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  1. Hey what data screen layout are you using on your Garmin, haven't seen that before on mine.
  2. Just a suggestion, could it help offering a deposit, say 10% for the item? That way you set a seller's mind at ease that you are serious about the purchase. I've sold many things over the years on multiple platforms. While I try to behave like a gentleman and tell all prospectives that I have someone booked to view the good, often times a potential buyer goes dark. Thus its an internal battle to not sell to whoever is ready to close the deal down first. Many seller's are desperate for the cash flow. State your intent with a deposit and an offer to purchase perhaps? Maybe save this formality for sizeable purchases like a complete bicycle of course.
  3. I've driven both routes before, and the R714 from Warden to Bethlehem is MUCH better and safer. Adds a couple of kilometers to your route, but makes up for it in relatively smooth road and no major potholes. Almost trashed my previous car doing the full R26 route through Reitz. Good luck everybody, try to get in a small ride around the town in the evening to acclimate somewhat to the altitude. Although us Joburgers have an inherently higher EPO than coastal dwellers, parts of the race are over 2000m which is serious altitude
  4. I've had mine for just shy of 3 years. The thule branding on the bars is starting to fade, but the carriers themselves are perfect. The noise tends to bug me, and I practically can't use my sunroof due to the wind buffeting. So I take them off during the week periodically. Did a 250km drive today, and the difference in consumption is significant. 7.5L vs 8.5L without bikes, and 10L with 2 bikes. Make sure you insure them, and a potentially equal risk is driving them into an overhead obstruction. The horror stories are out there, don't run errands with the bikes on the roof ????
  5. KirJOL

    Sani2C May 2021

    Slight departure from the discussion around training. The logistics around getting to Sani2C from Johannesburg, and back, seems a little arduous. This is my first Sani, and I've planned 3 possible scenarios, and I'd like some of the seasoned vets' opinions on which ones work best and are overall most cost-effective. Get dropped off at start, then take airport shuttle and fly home from end, transporting the bike back up. Drive to start, pay for car shuttle to finish, sleep over a night after the race, and drive home next day. Fly both directions, utilising dual airport shuttle, and bike transport to Sani and back. Appreciate your insights here gentlemen.
  6. Morning everyone. I use the edge 530 Plus, and don't have any issues syncing to my phone. If you haven't already, check whether Android is applying battery optimisation to the Garmin connect app. This offloads it from memory and can sometimes result in a lack of connection. The Garmin itself connects seamlessly to my Wahoo trainer, all my ANT+ sensors, and has a fantastic and reliable feature set. My only qualm is the poor trail mapping and navigation interface. It's supposed to interface well with trail forks, but this integration doesn't work for an entire route, only allowing you to load the trail segments seperately, instead of allowing you to ride them sequentially as you would in real life
  7. I thought you were taking the piss, which you probably are, but here goes anyway. The garment is fairly new, less than a year. My question was specifically tailored towards someone who has had such a garment repaired, and where this was done. The reason I mention premium Italian is to distinguish from Ciovita/First Ascent/Cape Storm etc... The hole is small, about the diameter of a pen, but due to it's location in a high-tension part of the garment covering my hamstring, I imagine that there's some technique involved in achieving a long-lasting repair.
  8. I'm always fascinated by the psychology of an internet troll. You have no insight to offer, but still take the time to post a pointless reply to a random stranger online. I will continue dreaming of a time when someone that knows what they're talking about responds instead...
  9. Hello Hubbers, I have a hole in my Castelli bibshorts after a nasty fall. I would like to ask if anyone has experience with a trustworthy seamstress that can repair high-quality Italian lycra. Due to the cost of this garment, I would like to take it only to a person who you have had a personal experience with, and knows how to work with this material. Appreciate any and all insights. I'm based in Fourways, Johannesburg.
  10. Just my quick 2 cents. I've sold in excess of 100 different items, of greatly varying value over the past few years. Since it's an inevitability for the classic scammers to call you with their elaborate story, I started having fun with it eventually. When the mood grabs me, and it's happened around 8 times, I play along and arrange a fake sale. Send them to a random, relatively remote location, and wait for their call when they reach this meet spot. I keep describing a random car that they look around for until they eventually realise I'm not there, at which point I offload some profanities and hang up the phone. At least they do some driving, and I get to piss them off immensely which brings me immeasurable joy. If you're feeling bored, please help yourself and take one of these clowns for a drive out to Bronkhorstpruit or wherever
  11. Hey everyone, instead of ruminating on our preconceived (often preposterous) notions of what should or shouldn't happen, let's rather contact the government with our public commentary directly. There's an air of blind obedience to enforce a draconian and authoritarian regime on citizens, based on the systematic and coordinated ideological construct purveyed by the world's media. The concept of lockdown flies in the face of a longterm solution, as it aims to delay, rather than to allow infection to spread and create rudimentary immunity in the population. That aside, I don't feel entitled or spoilt or detached from the suffering of my fellow humans by demanding my basic right to exercise. Yes, there's people in the township that don't have food. That has and always will be the case. It didn't stop any of the righteous social justice warriors on here from riding their bikes before did it? No. So it poses no barrier to my strong opinion that the ability to exercise outside of one's home while following fair regulations and common sense, should absolutely be allowed.
  12. My question is if you're riding out and about, and are pulled over by police or the military, will they attempt to arrest you; issue a fine; or direct you back home? I think the rules need to be made more clear, as I was really excited about a lonely, long ride out to Haarties in complete peace
  13. Hi Gents, just to clarify my statement. I only got a Garmin computer towards the end of last year, prior to which I barely ever tracked my rides using my cellphone. Secondly, during the week I train in the gym, and don't upload these to Strava. I can by no means compare to some of the serious distance and climbing you guys have posted here, but I do consider myself quite formidable. Anyways, I've managed to find a partner but if you guys make it to the race, maybe we can camp and hang out together? P.S. Sani2C have just opened up opportunity for solo riders, in case the search is unsuccessful. Unless you guys just came here to bash my dismal stats
  14. Really fun race. Didn't find the elevation gain anything untenable, though the last climb on day 2 was a real man-maker. Intense gradient, muddy terrain, and never-ending. But the descent back into the village was nothing short of spectacular!
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