to reduce down to 150mm travel. Did a dummy fit the weekend and quite like the beefy look of the 38mm sanctions: Not much difference in length between the 140 Drop-Off vs the 180 bomber.. Feel free to drop a comment on my Frankenstein build. Will add more photos as the continuous mods keeps happening. Next planned mods: Fit a 200x50 Xfusion O2RL (maybe using offset bushings) Rebuild the Marzocchi 66 and reduce the travel to 150mm Changing the color scheme (need an excuse to visit BogusOne again) edit nearly forgot..need to source a 203 disc for the front as well.. Happy Monday folks
  3. Those of you with marzocchi components know that getting it serviced is not easy to do in South Africa. Since my folks are visiting family in Sydney I figured its a good idea to have Australian agents send my dad a seal kit for my 66 to bring home. Whilst googling I stumbled accross a few companies who manufacture compatable seal kits for all the big names in mountain bike suspension. Particularly Racing Bros, Enduro and SKF. They dont strike me as chinese specials either. I've also noticed that many bike stores in the states, uk and australia use these products regularly when servicing forks etc. Instead of the kits supplied by suspension manufacturers themselves. My question is if any SA based LBS might be using any of these. Maybe even without us knowing? or are we hellbent on original parts only? Read up long enough and you'll notice that some of these guys are using these kits exclusively for years. Many reviews mention the improvements made to seal kits over their original counterparts. There are also many user based raves about the products aswell. It is a mixed bag though. Not everyone is happy. But some people are also complaining about original parts too. So, any experience? Thoughts? http://www.enduroforkseals.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/end_on_pike.jpghttp://probikes.cl/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Enduro-Seals-01.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/ilPvcPI.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/GvGG8wl.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/dTtOHaB.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/LJ3vy2G.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/IilVCAu.jpg
  4. Got a little over ambitious down Alice in Wonderland i think it was on sunday morning. Took a tumble. Nothing serious. There was no impact as such. No air or oil leaks as yet. seals seem fine...for now anyways. Been reading up about all sorts of fixes. Wondering if any lbs in cape town actually does them. Or if there is a mad scientist out there who knows what to do this is the fork http://www.marzocchi.com/template/detailProdotti.asp?idC=1528&IdFolder=113&idMY=30710&IdOggetto=30803
  5. Keen to get back into the limelight, Marzocchi shows off the new technology it has developed for its 380 C2R2 Ti downhill fork and Moto C2R rear shock in this new video. Click here to view the article
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