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  1. Hi Hubbers! Our Black Friday sale is in full swing - so head over to see what is on sale! Items can be found here: https://evobikes.co.za/product-category/black_friday_1/
  2. I'm doing a poll on the preferred team size for a team time trial race, taking into account social distancing rules and regulations, and the limited size of heads at an event. Mass participation events are most certainly under pressure and unlikely to take place until the pandemic is behind us. Assuming a team trial event, similar to the MalutiD90 and the DC, would be the way forward, what size team would you deem ideal for one of two distances (100Km and 160Km)? Type your reply in the comments section below, remember to subscribe to this channel and click on the bell icon to get notifications each time new content is posted.
  3. With a budget of R30 000 and 'hopefully' a good seeding for CTCT, any recommendations of what road bike I should buy? New or Used? Been riding a Raleigh RC-1800 for past 8yrs. Bike Fit assessment says frame size 56/58. Is there like a Toyota Fortuner of road cycling that everyone buys … reliable, plenty of spare parts and very sharp. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Not just brands but specific type of bikes I should look out for.
  4. Hello I am a road cyclist coming to visit JHB (sandton Area) from 28th February to 10th March . AND Am in Umchlanga from 10th March to 17th March. I am looking for Competitive Cycling groups that i can Train with while Visiting. I am aware of Club 100 and Capri wheelers weekend Rides, But also want to know about midweek rides. There used to be a bryanston group that rode in the mornings. Does this still happen? Does anyone know the details? Also If anyone can suggest a group in Umchlanga ?? I don't know this area at all. Also is it safe as far as traffic is concerned to ride the area? I have some local Races when I return back home and therefore the Reason am looking for competitive groups so I can maintain my current shape and Fitness. I am a CAT 1 Racer back home and Particularly looking for some Good hilly rides if any exist in either location. Thanks
  5. Was wondering what the actual state of road cycling was in the Western Cape, compared to the past. There has been many a topic around it on the hub in the past but no actual data, so this weekend did some data mining and found some pretty interesting stuff. http://puresavage.co.za/2017/10/road-cycling-in-the-western-cape.html/ Long and short, road riding getting old, fast. Let us know what you think can be done and if there are any other issues we missed?
  6. Hi all, I'm looking to join or form a social road group in Midrand/Samrand/Centurion as I have not given the road bike much love this year (of my 2344km for the year so far, a grand total of 83km is on the road bike). Anybody got anything on the go currently or interested in joining me?
  7. Hi there Recently moved house from Southern Suburbs Cape Town to Noordhoek. I am keen to join up with some like minded people for road cycling / training rides on weekends. Due to kid commitments probably mostly Sunday early morning rides on the road (but may be some Saturdays). Would also be keen for some MTBing from time to time. Are there any groups in Noordhoek / Fish Hoek / South Peninsula or even Tokai that someone could recommend and provide content details? Key is I am after a group that starts out this side... I train to keep fit, but often also enter road races and triathlons (so also interested if there are any triathlon run and swim groups starting from the South Peninsula on weekends). NOt a beginner but need to build up fitness a little as have been off cycling for a few months with house move / work etc. Thanks very much all Deon
  8. From the 2016 Taiwan Kom Challenge Website (which took place on 28 Oct): "For cyclists all over the world, climbing high altitudes into the mountains represent the greatest of challenges, which not only represents a destination to be reached, but also the very spirit of this wonderful sport – reaching the top. Here in Taiwan, we have one of the world’s greatest epic climbs, the Taiwan King of Mountain Challenge. This year we already held two non-elite “Road to the Taiwan KOM” Challenges to meet the growing numbers of riders who want to meet this epic challenge. The Taiwan KOM Challenge starts from Hualien’s Qixingtan passing through the spectacular Taroko Gorge, then climbing to Taiwan’s highest passable road apex atop Route 14A to Wuling Pass. The route begins at sea level on the eastern coast then up to 3275 meters. This 105 km route will be a test even for the world’s most elite riders. The route takes riders through several different climate zones from torrid to subtropical to temperate, then finishing in possible frigid temperatures around 5-10˚C. The gradient starts at a simple 0-2% for the first 20kms and then turns into a steady 6% average gradient until the final 9.5kms, and then the real challenge begins. Riders will traverse gradients from 10-22% as they pitch hurricane sea hairpin curves to the finish line. Stunning views await the rider as they climb through the Taroko Gorge and as the riders enter into the Hehuan Mountain scenic area there is a vista that opens up to offer a birds-eye view of the surrounding landscape in the closing kilometers. It truly is exceptional race making the Taiwan KOM Challenge one of the greatest climbs anywhere in the world. British rider, Lee Rodgers, writing in 2011 after completing the race in 4th place, had this to say about his experiences of the Taiwan KOM Challenge: “Riding to the top is like a pilgrimage. It was, in the end, breathtakingly beautiful and yet incredibly tough. Everyone who finished that day is a hero. Plain and simple, this is a race that more people should know about, because it is absolutely unique. To those thinking of taking a trip to Hualien and the Taroko Gorge: this area is astonishingly beautiful and I thoroughly recommend a trip there. Breathtaking, in every sense!”" Images from previous events as well as the 2016 Challenge. http://www.crankpunk.com/media/k2/items/cache/81d7959d6ac82061e9b059ba05e22fc8_XL.jpg http://www.crankpunk.com/cache/a20_images_thumb_other734_0.png http://www.crankpunk.com/cache/a15_images_thumb_other734_0.png http://www.crankpunk.com/cache/a18_images_thumb_other734_0.png http://cfa834d73bc99712aa5b-8b9c80d2d1030f91d61dcdb0995bdfd2.r66.cf1.rackcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Taiwan5-1500x580.jpg http://images.cyclingtips.com/content/uploads/2014/11/Cycling-Tips-2.jpg http://brimages.bikeboardmedia.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/TaiwanKOM2016-1-1.jpg http://www.cxmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Taroko-Gorge-2.jpg
  9. Saw there was no thread for this event and that the rediculous early entry fee is closing today. Early entry was only R150! Awesome value for money. Same route as previously for the long route but they have added some shorter distances for those that are warming up for Die Burger. Event Date2016-10-23Distances170 km; 109 km; 58 km (New medium and short routes!)Event starting times170 km @ 06h30; 109 km @ 0815; 58 km @ 09h15Prize giving/cut offFinal event cut-off @16h00. Various cut-offs will be enforces along the routes.VenueStellenbosch High SchoolOrganizersShana / WendyEmailinfo@pedalpower.org.zaEnquiries Phone Number:(021) 671-6340Entries close2016-10-10 Discounted “Early Bird” entries for the new-look PPA One Tonner have been extended until 17h00 on Wednesday 3 August. Thereafter normal entry fees apply, until 30 September.The tough endurance event will in 2016 boast two new routes to cater for cyclists looking for something shorter than the 170 km route: 109 km and 58 km. Both the 170 km and 109 km routes will be seeding events for the 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour. Late entries will be taken from 1 - 10 October. No entries will be taken after 10 October, or at the event. http://www.pedalpower.org.za/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/IMG_2054-300x200.jpg ROUTE DESCRIPTION The PPA One Tonner long route (170 km) and medium route (109 km ) are both Official Premier Seeding events for the 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour. The 170 km route is a tough ride that includes two challenging climbs. Right after the start, you’ll head up Helshoogte for your first big climb of the day. After a left turn onto the R45, you’ll tackle the undulating roads out towards Paarl, Wellington, Hermon and Riebeeck Kasteel. The second big climb of the day waits just after Riebeeck Kasteel: Botmaskloof Pass. From there you’ll pedal through Malmesbury and along the R304 past the silo’s and back towards Stellenbosch via the Kromme Rhee Road and the R44, finishing again on Helshoogte Road shortly before the start of the climb. There will be a neutral zone back to the venue. http://www.pedalpower.org.za/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/IMG_2754-300x150.jpg The medium (109 km) route will follow the long route before turning left at Windmeul Winery. The short (58 km) route will follow the other two routes until the R101, joining up again with the longer routes on the R302 to continue to the finish. http://www.pedalpower.org.za/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/IMG_9245-300x200.jpg DIRECTIONS TO VENUE From the N1: Take Exit 39 (R304) and head towards Stellenbosch. Continue straight through the R44/ Bird Street traffic lights. Turn left at the Merriman traffic lights. Continue straight across the traffic circle and then turn right into Jannasch Road and then left into Endler Road. Follow the signage and marshals to the parking area. From the N2: Take Exit 43 (R44) and head towards Stellenbosch. Once in Stellenbosch, turn right into Merriman Avenue. Continue until Jannasch Road where you turn right and then left into Endler Road. Follow the signage and marshals to the parking area. http://www.pedalpower.org.za/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/IMG_2253-300x200.jpg NOTES The 2016 PPA One Tonner’s 170 km route will form part of the 2017 Official Premier Seeding Series of the Cape Town Cycle Tour. Cyclists can either start in their seeded groups, or are welcome to fall back to ride with a participant with a lower seeding if the event is treated as team training for the Coronation Double Century. Please note that no seconding vehicles are allowed to follow cyclists along the route and that teams/cyclists will be disqualified should vehicles follow them on the ride. No participants u/17 on the long route. No children u/15 on the medium route. Children u/12 will be allowed on the short route and must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Various food stalls will offer tasty treats for sale at the finish. ‘Early Bird’ Entries (until 1 August at 12h00) Online Entries (1 August – 30 Sept.) Distance 170 km 109 km 58 km Entry Fee R320 R150 R120 PPA members’ discounted entry fee R150 R120 R100 Entry Fee R400 R200 R180 PPA members’ discounted entry fee R200 R160 R140 Late entries will be taken from 1-10 October. No entries will be taken after 10 October, or on the day.
  10. I've noticed a few themes developing in forum threads about the lack of road events and how PPA is dropping the ball. Don't bash the PPA here. It's pointless. As a member driven organisation it is run by a 12 person executive committee elected by the members at the AGM on a 2 year cycle, 6 members are replaced every year. Joseph de Maistre said of democracy that every nation gets the government it deserves. And this is true of the PPA. At the last AGM a staunchly pro road riding list of candidates, drawn from the local road clubs and others with credibility in promoting road riding and racing in the Western Cape, appeared on the ballot for election to the committee. Not one of the pro road candidates was voted in while the mountain bike sympathetic candidates all got voted on or returned. I was one of the casualties, as was Lance Burger who had served on the committee for many years and was instrumental in the court case against CSA about sanctioning on fun rides. It is the right of members to choose who they want to represent them. I respect that. Of 15,000 members less than 200 can be bothered to spend 3 hours at the AGM. As Joseph de Maistre said, you get what you deserve. But if you don't go to the AGM and vote for the candidates that will represent your needs then please don't come to the hub and bash the PPA for doing what those members who turn up and vote want the PPA to do. Stand as a candidate or vote and make a difference. Or stop the bashing. Full disclosure: I was forced to resign as a member of the PPA and am no longer eligible to be a committee member. While a committee member I was instrumental in locating and purchasing the offices the PPA now occupies, a task that had been on the agenda for a number of years prior to me being elected. I was also the chairman of the safe cycling committee that launched the stay wider campaign on a national basis using celebrities like the late Gugu Zulu, DJ Fresh, Joel Stransky, DJ Suga and Anne Siroky. We sold thousands of stay wider shirts and had a presence at every major road race nationally. Edit: Removed the facts that may be construed as "sour grapes" to avoid issue of voting being clouded. Edit: Made title more relevant.
  11. I can only think of a few races that do a full road closure, they seem to be the Mega size races to justify the closures: -947 Cycle Challenge -CTCT (Aka "Argus") -Amashova Am I missing any? Emperors Classic was a very nice race, although technically not a full road closure event but as close as one could get. The marshals were outstanding this year.
  12. Hi Everyone I am a new cyclist to Cape Town and the Southern Suburbs. I moved down here from JHB and am wanting to pick up some riding/racing again. I have had a bit of a lay off from riding, last event was the 2015 Double Century which I completed on a tandem in one of the tandem teams. I would like to find out if there is anyone looking for a riding buddy? Please contact me if you have any options to offer.
  13. I was riding on Solomon Mahlango Drive between Lynwood Road and Olympus, heading Westbound. I ride to the left of the yellow line to stay alive. Approaching Olympus Rd I see ahead the left-hand emergency lane converts into a "turn left" lane for normal traffic. I peak back to see whether cars are coming from behind and whether they intend to turn left. As suspected, two cars behind me have their indicators on. My intention is to continue straight, so I move over the line into traffic to indicate as such. Both cars zoom past me and then cuts across me into the turning lane, which is unacceptable if I was a car or a motorcycle but because I am on a bicycle it seems to be the norm. As I pass them I give them both a condescending look to show my disapproval. The front driver yells something as I pass, so I stop and walk bike to hear his commentary: "Cars have right have way, don't drive in-front of them", to which I respond "I have just as much right to be on the road as you" , his response: "Where is your license" Now, please educate me: Q1: Am I confused, or are we as cyclist, by law, allowed equal rights to other road users? Q2: In future, how should I handle a lefthand slipway if I intend to continue straight with cars coming from behind intending to turn left? Q3: Assuming I am not confused about the laws of the road, how do we educate the normal South African car drivers to the fact that cyclist are legal road users? Background: -I am training for triathlon, so I need/want to do my cycling sessions alone on the road. I think group rides are not ideal training for my goals. -I try to do my road cycling sessions during the times of day when traffic is at a minimum, but I can't avoid cars altogether. -I commute to work from time tot time, using the MTB to enable myself to stay on the side of the road and avoid interaction with cars as much as possible.
  14. Read some previous threads which were a bit old and vague. I am new to Centurion and am looking for road cycling routes that I can ride without being murdered, mauled, mugged, trampled, trucked or any of the other uncomfortable things I've been told about road cycling in Gauteng. Specifically looking for a bread and butter 50km loop and also something as long as possible. Any particularly nasty climbs that I could check out? At the moment I'm doing Supersport Park > Botha Ln > Fonteine Circle > Klapperkop and back. Which is great,but need some more help if anyone knows some cool loops. Anything longer that goes through Pta will be awesome, but I'm sometimes out in normal-person hours , and have seen places like Botha Ln get very hairy when traffic picks up. Lastly, where do most other elites do their group rides? I'm looking for the fastest possible company if possible. Thanks so much for the help! Look forward to the sugestions
  15. I have been mainly doing MTB riding for just over a year now and I have seen my SPEED increase dramatically as I get fitter. I really enjoy the MTB and have no intention of giving it up anytime soon . So dont worry too much MTB'ers I did the 94.7 ROAD with the MTB after not having done further than 35km (stupid I know) and I was battred and bruised.. As one of the "Nice" looking ladies told me when I cramped up "You are very brave to do it on a MTB"..Anyway, I have unfinished Business with that route as I obviously want to do it alot quicker.. So I spent December on the Classifieds and I recently purchase a second hand Road Bike on the there for a Bargain... Was I in for a surprise as to just HOW MUCH faster a Road Bike is... My average speed over my local 55km route (remember its my first time out on the Road Bike and I have just done a setup from tips online) was 7kph faster than the same route a week earlier on the Knobblies. I had plenty of energy left and felt quit depressed that I did not push harder. Anyway, I reckon if i can get into a semi-regular group ride(to take advantage of the drafting) and Seed a little better, the next 94.7 is going to be a BIG improvement.. Any tips who I can ride with in Alberton,,, I averaged 29kph over the 55km route (albeit a little flattish)
  16. Just received this promo mail. Looks like some fun. Both routes are challenging and fun (a bit of a sketchy finish though) Thoughts? http://www.redcherryadventures.co.za/events/bay2beach/
  17. Criterium and Carbon Tubular Tire All-purpose racing tubular with the best balance in grip and low rolling resistance. Its tread grants great cornering stability and grip both on dry and wet roads, always giving you the best comfort thanks to the 320TPI corespun. Criterium comes with gum coloured sidewalls for a more old-fashioned look but still giving you the best available materials and production technologies. Use: Road RacingSize: 28" - 23mm (700x23c)TPI 320 Threads Per Inch (120/cm)Pressure 7/10 bar (100/145 psi)Protection Belt Calicot puncture resistant layerCasing Compressed Pes/Co corespunRubber tread Natural rubber exclusive compoundInner tube Latex low rolling resistanceValve Presta 42 mm with changeable coreMileage Front 6.000 km - Rear 3.000 km* Weight ±10% Buy your new tires here: http://clearance.asgsport.co.za/bicycle-components/
  18. I know buy cycles used to have a few bit a couple of years ago but I'm wondering who is the importers or if anyone has seen any Decca kit in CT or even SA at the moment.
  19. please does anybody have a route profile for this event?
  20. Hi all, I am probably going to ride the Cradle some time over this coming weekend - I have never ridden it before. From what I can gather, there are multiple starting points. What is likely to be the quietest starting point? How busy does it get on an average weekend morning? Are the routes marked? Information seems to vary from site to site that you visit.
  21. Just seen that the entries for the 99er have sneakliy been opened without much mention of it. Date it 7th of February 2015 Different route from last year- no more dirt road. We going over that pothole road - looks like its similar to a few years ago. I have checked the costs for this one on the website, although it keeps adding CSA R120 to my basket even though I dont need it http://www.99er.co.za/index.php/routes/road-99km-55km Cost2015 Distance Early entries Late Entries (23:59 21 Jan 2015) 108KM R235 R310 64KM R165 R180 35KM MTB R165 R180 12KM MTB R80 10KM Fun Run/Walk R60 5KM Fun Run/Walk Adults: R40 Children ( 4-12 years) R30 Please note that Online entries close midnight 1 February 2015.
  22. If the opening event that took place at the Union Buildings in Pretoria is anything to go by, participants and crowds are in for a treat. The big draw card is the fact that every spectator has a front row seat to the action as well as the option to take part in one of the many fun categories on the day, with 100% of entry fees being donated to the Specialist Burns Unit at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. Spectators and participants will also be spoilt for choice with fine foods from Cape Town's famous food trucks and Bar di Bar Craft beer while enjoying a live performance from chart topping South African band, Monark. The streets of Cape Town will be turned into a racetrack for a day condensing the action of a fast paced cycling event into a hard hitting short course with breakneck speeds and tight corners. As if the thrills and spills of criterium racing aren't enough, the organisers have added a fixed gear category to the cycling spectacle where the single geared speed demons will sail around the course without any brakes. The festivities will take place in the heart of the city and will run from the afternoon till the sun goes down on the Atlantic seaboard while the DHL cheerleaders make sure the vibe stays festive throughout. Parking will be available at the Cape Town Stadium True to Cape Town's commuting culture, there will be "bike busses" otherwise known as a collective commute running from various neighbourhoods. Now there is more reason than ever to ride into town adding to the social element and highlighting the safety component of the event. To join up with a "bike bus" or find a group passing by your community visit http://www.bicyclecapetown.org/event/engen-cycle-in-the-city. Southern Suburbs (Red + purple route +- 12km) Departing: 11.30 noon, Josephine Mill, Boundary Road Newlands. Pick up point: 12.00, Corner of Station Road and Liesbeek Park Road. Arrive: 12.30 pm Cape Town Stadium Northern Suburbs (Blue + purple route +-15km) Departing: 11.30 noon, Engen Garage Service Station, Sunset Beach. Pick up point: 12.00, Woodbridge Island. Arrive: 12.30 pm Cape Town Stadium To enter Cycle in the City or for more information visit www.engencycling.co.za.
  23. Criterium racing in South Africa is gaining massive popularity and with the added twist of live entertainment, craft beer and numerous fun categories, Engen Cycle in the City, has the Mother City buzzing with excitement and anticipation as the festival style criterium heads to Cape Town on 25 October. Click here to view the article
  24. Looking forward to 2014 one Tonner. Here is the link to the PPA page for the event, is it the same route as last year? http://www.pedalpower.org.za/index.php/event/ppa-one-tonner-2014/ The elevation does not look right compared to 2013. I don't remember a massive climb at the end. Entries not open yet.
  25. Cycling South Africa has secured the 2015 African Continental Road Cycling Championships and the 2015 African Continental Track Cycling Championships in the City of Pietermaritzburg, further cementing the on going plans in place with KwaZulu-Natal Government and the Department of Sport and Recreation in support of the city as the African UCI Bike City. Click here to view the article
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